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ABRAHAM, Karl. PSYCHOANALYTISCHE STUDIEN ZUR CHARAKTERBILDUNG. Leipzig: Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, 1925. 8vo, 64pp. Orig. boards, spine lettered in gilt, very good. $75. ¶ First Edition, a treatment of anality, orality and the genital stage by the first German psychoanalyst. Grinstein 108.


ALBRECHT, E.W. MORGENLANDISCHE MOTIVE. ORIGINAL TEPPICHE STOFFE U. STICKEREIN. Series II, III, IV. Dresden & Leipzig, [ca. 1900]. Folio, 3 series together: 4pp, 40 color lithographs; 6pp, 26 color plates tipped in; 4pp, 20 color lithographs. Library buckram, very good. $1750. ¶ Fine collection of plates of Oriental rugs and textiles.


(Anatomy). MANN UND WEIB. Gegenuberstellung des mannlichen und weiblichen Korpers in anatomisch zerlegbaren Modellen. Album zu Die Frau Als Haus-Arztin von Dr. med. Anna Fischer Duckelmann. Stuttgart: Suddeutsches Verlags-Institute, [n.d., ca. 1900]. 8vo, (3)pp, 5 chromo-lithograph plates. Printed and ornamented wrappers, very light foxing, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Unusually well-produced fold-out anatomical chromo-lithographs printed in particularly rich color; three plates are composed of multiple overlays, augmenting three pages of descriptive medical text and an index corresponding to plate details.


ANDREAS-SALOMÉ, Lou. IN DER SCHULE BEI FREUD. Tagebuch eines Jahres 1912/1913. Zürich: Max Niehan, (1958). Sm. 8vo, 300pp. Orig. light blue cloth boards. Fine in dust jacket. $50. ¶ Salomé, a friend of Nietzsche and Rilke, documents in this volume two years both of her relationship to Freud and of her perceptions of the inner workings of his circle at the time, which was very productive for Freud and saw the publication of Totem und Tabu.


(Architect’s sketchbook). (ARCHITEKTONISHES SKIZZENBUCH). (Berlin: Ernst & Korn, 1861-5). Lg. 4to, (24)pp, 136 chromolithographic plates. Half red morocco, cloth boards. Light external wear, light foxing throughout, very good. $450. ¶ Very attractive series of chromolithographs, originally issued in periodical form, featuring color illustrations by architects of existing European structures. Among the structures depicted are a bridge through the Berlin Zoo, the Villa Ravené in Berlin, the Kinderkrippe in Frankfurt, the von Arnim family’s home in Potsdam, and many other fitting subjects of architectural study. The periodical was published from 1854 to 1868.


ASCHNER, Bernhard. DIE BLUTDRÜSENERKRANKUNGEN DES WEIBES und ihre Bezuehungen zur Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe. Wiesbaden: J.F. Bergmann, 1918. 8vo, xii, 420, (12, ads), 42 illus., 12 color plates. Spine split, front wrapper detached, several signatures loose, still unopened & good. $150. ¶ Only edition of this thorough text on glandular disturbances in women. Bernhard Aschner (1883-1960) was the first to render a complete translation of all of Paracelsus’s works, and he is remembered among pituitary specialists for having kept hypophysectomized dogs alive indefinitely; they would consequently develop genital hypoplasia. The volume is inscribed by the author to Albin Oppenheim, the inventor of the orthodontic rubber band. Cf. Garrison-Morton 1162. NUC cites 4 copies.


ASCHNER, Bernhard. DIE KONSTITUTION DER FRAU und ihre Beziehungen zur Geburtshilfe und Gynäkologie. Munich: J.F. Bergmann, 1924. 2 vols, 8vo, xii, 498, (2, ads); x pp, pp.499-887. Orig. blue printed wrappers. General wear, very good. $200. ¶ Only edition of this survey of female physiology. Bernhard Aschner (1883-1960) was the first to render a complete translation of all of Paracelsus’s works, and he is remembered among pituitary specialists for having kept hypophysectomized dogs alive indefinitely; they would consequently develop genital hypoplasia. The volume is inscribed by the author to Albin Oppenheim, the inventor of the orthodontic rubber band. Cf. Garrison-Morton 1162.


BAEKDEKER, Karl. DIE SCHWEIZ. Nebst den Angrenzenden Teilen von Oberitalien, Savoyen und Tirol. Handbuch Für Reinsende. Funfunddreissigste Auflage. Leipzig: Karl Baedeker, 1913. 12mo, 17 color maps, 21 plans & 14 panormas. Original red cloth with publisher’s silk bookmarker, a few short tears to map, exterior lightly worn, otherwise very good. $45. ¶ Baedecker’s classic travel guide to Germany.


BAUER, Julius. DIE KONSTITUTIONELLE DISPOSITION ZU INNEREN KRANHEITEN. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1917. 8vo, x, 586, (4 ads)pp. Orig. printed wrappers. General wear, very good. $100. ¶ First Edition of one of the classics of "constitution therapy." "With the World War, the doctrine of the Constitution took a sudden leap forward, and was further helped out by the development of Mendelian reasoning (genetics) and of endocrinology. Consideration of the soldier as a whole, and of vast outdoor clinics of men en masse, tended to revive the general pathology of Hippocrates… The constitution came to be seen as the summation of inherited traits which are basic in resistance, susceptibility and predisposition to disease.… The subject has now an immense literature, including… the treatises of Bauer (1917) and Halban-Seitz" (Garrison pp.678-9).


(Bauhaus). RUDOLF ORTNER. Ein Bauhausschüler Heute. Konstruktiv-Konkretes Sehen. [Berlin]: Galerie/Edition Lutz Fiebig, 1997. Tall 8vo, (18)pp, 9 color, 11 b&w illus. Color illus. wrappers. As new. $25. ¶ First Edition. Catalogue for an exhibition of Ortner’s Bauhaus inspired art and industrial design work.


BAUM, Julius, (ed.). DIE STUTTGARTER KUNST DER GEGENWART… Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1913. Tall 4to, xiv, 310pp. With a large number of color plates, engravings, lithographs & other illustrations. Orig. cloth, front hinge lightly cracked but firm, very good. $225. ¶ First Edition of this illustrated work on contemporary modernist & symbolist painters, sculptors, and architects in Stuttgart. Compiled by Baum together with Max Diez, Eugen Gradmann, Gustav Keyssner, Gustav E. Pazurek, and Heinrich Weizsäcker. NUC: copies at DLC, CtY, FTaSU.


BAUR, Erwin. EINFÜHRUNG IN DIE EXPERIMENTELLE VERERBUNGSLEHRE. Berlin: Gebrüder Borntraeger, 1919. Large 8vo, xii, 410, (2)pp, 142 illus. within text, 10 color plates. Orig. blocked grey boards over green cloth shelfback. $125. ¶ Third edition, revised and improved, of one of the greatest texts on experimental genetics. Erwind Baur (1875-1933), the greatest of German geneticists at the beginning of the century, was the editor of several gentics journals, was the first to breed lupine free of bitter principles, improved several cultured plants, perfromed important research (here described) on the hybridization of snapdragons, and his analysis of the genetic factors of snapdragons (also included) is still referred to as a model of scientific explanation. Bauer’s demonstration of "a lethal gene," the first such, is also described. Cf. Sturtevant, A History of Genetics, pp.54, 123, 137.


(Beardsley). POPE, Alexander. DER LOCKENRAUB. Ein Komisches Heldengedicht von… Mit Neun Zeichnungen von A. Beardsley. Leipzig: Insel-Verlag, 1908. 4to, (6), 43, (5), (1) as colophon pp, frontispiece, 8 iiius. Black boards, gilt stamped lettering and illus., teg, handsome large etched bookplate, very good. $350. ¶ Beautiful edition of Pope’s Rape of the Lock, a German translation of the Leonard Smithers 1896 first edition featuring Beardsley’s cover, frontis, and drawings. "The cover design is one of the greatest ever conceived" (Reade). Limited to 800 copies, of which this is copy no. 198 on Holland paper. Lasner 105C.


[BEER, Johann Cristoph] KURZTER ENTWURF DES LEBENS DER KONIGE IN ENGELLAND, vov der Zeit an als die Sachsen und Angeln sich derselben Insul bemachtiget Biss auf die jetztige Regierung. Mit schonen Kupffer=Figurren und Conterfaiten der Konige geziert. Zun zweitenmal anitzo aufgeleget und an unterscheidlichen Orten um Merclickes verbessert. Nurnberg: zu finden beJohann Hoffman, 1676. 12mo, (20), 456pp. With 23 copper-plates by Schallenberger. Contemp. vellum, text lightly browned, library mark on title, still a very good copy. $750. ¶ Revised second edition. Part I lists & describes rulers of the seven Saxonian kingdoms, part II lists & describes kings before William the Conqueror, part III is divided into descriptions of the reigning of English kings from William the Conqueror to Charles II. Holzmann, Deutsches Anonymen Lexicon VI, no. 4308. Not in Grasse, Brunet. NUC list this ed. only, with 1 copy at MiU.


BELLMER, Hans (1902-75). DIE PUPPE. Berlin: Gerhardt Verlag, (1962). 8vo, 190pp, color & b/w plates tipped in. Orig. illustrated wrappers. Very good. $1000. ¶ Comprising Die Puppe; Die Spiele der Puppe; & Die Anatomie des Bildes. Bellmer’s famed photographs of dolls in erotic positions were first published in the ‘1936 & 1949.


BENEKE, F[riedrich] W. CONSTITUTION UND CONSTITUTIONELLES KRANKSEIN DES MENSCHEN. Marburg: N.G Elwert’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1881. 8vo, (6), 96, 12 chromolithographic plates. Orig. printed wrappers. Some chipping, very good & unopened. $150. ¶ First Edition of one of the earliest works on "constitution therapy," which later became a widespread therapeutic doctrine. "With the World War, the doctrine of the Constitution took a sudden leap forward, and was further helped out by the development of Mendelian reasoning (genetics) and of endocrinology. Consideration of the solder as a whole, and of vast outdoor clinics of men en masse, tended to revive the general pathology of Hippocrates… The constitution came to be seen as the summation of ingerited traits whcih are basdic in resistance, susceptibility and predisposition to disease" (Garrison p.678).

In addition to his contributions to clinical anatomy, F.W. Beneke (1824-1882) developed numerous histological staining techniques, used lilac aniline in acetic acid, and was one of the first to recognize the wide distribution of cholesterol in plant and animal tissues and fluids. NUC cites one copy at the National Library of Medicine.


BENEKE, F[riedrich] W. DIE ANATOMISCHEN GRUNDLAGEN DER CONSTITUTIONSANOMALIEEN DES MENSCHEN. Marburg: N.G Elwert’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1878. 8vo, viii, 264, (2, ads)pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Very good & unopened. $150. ¶ First Edition of one of the earliest works on "constitution therapy," which later became a widespread therapeutic doctrine. "With the World War, the doctrine of the Constitution took a sudden leap forward, and was further helped out by the development of Mendelian reasoning (genetics) and of endocrinology. Consideration of the solder as a whole, and of vast outdoor clinics of men en masse, tended to revive the general pathology of Hippocrates… The constitution came to be seen as the summation of ingerited traits whcih are basdic in resistance, susceptibility and predisposition to disease" (Garrison p.678).

In addition to his contributions to clinical anatomy, F.W. Beneke (1824-1882) developed numerous histological staining techniques, used lilac aniline in acetic acid, and was one of the first to recognize the wide distribution of cholesterol in plant and animal tissues and fluids.


BENJAMIN, Walter. BERLINER KINDHEIT UM NEUNZEHNHUNDERT. (Frankfurt am Main): Suhrkamp, 1950. 8vo, 183pp. Orig. cloth, lettering to spine, a mint copy in a very lightly worn orig. pictorial paper slipcase. $600. ¶ First Edition, considered by some to be Benjamin’s best book, a brilliant copy in the extremely rare slipcase. One of the few to recognize Benjamin’s poetic aspect, Hermann Hesse wrote that "a real poet" was to be found in these "exceedingly graceful, virtuously playful’ memoirs, "which are all sketched out with the most careful hand and lightly hued as if with watercolours" (Brodersen, WB A Biography, p.212). With an afterword by Theodore Adorno. Brodersen C6. Nordquist p.12.


BENJAMIN, Walter. "Kurze Schatten" in NEUE SCHWEITZER RUNDSCHAU. (Vol) II, Heft II. Zürich: H. Girsberger [for] Die Neue Schweizer Rundschau, November, 1930. 8vo, 859-863pp amidst (4), 801-880, (4, ads)pp. Orig. wrappers, a very good copy. $200. ¶ In this same issue that contains several brief reflections by Benjamin is an article by Karl Mannheim, who received a spot on the Heidelberg philosophy faculty so coveted by Benjamin. Brodersen E218. Cf. Nordquist II.61.


BENJAMIN, Walter. "Politisierung der Intelligenz" in DIE GESELLSCHAFT. Herausgegeben von Rudolf Hilferding. Nummer 5. VII. Jahrgang. Berlin: J.H.W. Dietz Nachfolger, May, 1930. 8vo, 473-5pp amidst (4), 385-480pp. Orig. wrappers, a very good copy. $200. ¶ An ominous article on the role and leverage of intellectuals in a materialistic world. The essay consists of Benjamin’s contribution to a debate in which Hans Speier, Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse and others too part. Brodersen E236.


BENJAMIN, Walter. "Theorien des deutschen Faschismus" in DIE GESELLSCHAFT. Herausgegeben von Rudolf Hilferding. Nummer 7. VII. Jahrgang. Berlin: J.H.W. Dietz Nachfolger, July, 1930. 8vo, 32-41pp amidst (4), 96pp. Orig. wrappers, a very good copy. $200. ¶ An ominous article that would seem suggest its writer expected another German war. The essay is a review of an anthology edited by Ernst Jünger entitled Krieg und Krieger. Benjamin critiques this fascist ideology as hollow and empty and argues that "the ‘touchstone’ of every standpoint is its language" (Brodersen, WB A Biography, p.184). This issue also includes an article by Karl Renner, "Zur Taktik der österreichischen Sozialdemokratie." Renner was leader of the Austrian Social Democratic Party and later chancellor and finally president of Austria. Brodersen E247. Cf. Nordquist II.61.


BENJAMIN, Walter. URSPRUNG DES DEUTSCHEN TRAUERSPIELS. Berlin: Ernst Rowohlt, 1928. 8vo, 258, (1, blank), (1, ads)pp. Orig. cloth. Slight bump to corner, otherwise nearly fine, in a black linen clamshell. $2500. ¶ First Edition of Benjamin’s Habilitationsshrift, written to secure Benjamin a position on the Frankfurt University faculty, now considered one of the great works of literary criticism of the twentieth century. Intended as a thesis "for philosophy of art," the volume was rejected because of power struggles at the university as well as the faculty’s distaste for anything crossing academic boundaries. "From the work’s epigraph to specific aspects of his manner of procedure, to the form in which the material was presented, the book was a complete parody of what German professors understood to be a systematic, methodologically reasoned work" ( Brodersen, WB A Biography, p.149). However, after both Hugo von Hofmannsthal published a chapter of it and Benjamin’s friend, Franz Hessel, recommended it, Benjamin found in Ernest Rowohlt a sympathetic publisher. Brodersen C4. Nordquist p.15.


[BENJAMIN, Walter, ed.]. HOLZ, Detlef (pseud.). DEUTSCHE MENSCHEN. Eine Folge von Briefen. Auswahl und Einleitungen von… Lucerne: Vita Nova, 1936. 8vo, 116, (3)pp. Orig. printed linen. A fine copy but for slightest of foxing & soiling to boards. $500. ¶ First Edition, one of 2000 copies. Benjamin’s anthology collects annotated letters of German luminaries, such as Gottfried Keller, Goethe, Liebig and Lichtenberg. Many of the letters had been previously published, in 1931 and 1932, in the Frankfurter Zeitung, and their commentaries quite noticeably questioned the fascists’ attitude of "approaching works of art and literature ever more one-sidedly, while often, quite seriously and fully aware of their responsibility, questioning German humanism" (Gessamelte Schriften IV, p.955). To publish a collection of such annotated letters amidst the proscriptions of the Nazi censors, Benjamin turned to the anti-fascist publisher and one-time Russian secret agent, Rudolf Roeßler, with whom he collaborated on disguises for the book: the cover’s Gothic type, the volume’s innocent title, and the author’s adoption of an earthy pseudonym. However, after the volume’s publication, it was clear that the text’s roman type, the rounding of the cover’s Gothic type, the cover’s fine linen, and the "unmistakably ‘corrupting’" (Scholem to Benjamin inCorrespondence p.192) nature of the commentaries would land the volume on the censors’ index . However, Benjamin and Roeßler’s efforts were to some degree rewarded. After Goebbels’ lifted a ban on Vita Nova’s publications in 1937, the work sold so quickly that within a year only 3-400 were left, prompting Roeßler to issue a second edition, also of 2000 copies. Unfortunately, though, the volume was placed on the censors’ index in in 1938. Brodersen C5. Nordquist p.13. Cf. Brodersen, WB A Biography, pp.225-32.


(Benjamin, Walter, trans.) BAUDELAIRE, Charles. TABLEAUX PARISIENS. Deutsch Übertragung mit einem Vorwort über die Aufgabe des Übersetzers von Walter Benjamin. Heidelberg: Richard Weissbach, 1923. 4to, xvii, 67, (2)pp. Orig. boards, paper label, a fine, brilliant & unopened copy. $2000. ¶ One of 500 copies printed by the Argonaut Press, with facing French and German. Benjamin’s source was the 1861 expanded edition of Les Fleurs du Mal. In his long preface ("The Task of the Translator") Benjamin recognizes the excellence of Stefan George’s translations of Baudelaire and alludes to the inferiority of Hoffmann’s and Zweig’s efforts. He suggests that a purpose of translation is to extend the linguistic "boundaries of the German language" and argues against interpreting art on the basis of its audience. "Benjamin’s Baudelaire translations are primarily the aesthetic evocation and revocation of a man whom, for the whole of his life, he not only considered a great poet and translator, but in addition to whom he remained highly indebted for a long time on numerous accounts: in questions of literary taste and aesthetic judgement, indeed in his entire bearing as a writer. As such, these translations were a move to free himself from a man whose influence on his thought and creative output cannot be overestimated" (Brodersen, WJ A Biography, p.111). Brodersen D1.


BENKOWITZ, Carl Friedrich. DER ZAUBERER ANGELION IN ELIS. Eine Geschichte seltsamen Inhalts. Berlin: n.p., 1799. [Bound with] BORNSCHEIN, [Johann] Ernst [Daniel]. ALBANO ZYNDI DER ZIGEUNER-FÜRST. Eine höchst seltsame und dennoch ganz natürliche Geschichte… Ofen: In der Paul Burian’schen Buchhandlung, 1820. 12mo, (2), 189, (1); 199pp, with 2 frontispieces. Half cloth, marbled boards, rebound, edges marbled, some spotting, signature on front endpaper & first title, a few pencil notes. Very good. $275. ¶ Der Zauberer Angelion, first printed 1798, is the story of an Englishman’s encounter with the magician Angelion. Born in 1764, Benkowitz committed suicide in 1807. Not in NUC. The second title is the First Edition of Albano Zyndi, which relates how a poor foundling becomes a rich bridegroom with the help of Zyndi, a gypsy prince. NUC lists several other works by Bornschein (1774-1838) but none of this title. Goedecke V, 519, 31.


BERINGER, Kurt. DER MESKALINRAUSCH. Seine Beschichte und Erscheinungsweise. Berlin: Springer, 1927. Tall 8vo, (6), 315pp. Orig. wrappers, a very few underlines, otherwise very good. $450. ¶ First Edition of what is regarded as probably the greatest (and certainly the most comprehensive) treatise ever written on peyote and its active agent, mescaline, which was synthesized in 1919. In the words of pre-eminent drug historian Bo Holmstedt, "this book is to mescaline what Moreau’s [Du Hashisch et de l’Alienation Mentale] is to hashish. It gives a clear cut descripton of the psychic and somatic symptons, and should be consulted by whoever is interested in the actions of mescaline." According to the High Times Encyclopedia, "Beringer initated psychiatric study [with mescaline], using up to 500 mg." Kurt Beringer (1893-1949) practised psychiatry in Heidelburg and later, Freiburg. He published a paper on hashish intoxication in 1932. The present work, his magnum opus, has been translated into Spanish but not yet into English. Holmstedt, "Historical Survey" in Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs, p.23. G-M 2086.1: "The most comprehensive treatise on peyote and its active agent, mescaline, whas was synthesized in 1919."


(Berlin Catalogue). SCHMITZ, Hermann. KATALOG DER ORNAMENTSTICHSAMMLUNG DER STAATLICHEN KUNSTBIBLIOTHEK BERLIN. Utrecht: Hes Publishers, 1986. 2 vols, 8vo, green cloth. Very good. $150. ¶ A reprint of the indispensable and much-sought-after "Berlin Catalog," giving detailed descriptions of over 5400 works on art, architecture and the decorative arts, including sections on handicrafts, interior decoration, symbolical works and calligraphy and the typographic arts. Arntzen & Rainwater P63.


BIEDL, Arthur. INNERE SEKRETION. Ihre physiologischen Grundlagen und ihre Bedutung für die Pathologie. Berlin: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1916. 2 vols, 8vo, xii, 674; iv, 940pp, 188 illus. in text, 14 color plates. Orig. grey cloth, black cloth labels lettered in gilt, very good. $75. ¶ Third edition, enlarged, of one of the greatest contributions to endocrinology. "Biedl’s classic work shows the rapid development of the knowledge concerning endocrinology. In 1890 there were few publications dealing with internal secretion, but Biedl, in the second edition of his book, 1913, was able to include a bibliography of 8,500 items" (Garrison-Morton). Biedl also shows, for the first time, that the adrenal cortex is essential for life. Garrison-Morton 1123, 3794 (cross-listed, earlier edition). NUC cites 3 copies of this edition.


BLOCH, Ernst. SUBJEKT-OBJEKT. Erläuterungen zu Hegel. Berlin: Aufbau, 1951. 8vo, 476pp. Orig. cloth, lettered in gilt. A nearly fine copy. $500. ¶ First Edition of the great Marxist philosopher’s description of the subject-object relation. According to Bloch, this relation ultimately tends toward a final goal (Endziel), in which the subject and object reunite. The movement toward this goal is made by the primordial stuff that preceded the distinction between subject and object. This primordial stuff is the Urgrund and is itself propelled by a kind of cosmic impulse, called "hunger" by Bloch and quite distinct from Freud’s libido. This hunger remains an aspect of subject and object once they have been distinguished, and history is the playing out of this hunger amidst subject and object. In man hunger becomes desire.

Upon returning from a 15-year exile in 1948, Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) became professor of philosophy at Leipzig and editor of Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie. After his Marxist "philosophy of hope" was deemed unmarxist, after Bloch himself was deemed a revisionist, and finally after several of his co-editors were sentenced to prison, he fled East Germany for West to become professor at Tübingen in 1961. His "philosophy of hope," which aims at gradual social evolution and freedom from Marx’s dreaded self-alienation, was intended to arouse society’s latent potential in the formation of a Utopia.


BLOSSFELDT, Karl. URFORMEN DER KUNST. Photographische Pflanzenbilder von… Herausgegeben mit einer Einleitung von Karl Nierendorf. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, 1929. 4to, xx, 96 photogravure plates printed in cyan. Orig. cloth backed boards, light wear to spine. $350. ¶ Fourth printing of this sensational volume. Intended as models for his sculpturing and as teaching aids (Blossfeldt was then a sculptor and art teacher), these botanical photographs came first to the public’s attention in 1928, when they would be championed as part of the "New Objectivity" wave in German art, wherein photographers were abandoning the soft-focus, impressionistic style in favor of a direct-lighting, sharp-focus approach. "Blossfeldt composed his images with deliberation, leaving nothing to chance… They reflect a poetic interpretation of the relationship between nature and art. In the infinite variety of forms in the plant world, Blossfeldt revealed shapes and structures that resemble the forms of man’s architectural and other artistic styles throughout history, suggesting that art mirrors nature’s designs. And nature, because it gives its creations specific essential and efficient forms to assure their continued existence, can be seen as creating its own art, a functional art based on survival" (E. Weyhe). Freitag 796.


BOSSERT, H. Th. DAS ORNAMENTWERK. Eine Sammlung angewandter Schmuckformen fast aller Zeiten und Völker. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, (1937). Tall 4to, 48pp, 120 plates (80 in color). Orig. blue cloth. Fine in near fine japanese paper dust jacket. $300. ¶ First Edition of this marvelous collection of more than 1750 photographs and aquarelles of textiles, ceramics, china, baskets, jewlery, totem poles and other materials.


BOSSERT, H. Th. ORNAMENTE DER VOLKSKUNST. Neue Folge. Keramik. Holz. Metall. u.a. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, (1952). Tall 4to, 22pp, 48 color plates. Orig. cloth backed boards in dust jacket. $75. ¶ A marvelous collection of textiles, ceramics, china, baskets, jewlery, and other materials.


BOSSERT, Helmuth Th. FARBIGE DEKORATIONEN. Beispiele dekorativer Wandmalerei vom Altertum bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Mit Erläuterungen von… Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, (1928). 4to, 39pp booklet laid into portfolio with 115 of 120 color plates. Orig. cloth portfolio. Portfolio worn, small paper defect to margin of booklet, plates clean, very good. $250. ¶ Attractive colletion of decorative details, including many tiles, frescos, and columns. Many deteriorated ancient materials have been reconstructed and recolored in these illustrations.


BOURCHIER, Thomas, O.F.M. CATALOGUS UND ORDENTLICH Verzeichnuss der Newgekronten… Barfusser Martyrer… Ingolstgadt: Wolfgang Eder, 1585. Sm. 4to, (6), 53pp, title in red & black, woodcut head and tailpieces & initials throughout. Modern black morocco. $750. ¶ Only Edition. Bourchier, d.1586 (not to be confused with the English Archbishop), was the the author of Historia Eccles. de Martyrio Fratrum Ordinis S. Francisci, Paris. 1582., BM, STC German, p.143. Not in Brunet or Graesse. Rare; only one copy in NUC.


BROD, Max. MIRA. Ein Roman um Hofmannsthal. Munich: Kindler, 1958. 8vo, 299pp. Mauve cloth gilt lettered and ornamented, Dust jacket, spine lightly faded otherwise fine, dj very fine. $25. ¶ First Edition of Brod’s biographical novel about the Austrian poet, Hugo von Hofmannsthal.


(Brücke, Die). DIE MALER DER BRÜCKE. Ausstellung vom 18. Juni bis 26. Juli 1959. Munich: Städtische Galerie, 1959. 4to, 74pp, 49 illustrations (including 18 tipped in color plates & 7 full page reproductions), printed on several colors of paper, bound in spiral wire in red pictorial wrappers. Light crease to front wrapper, still very good. $50. ¶ Very attractive exhibition catalogue on Die Brücke. The volume includes chapters with fine reproductions of the work of Kirchner, Heckel, Müller, Pechstein, Schmidt-Rottluff, and Nolde.


BRUNNINGHAUSEN, Hermann Joseph. ÜBER DEN BRUCH DES SCHENKELBEINHALSES Überhaupt, und Insbesondre Eine Neue Methode, Denselben Ohne Hinken Zu Heilen. Mit Kupfern. Wirzburg: Johann Jacob Stabels 1789. 8vo, (xvi), 119, (1)pp, 4 foldout copperplate engravings. Original wrappers rebacked, uncut, unopened, light foxing throughout, engravings neat and clean without fold-tears, overall unusually very good. $1000. ¶ First Edition of an extremely rare volume on orthopedics, On the Fracture of the Neck of the Femur In General, and Particularly a New Method Toward Healing Without Lameness. The breaking of the thigh-bone’s neck is one of the most common of hip fractures; here Brunninghausen describes and illustrates a new splinting method to promote healing and restore normal gait. The volume and its author are not to be found in any of the usual - and unusual - medical references, nor the NUC.


BUBER, Martin. DIE STUNDE UND DIE ERKENNTNIS. REDEN UND AUFSATZE 1933-1935. Berlin: Schockn, 1936 12mo, brown cloth, paper spine label. Very good. $250. ¶ First Edition, with Buber’s signature on a slip pasted to title.


BURCKHARDT, Rudolf. GEWIRKTE BILDTEPPICHE DES XV UND XVI JAHRHUNDERTS Im Historischen Museum Zu Basel. Leipzig: Hiersemann, 1923. Folio, 65, (3)pp, 25 mounted color lithograph plates. Orig. decorative cloth, very good. $750. ¶ An incredibly beautiful work on 15th and 16th century tapestries in the Basel Historical Museum. The plates have been produced with extreme fidelity to color and texture.


CAPEK, Karel. DER KRIEG MIT DEN MOLCHEN. Vienna: Dr. Rolf Passer, 1937. 8vo, 317pp. Orig. gray cloth, printed in blue. Lightest dustsoiling, spine barely cocked, otherwise fine. $60. ¶ First Edition in German of one of Capek’s only two books of any length. War with the Newts, first published in Czech in 1936, is a fanciful romance that satirizes modern science and pseudoscience as well as international politics. Karel Capek (1890-1938), novelist, playwright, and essayist, was the best-known literary figure of liberated Czechoslovakia after 1918. A critic of modern science, industrialism, militarism, and totalitarianism, he infused all his work with his philosophical and human interests. He is commonly remembered as the inventor of the word "robot," from the Czech robotit, used in his drama R.U.R. NUC cites 3 copies.


CHARCOT, Jean Martin. NEUE VORLESUNGEN ÜBER DIE KRANKEITEN DES NERVENSYSTEMS, INSBESONDERE ÜBER HYSTERIE… Autorisierte deutsche Ausgabe von Dr. Sigm. Freud. Leipzig & Vienna: Toeplitz & Deuticke, 1886. 8vo, xi, 357pp, 59 woodcuts in text. Orig. half morocco, cloth hinges, edges decoratively stained. Binding scuffed, bookseller’s stamp to front paste-down, title page repaired, the repair paper obscuring three letters of title, text clean. A very good copy. $750. ¶ First Edition. "Charcot was an influential figure in Freud’s intellectual development. Freud studied with Charcot at the Salpêtrière from October 1885 until March 1886 and developed a lasting admiration for Charcot’s mastery of neurology, his brilliance as a teacher, and his pioneering studies of hysteria and hypnosis. While still in Paris, Freud offered to translate the third volume of Charcot’s Leçons sur les maladies du système nerveux, which had not yet been published. He performed his task so rapidly that his German translation, to which he added a preface and footnotes, was published several months before the original French version, which appeared in 1887" (Norman Library). Crabtree 947 (Leçons as a whole). Grinstein 320 & 10670. Norman Catalogue F152; Norman Freud Catalog 14 Heirs of Hippocrates 1921. Waller 1916.


(Dada - Karl Heinz Hering & Ewald Rathke, eds. DADA, Dokumente einer Bewegung. Dusseldorf Kunsthalle, 1958. 4to, 120pp, illus. Orig. brick-red wrappers with red label. Very good. $135. First Edition of the first major exhibition of Dada after the war, with contributions by Hans Arp, Man Ray, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Max Ernst, Patrick Waldberg, Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Höch, Richard Huelsenbeck and Hans Richter.


(Decor). [DER DECOR]. [Vienna?: ca. 1900]. Folio, 47 tipped-in color plates. Half morocco over marbled boards, very good. $350. ¶ Very attractive collection of plates representing art-nouveau jewellery, furniture, glass panels, and other materials.


(Deutsche…) DAS DEUTSCHE MUSEUM FÜR BUCH UND SCHRIFT. Sein Werden und Seine Ziele. Leipzig, 1930. 4to, 40pp + plates. Cloth, with original wrappers bound in. Very good. $20.


(Dictionary). VOCABULARIUS GEMMA GEMMARUM. (Hagenaw: Henricus Gran [for] Joannis Rynman, 1512). 4to, 120 leaves, leaves within signature b out of order, those within signatures l & m out of order. Contemp. stiff vellum lettered on spine in black with rubrication, later endpapers. Some occasional contemp. ink markings markings, some light marginal staining, first signature & several others leaves with worming, light occasional soiling, otherwise a fine, tight copy. $2000. ¶ First supplemented edition of this early Latin-German dictionary, the true first having been printed in 1507. "Teutonico-Latinum" dictionaries had been printed from the end of the 15th century, but they had been, for the most part, dictionaries of the so-called "ink-horn" (i.e., difficult) words and excluded the easier ones. This edition of Gran’s Gemma Gemmarum seems to have been compiled, to some extent, in reaction to that trend in lexicography. Not only are simpler words included, but parts of speech and genders of nouns are indicated. Furthermore, the dictionary is followed by categorized lists of words, such as the names for different members of a family, and laws. These lists are followed by eight pages of addtional words appended to the work for the first time.

Henricus Gran, backed by Joannis Rynman, was distinguished as the first printer at Hagenau, his first publication there having been a work by the lexicographer and poet John Garland; he was also the first printer of the mystical works of the Hungarian Franciscan Oswaldus Pelbartus. Gran was so appreciative of Rynman, who was, at one time, an editor and typefounder, that he refers to him in the colophon as a circumspectus vir archibibliopola. STC German, p.337. Cordell p.170. Brunet IX, p.599. Not in NUC. Cf. Collison, A History of Foreign-Language Dictionaries.


DIERBACH, Johnann Heinrich. FLORA APICIANA. Ein Beitrag zur näheren Kenntniß der Nahrungsmittel der alten Römer; mit besonderer Rücksicht auf die Bücher des Caelius Apicius de Opsoniis et Condimentis sive Arte Coquinaria. Heidelberg: Neue akademische Buchhandlung von Karl Goos, 1831. 8vo, viii, 76, (4, ads)pp. Orig. printed wrappers Text detached, light browning & foxing, otherwise very good. $250. ¶ First Edition, a marvelous treatment of the Roman diet, focusing on Roman consumption of vegetables, herbs and spices, and their sources, as well as on the works of the Roman epicure, Marcus Gavius Apicius. Vicaire p.277


DOS PASSOS, John. DER 42. BREITENGRAD. Roman. (Leipzig): S. Fischer, 1930. 8vo, 454pp. Orig. decorative cloth, very good. $25. ¶ First Edition in German, printed in the same year as the first edition. The first novel in the U.S.A. trilogy, The Forty-Second Parallel was the first continuous demonstration of Dos Passos’s interest in the expressionist techniques that were coming into fashion at the beginning of this century. Employing "news-reels," "biographies," "novels," and the "Camera Eye" — all as a sort of Greek choric commentary on what is happening — Dos Passos created what is perhaps the greatest American plotless novel. Not in NUC.


(DREI KÖNIG PRESSE). Miller, Arthur Maximilian. DER UEBERGANG UEBER DEN JABBOK. Mit drei Holzschnitten von Erwin Holzbaur. Mindelheim: Drei Konig Presse, 1962. 8vo, 9pp, frontispiece. Paper boards, paper label. Inscribed by M.W. Mittl to R. Middleton. Prospectus and compliments slip laid in. Frontispiece signed by Holzbaur. Boards slightly bent, spine faded, otherwise very good. $40.


(Dürer). DELARUE, Henri. ALBERT DÜRER MINIATURISTE. Geneva: Editions Sonor, 1920. 4to, 12pp, 1 color plate, 16 b/w plates, orig. wrappers, very good. $75. ¶ Edition limited to 200 copies. The text and plates describe a miniature illustrated Passion of 1521 by Dürer.


EHRENBERGER, Ludwig Lutz (artist). TÄNZE. Sechs farbige Drucke nach Originalen. Berlin: Ludwig Simon Press, ca. 1925]. 4to, orig. wrappers. With six tipped in color plates. A fine copy. $30. ¶ An attractively printed suite of collotypes, illustrating dances. Each plate is titled and the text is printed in red and blue.


(El Lissitsky) RUSSLAND; Die Rekonstruktion der Architekture in der Sowjetunion. (Neues Bauen in der Welt, Band 1) Vienna: Anton Schroll, 1930. 4to, 103 pp including 104 b&w plates of photos, drawings and architectural designs. Original cloth, with El Lissitsky designed dust jacket; some staining to cloth and light rubbing to jacket, otherwise very good. $1600. ¶ El Lissitsky’s famous work in the Neues Bauen series, reporting new trends in the U.S.S.R., though these were already being overtaken by socialist realist tendencies. With the striking dust jacket by El Lissitsky.


ERCKER, Lazarus. AULA SUBTERRANEA DOMINA DOMINATIUM SUBDITA SUBDITORUM… Frankfurtt: Johann David Zunners…, 1672. Sm. folio, engraved title by P. Rilian (dated 1673), 41 large woodcut illustrations, (12), 332, (4); (4), 47pp. Old vellum from an antiphonal, evenly browned throughout, final leaf partially detached. Bound with Christianus Berwardus’ Interpres Phraeseologiae Metallurgicae… Frankfurt: Zunners, 1673. $3750. ¶ Rare First Edition of the enlarged edition of Ercker’s Beschreibung Allerfurnemisten Mineralischen. The 41 wood-engraved plates, half or nearly full-page, show chemical apparatus and processes, furnaces, and mines. "Ercker, along with Agricola and Biringuccio, was the chief spokesman in printed form for most of the melallurgical knowledge of the sixteenth century and his includence on later assaying literature was enourmous. Working as chief inspector of the mines in Bohemia under Emperor Rudolf II, he systematically reviewed the methods of testing alloys and minerals, supervised smelting operations, and wrote with extraordinary clarify of the apparatus and operations involved" (Hoover Collection 283). "Considering the importance of Ercker’s treatise it is remarkable how little is on record about him… His book was highly prized at the time, for it was a record of practical experience, and was not burdened with theories and hypotheses. The first edition was printed by Georg Schwartz at Prague, 1574, in folio. The work was enlarged and entitled Aula Subterranea, and published in 1672" (Ferguson). Dibner called Ercker’s works second only to Agricola’s in the "beauty of the graphic treatment of the crafts." Duveen p.195 (1636 ed.). Ferguson I, 243-5. Rare; no copy has appeared at auction since 1966.


(Erotica). REISE NACH CYTHERA. Anthologie der Erotischen Literatur aus vielen Jahrhunderten. Mit einem Vorwort von Franz Blei. Hamburg: Gala Verlag, 1966. 8vo, 379, (1), (6) as contents pp. Quarter calf, Japanese rice paper boards, gilt lettering to red morocco spine label, gilt ornamentation, publisher’s slipcase, fine in very good slipcase. $75. ¶ Excellent anthology of excerpts from erotic literature dating from ancient times through the early 20th century, well bound and printed on handsome laid paper.


(Eschen, Fritz). FRITZ ESCHEN. Photographien Berlin 1945-1950. Mit Texten von Klaus Eschen und Janos Frecot. Berlin: Nicoli, 1989. Tall sq. 8vo, 109, (2)pp, 98 b&w photographic plates. Photo-illus. wrappers. Near mint. $75. ¶ "Sonderausgabe," Special Edition, 1996. The spirit and daily life of the people of post-World War II Berlin are captured by the celebrated photographer.


FALKE, Otto von. DER MAINZER GOLDSCHMUCK DER KAISERIN GISELA. Berlin: Verlag fur Kunstwissenschaft, 1913. Sm. folio, 32pp, 26 figures, 8 plates. Orig. cream cloth, gilt, very good. $150. ¶ First Edition


FALTA, Wilhelm. DIE ERKRANKUNGEN DER BLUTDRÜSEN. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1913. 8vo, xii, 550, (2, ads)pp,103 illus. Orig. half black calf over charcoal cloth, spine in gilt. Joints cracked but tight, text clean, very good. $250. ¶ First Edition of the first attempt to organize and synthesize glandular diseases with internal secretion into one system. The work also reports for the first time on the rise of bodily heat production with acromegaly. Garrison-Morton 3795. Waller 2944.


FEUCHTWANGER, Lion. JEFTA UND SEINE TOCHTER. Roman. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, 1957. 8vo, 383, (1)pp. Orig. gray cloth, lettered in green & black. Slight dustsoiling to spine, corners barely bumped, otherwise fine. $125. ¶ First Edition of Feuchtwanger’s last novel, inscribed, "Leon und Lees Askin, mit guten Grüßen und Wünschen, Lion Feuchtwanger."


(FEUCHTWANGER, Lion). LION FEUCHTWANGER ZUM GEDENKEN. Von Seinen Freunden Auf Der Heidecksburg. N.p.: Greifenverlag, (1959). 8vo, 93, (5)pp, 12 tipped-in illus.. Black cloth, silver lettered, mylar dust jacket as issued, publisher’s slipcase, fine in very good slipcase. $125. ¶ Only Edition, an In Memoriam to the German author issued a year after his death. With a bibliography of Feuchtwanger’s work. From the estate of Felix Guggenheim, friend of the author who published his work at the Pazifishe Presse in the 1940s.


FICHTE, Johann Gottlieb. GRUNDLAGE DER GESAMMTEN WISSENSCHAFTSLEHRE und Grundriß des Eigenthümlichen der Wissenschaftslehre in Rücksicht auf das theoretische Vermögen. Tübingen: Joh. Georg Cotta’schen, 1802. 8vo, (4), xii, 448pp. Paste-paper boards, vellum label. Light external wear, label chipped, text browning. $200. ¶ Second Edition, Hans Jonas’s copy with his rubber stamp to the endpaper. First published in 1794, the revised second edition was the first to reflect Fichte’s burgeoning idealism that increased throughout his life.


FREUD, Sigmund. DAS ICH UND DAS ES. Leipzig: Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, 1923. 8vo, 77pp. Half green cloth over marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt, speckled edges. Light wear to extremities & spine, ink stamp to half-title, several pages underlined with red pencil & brown pen, very good. $275. ¶ First Edition of Freud’s last major theoretical work. It "offered a new picture of a the structure of the mind, introducing the threefold division of the ego, superego and id, broadening the concept of the unconscious mind to include more than just repressed material, distinguishing between unconscious and preconscious, and recognizing the unconscious portions of the ego and superego" (Norman Library F105). Grinstein 121. Cf. Jones III, pp.302-8.


FREUD, Sigmund. TOTEM UND TABU. Einige Übereinstimmungen im Seelenleben der Wilden und der Neurotiker. Leipzig: Hugo Heller, 1913. 8vo, (6), 149pp. Orig. green cloth, front board & spine lettered in black. Light soiling to boards, otherwise fine. $500. ¶ First Edition of Freud’s "first attempt to analyze some of the unsolved problems of social psychology from a psychiatric standpoint" (Norman Library F85), by which primitive societies may be understood to be subject to the same influences as individuals. Freud is also responding here to Jung’s renunciation of the Oedipus complex by attempting to show that the very possibility of civilization requires it. These themes were later elaborated by Lévi-Straus and Lacan. The volume, comprised of essays first published in Imago, remains one of Freud’s more controversial works, and is "considered by many to be second in importance only to Die Traumdeutung… The first edition of this classic is particularly scarce" (Heirs of Hippocrates 1126).

Grinstein 221. Heirs of Hippocrates 2180. Norman Library F85. Van de Kemp 955. Cf. Jones II, pp.392-404.


FUCHTWANGER, Lion. DER FALSCHE NERO. Amsterdam: Querido, 1936. 8vo, 422pp. Blue cloth. Very good. $100. ¶ Signed by the author on the flyleaf. Gesammelte Werke, Neunter Band.


FUNK, Casimir. DIE VITAMINE Ihre Bedeutung fur die Physiologie und Patholgie mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung der Avitaminosen (Beriberi, Skorbut, Pellagra, Rachitis) Wiesbade: J.F. Bergmann, 1914. 8vo, viii, 193pp, 238 illus in the text plus 2 color plates. Later marbled boards, cloth backstrip, paper label, library stamp on title and on rectos of color plates, light soiling to title, otherwise very good. $750. ¶ First Edition. The eminent Polish biochemist Funk coined the term vitamin (for vital amine) and discovered thiamine, the first vitamin to be isolated. In examining the link between nutrional deficiency and disease in this work Funk opened the door for many advances in therapeutic and preventive medicine. "A pioneer work in the study of vitamins. Much of the previous literature is reviewed. Funk introduced the term ‘vitamine.’ later changed to Vitamin. In 1912 he postulated his theory of the existence of unknown but essential factors in diet" (G-M 1051). Heirs of Hippocrates 2322 citing the 1922 second edition. Cushing F375. Lilly p.263.


(Furniture). DER KLEINE MÖBEL-TISCHLER… Leipzig: Gebhardt & Reis–land, [ca. 1845]. Oblong 12mo, 31 hand-colored plates. Orig. boards, printed label on upper cover, ms. paper label on backstrip, ownership stamps on title. Very good. $400. ¶ Rare little catalogue of furniture, including bookcases, commodes, secretaries, sideboards, tables, beds, étagères, etc. "nach dem neuesten Geschmacke" ("in the latest taste").


FURSTENBERG, Hans. DAS FRANZOSISCHE BUCH IM ACHTZEHNTEN JAHRHUNDERT UND IN DER EMPIREZEIT. Weimar: Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen, 1929. 4to, viii, 431pp. Stiff card wrappers with white wraparound dust jacket printed in black and blue, light foxing along right edge, dj lightly soiled, otherwise very good. $250. ¶ First Edition. The French Book in the 18th Century and Imperial Period thoroughly covers its subject including in-depth discussions of the artists, illustrators, engravers, printers, binders, publishers, booksellers, etc. involved in the book trade in France as well as an overview of French literature of the period. Includes supplements, emendments, appendices. Rare.


(Fuseli). ZEICHNUNGEN VON JOHANN HEINRICH FÜSSLI 1741-1825. Zurich: Fretz & Wasmuth, 1959. 4to, 59pp. Orig. boards, fine. $30. ¶ Introduction and catalogue by Gert Schiff.


(Fuseli). SCHIFF, Gert. JOHANN HEINRICH FÜSSLIS MILTON-GALERIE. Zürich: Fretz & Wasmuth, 1963. Lg 8vo, 175pp, 64 illustrations (most full-page). Orig. printed boards, nearly fine. $45. ¶ First Edition, a fine monograph of Fuseli’s cycle of paintings, which he exhibited in 1799.


(Gedenkschrift). EINE GEDENKSCHRIFT ZU SEINEM SIEBZIGSTEN GEBURTSTAG… Mainz: Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 1973. 8vo, 81pp, illustrated, with biography & bibliography. $15.


GERSDORFF, Hans von. FELDTBUCH DER WUNDERARTZNEY. Strasbourg, 1517 [reprinted ca. 1973]. 4to, (4) & 95 ff, 22 full-page & 2 fold-out woodcut illus. Quarter calf, slipcase. Fine. $75. ¶ Fine facsimile of the first edition of one of the earliest treatises on surgery, containing the first book illustrations of an amputation and trephination. Cf. Garrison-Morton 5560.


(Goethe). GOETHE GALLERIE. Charaktere aud Goethe’s Werken. Gezeichnet von Friedrich Pecht und Arthur von Ramberg. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1864. Folio, engraved plates. Contemp. publisher’s full brown calf, elaborately stamped in gilt on both covers and spine. Light rubbing. $650. ¶ A stunning German publishers’ binding, elaborately stamped in gilt on front and back covers.


GRABNER, Dr. Alfred. DIE AKTPHOTOGRAPHIE. Wien: Gottschammel und Hammer, 1939. Square 8vo, 96, (2)pp, over 70 b&w photo-images and plates. Quarter red cloth over pale brown paper boards, minor soiing to endpapers, otherwise near fine. $250. ¶ Fascinating volume of nude studies published during the Nazi era documents the health and nature movement in 1930’s Germany. Scarce in all editions, including this, the sixth.


GRAF, Gottfried. DER NEUE HOLZSCHNITT UND DAS PROBLEM DER KÜNSTLER. [Stuttgart]: Heilbronn, [1927]. Folio, 127pp, woodcuts throughout. Orig. quarter white cloth, orange boards, decoratively lettered in black, very good. $120. ¶ First Edition, dealing with contemporary German woodcut artists in terms of technique and philosophy, with chapters on Expressionism, Cubism, etc.


GRAUTOFF, Otto. DIE ENTWICKLUNG DER MODERNEN BUCHKUNST IN DEUTSCHLAND. Leipzig: Von Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, ca. 1901. Sm. 4to, 219pp, illus. in the text & plates. Orig. decorative cloth. Fine copy. $220. ¶ Marvellous survey of turn-of-the-century German books, with chapters on illustration, typography and binding. With some original marbled samples tipped in. Second impression.


GUNDOLF, Friedrich. PARACELSUS. Berlin: Georg Bondi, 1927. 8vo, 135, (1)pp. Orig. green cloth, lettered in gilt. Soiling to boards, front free endpaper marked in pen, gilt flaking from spine, otherwise fine. $75. ¶ First Edition of Gundelfinger’s (Gundolf was a pseudonum) biography of Paracelsus, written for the general reader. Gundelfinger (1880-1931) was a disciple of Stefan George, collaborating with him in Die Blätter für die Kunst and later writing a critical biography of him. He also wrote celebrated biographies of Kleist, Caesar, and Goethe. Appointed to a chair at Heidelberg in 1920, he held almost pontifical authority at that university. His Shakespeare und der deutsche Geist (1911) is recognized as a great contribution to Shakespeare studies.


(Gutenberg). RUPPEL, A. DAS GRAB GUTENBERGS. Mainz: Verlag der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 1930. Large 8vo, 38, iv, 5pp, maps, laid in letter. Orig. wrappers, paper label. Small piece torn from back wrapper, very good. $25. ¶ Publication 13 of the Gutenberg-Gesellschaft Mainz. A letter from the Mayor of Mainz and the Director of the Gutenberg Museum explains that this document, an essay on the tomb of Gutenberg, is a gift of the Society and asks members for financial help in the Society’s efforts to excavate the floor of the old Franciscan church in order that Gutenberg’s tomb may be found.


GUTKIND, Curt Sigmar. DAS BUCH DER TAFELFREUDEN. Aus allen Zeiten und Breiten gesammelt. Leipzig: Hyperion-Verlag, (1929). 4to, 644pp, 12 colored plates, 67 half-tones, 72 illus. within text. Orig. brown cloth, pictorially blocked. Very good. $300. ¶ First Edition of a beautifully illustrated and amusing history of banqueting. Attention is accorded to recipes, cooks, drinking songs, gastronomic poetry, famous gourmets, and famous gourmands. Bitting, Gastronomic Bibliography p.205.


HAECKEL, Ernst. ARABISCHE KORALLEN. Ein Ausflug nach den Korallenbänken des Rothen Meeres und ein Blick in das Leben der Korallenthiere. Populäre Vorlesung mit wissenschaftlichen Erläuterungen. Berlin: George Reimer, 1876. Folio, (6), 48pp, color frontis. title, 4 chromolithographed plates, 20 woodcuts in text. Orig. cloth backed boards. Very good. $1500. ¶ First edition of this splendidly illustrated volume. The culmination of Haeckel’s journey in 1873 to Egypt and Asia Minor was his visit to the surreal coral banks of Tur in the Red Sea. His exploration of the banks was expedited by the use of a steamer, which Ismail Pasha, Egypt’s Khedive and the dedicatee of the volume, put at his disposal. Containing the first specimens of Haeckel’s landscapes in watercolor, the volume also includes superb descriptions of Haeckel’s journey. Nissen, Zoologische… I, 1780.


HAFIS [ie HAFIZ]. VON DER LIEBE UND DES WEINES GOTTESTRUNKENHEIT. Aus Persischen Handschriften Übertragen Von Geog Léon Leszczynski. München: Schahinverlag, (1923). 8vo, 95pp, 4 full-color silk-screened (?) prints. Quarter calf, gilt lettered, marbled boards, bookplate, moderate wear at spine extremities, light wear at corners, otherwise very good. $100. ¶ An exquisitely designed and printed German edition of On Love and Of Wine’s Divine Intoxication, one of the great Sufi poet and mystic’s lesser known odes, the Diwan being the principle work for which he is known. Though a devout Sufi, Hafiz (791-1388 C.E.) bridled under the restraints of ascetic life; he thoroughly enjoyed the intimate company of women and had an appreciation for the spiritual aspects of alcohol overindulgence as the present work so vividly reflects. A beautiful, handsome edition, apparently the third printing from Schahin.


HARTMANN VON AUE. DER ARME HEINRICH. Übertragen von Wilhelm Grimm. Offenbach: Wilhelm Gerstung, (1924). 8vo, 54, (2)pp, 5 handcolored woodcuts by Willi Harwerth. Purple pictorial boards, very good. $65. ¶ Wilhelm Grimm’s translation, beautifully illustrated, of the great Middle High German poem about the young nobleman Heinrich, who learns that he can cure his leprosy only with the heart’s blood of a marriagable virgin, willingly given. The daughter of the tenant farmer with whom Heinrich is lodging offers herself, and as she is bound naked to the surgeon’s table, where Heinrich perceives her innocent beauty through a chink, he bids the surgeon to desist, to the distress of the girl. Moved by "eine neue Güte," with which God infuses him, Heinrich is cured of his leprosy, and the two are married. Hartmann von Aue (1160-c.1215) was one of the three great names of the Blütezeit in the field of narrative poetry. Der arme Heinrich , written while Hartmann recovered his piece of mind after the death of his lord, is considered his best work.


HARTWICH, Carl. DIE MENSCHLICHEN GENUSSMITTEL. Ihre Herkunft, Verbreitung, Geschichte, Anwendung, Bestand teile und Wirkung. Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1911. Very thick 4to, xiv, (2), 878pp, leaf of ads, with 24 tinted photographic plates and 168 text illustrations. Half calf, gilt title. Very good. $1000. ¶ First Ediiton of a "landmark in the history of pharmacology" (Wasson). Pre-eminent drug historian Bo Holmstedt speaks of "this monumental volume," containing a "gigantic quantity of material...includ[ing] drawings, photographs, observations of his own, and literary notes from the most remote sources." Carl Hartwich (1851-1917), a German pharmacist who published a multitude of papers on narcotics and stimulants, spent a decade putting together this veritable encyclopedia of ethnopharmacology, of which there has never been another edition or translation. Gives a detailed description of all kinds of drugs. i.e. tobacco, opium, cocaine, alcohol, hashish, etc, and includes historical and ethnographical parts. Holmstedt, "Historical Survey" in ESPD, p.10. Wasson, Soma, bibliography no.40. Phantastica 88. GM 1901.2: "A monumental encyclopaedia of ethnopharmacology."


(Heartfield, John). SIEPMAN, Eckhard. MONTAGE: John Heartfield vom Club Dada sur Arbeiter-Illustrierten Zeitung. Berlin: Elefanten Press, 1974. 4to, 207pp illustrated throughout. Color wrappers, light edge wear, very good. $35.


(Heckel, Erich). DUBE, Annemarie and Wolf-Dieter. ERICH HECKEL. Das Graphische Werk. New York: Ernest Rathenau, 1974. 3 vols, cloth. $600.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. ERLÄUTERUNGEN ZU HÖLDERLINS DICHTUNG. Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, 1951. 8vo, 144pp. Orig. wrappers, chipped, repair with small taped repair at spine, signature to endpaper, otherwise very good. $50. ¶ Second Edition. NUC cites one copy (MU). Sass 52.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. FRÜHE SCHRIFTEN. Frankfurt: Vittoio Klostermann, (1972). 8vo, xi, 386, (2, ads)pp. Orig. cloth, fine in fine dust jacket. $100. ¶ First Edition, with presentation slip laid in. This volume brings together the three earliest writings before Sein und Zeit: Die Lehre vom Urteil im Psychologismus (1914, author’s dissertation), Die Kategorien- und Bedeutungslehre des Duns Scotus (1916, author’s inaugural dissertation) and Der Zeitbegriff in der Geschichtswissenschaft (1916). All is preceded by a forward by Heidegger, who hints at some autobiographical background to these early pieces. Sass 152.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. HÖLDERLIN UND DAS WESEN DER DICHTUNG. Munich: Albert Langen, Georg Müller, (1937). 8vo, 16pp. Orig. wrappers. Wrappers soiled & creased, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Second printing. NUC cites seven copies of all editions. Sass 30.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. KANT UND DAS PROBLEM DER METAPHYSIK. Bonn: Friedrich Cohen, 1929. 8vo, xii, 236pp. Orig. cloth, lettered in gilt. Slight sunning to spine & wear to spine ends, otherwise nearly fine. $375. ¶ First Edition of the important interpretation of the Kritik der reinen Vernunft. Sass 18.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. KANT UND DAS PROBLEM DER METAPHYSIK. Bonn: Friedrich Cohen, 1929. 8vo, xii, 236pp. Orig. wrappers. Spine a bit cocked & worn, bookseller’s label tipped to inner back wrapper, otherwise very good. $300. ¶ First Edition of the important interpretation of the Kritik der reinen Vernunft. This was issued simultaneously in wrappers and hard-bound. Sass 18.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. PLATONS LEHRE VON DER WAHRHEIT. Mit einem Brief über den "Humanismus." Bern: A. Francke, 1947. 8v0, 119, (1, ads)pp. Orig. boards. Signatures scratched from endpaper & half-title, otherwise fine. $75. ¶ First Separate Edition. Heidegger first delivered a shorter form of this essay in a two-hour lecture in 1930, and it was not until 1942 that it appeared in print, this occuring in the second volume of Ernesto Grassi’s yearly Geistige Überlieferung. But Heidegger forbid any mention of the book in the press, prevented any reviews from taking place, and obstructed the separate publication until years later. Sass 41.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. ÜBER DEN HUMANISMUS. Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, (1947). 8vo, 47pp. Orig. wrappers, barest chipping to foot of spine, otherwise fine. $50. ¶ First Separate Edition, a revision and expansion of the famous letter from Heidegger to Jean Beaufret. Sass 46. NUC cites two copies only (TNJ, IaU).


HEIDEGGER, Martin. VOM WESEN DER WAHRHEIT. Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, (1943). 8vo, 28pp. Orig. wrappers, nearly fine. $100. ¶ First Edition. Sass 36.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. WAS HEISST DENKEN? Tübingen: Max Niemeyer, 1961. 8vo, (8), 175pp. Orig. cloth, signature to endpaper, otherwise fine in nearly fine dust jacket. $75. ¶ Second Edition. Sass 69.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. WAS IS METAPHYSIK? Bonn: Friedrich Cohen, 1929. 8vo, 29pp. Orig. printed wrappers, chipping & pencilled annotatations & ink signature, otherwise very good. $175. ¶ First Edition. Sass 17.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. WAS IS METAPHYSIK? Bonn: Friedrich Cohen, 1929. 8vo, 29pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Slight tear to spine, owner’s signature to front wrapper & half-title, spine darkened, text clean. $175. ¶ First Edition. Sass 17.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. ZUR SEINSFRAGE. Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, (1956). 8vo, 44pp. Orig. wrappers, fine. $50. ¶ First Separate Edition, first published a year earlier under a different title in a festschrift for Ernst Jünger. NUC cites two copies (NIC PBm). Sass 73.


HEINE, Heinrich. DER DOKTOR FAUST, ein Tanzpoem, nebst kuriosen Berichten über Teufel, Hexen und Dichtkunst. Hamburg: Hoffman und Kampe, 1851 [i.e. Weimar, 1917]. 8vo, 103, (1)pp. Orig. pictorial wrappers printed in several colors. Foxing througout, otherwise fine. $125. ¶ 1917 Reprint by the Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen, issued with:

WALZEL, Oskar. HEINES TANZPOEM Der Doktor Faust. Weimar: Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen, 1917. 8vo, 47pp. Orig. printed self-wrappers. Lightest foxing & dustsoiling to wrappers, otherwise fine, both items in very good original paper slipcase. ¶ First Edition of Walzel’s commentary on Heine’s ballet, Doktor Faust, which Heine wrote at the request of Director of the Theater of Her Majesty the Queen. Based on Goethe’s tragedy, the ballet was written, ironically, while Heine was bedridden by syphilitic tuberculosis. Cf. Wilpert & Gühring p.647, 22. NUC cites copies only at the New York Public Library and Chicago.


HELMHOLTZ, H[ermann]. DIE LEHRE VON DEN TONEMPFINDUNGEN als Physiologische Grundlage for Theorie der Musik. Braunschweig: Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, 1863. 8vo, (xi), 600pp, with numerous wood-engraved illus. in text. Contemp. german cloth, gilt tilte and horiz. rule. Very good.. $1450.

¶ First Edition of Helmholtz's first book, on human sensitivity to tones and sounds. "Helmholtz’ greatest achievement in physiological acoustics lay in formulating the resonance theory of hearing. Like so much of his physiology, that theory rested upon Johannes Mülle’s law of specific nerve energies. Müller taught that the nature of the impulse carried to the sensorium by a given nerve is unique and independent of the nature of the external stimulus. Between 1850 and 1855 the microscopic anatomy of the cochlea first became known. Among the structures revealed were the rods of Corti strung out in gradually increasing size along the length of the cochlea - analogous, Helmholtz insisted, to the tuned wires of a piano. In 1857 Helmholtz boldly hypothesized that these rods function as tuned resonators .. [He] incorporated all these results in his great work Die Lehre von den Tonempfindungen... in which he applied his discoveries to music theory" (DSB).Garrison-Morton 1562. Horblit 49a.


[HERZL, Theodore]. HERZL-WORTE. Zusammengestellt von Felix A. Theilhaber. Berlin: Welt-Verlag, 1921. 8vo, 94, (2)pp as publisher’s advert., contents. Black cloth backstrip, gilt lettered and ornamented, paper boards, black lettered, very light wear, otherwise near fine. In German. $75. ¶ Very attractive volume of journalist and founder of Zionism Theodore Herzl’s sayings, extracted from his published works and organized by subject by Theilhaber. Subject headings include, Von Zion, Von Golus, and Von Menschen und Menschlichem.


HEVESI, Ludwig (collection of) BIBLIOTHECA UTOPISTICA. Munchen: Omnia-Minireprint, 1977. 8vo, 112pp. Black cloth, silver lettering. Very good. $125. ¶ Catalogue of the Hevesi collection by Gilhofer & Ranschburg.


HIRSCHFELD, Magnus. GESCHLECHTSKUNDE auf Grund dreißigjähriger Forschung und Erfahrung bearbeitet. Stuttgart: Julius Püttman, 1926-1930. 4 vols, 4to, xvi (incl.frontisportrait), 638; (6), 659; (6), 780 (incl. 13 pages of pub.’s ads); (4), 903 (incl. 1395 numbered illus.), (1), 65 numbered color plates. Orig. blue cloth, light rubbing to boards, otherwise fine. $375. ¶ First Edition of the great sex researcher’s magnum opus. Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was one of the earliest sex researchers to aggresively advocate tolerance toward homosexuals, and his Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Homosexualität , recommended by Freud, became the most prominent forum for discussions about the "third sex," an unhappy term that Hirschfeld, himself homosexual, coined. Among the few before the First World War to take an active role in the "reform of the antiquated sexual code that prevailed at the time" (Fine, History of Psychoanalysis, p.436), Hirschfeld initiated another journal, Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft, to which Freud contributed and gave praise. Havelock Ellis also paid tribute to Hirschfeld in the third edition of Sexual Inversion, lauding him for his "scholarly history of the antiquated laws against homosexuality in Germany, [and for being the] first authority to deal adequately with lesbianism" (Grosskurth, Havelock Ellis, p.379). The current four-volume work provides a very comprehensive overview of human sexuality, in terms of its history, its varieties and their causes. About homosexuality in particular Hirschfeld argues that it, as many other varieties of sexuality, is congenital, and that sexual inversion might be caused by internal secretions. Just as Havelock Ellis’s and Margaret Sanger’s works were burned in 1933, the Nazis looted Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexual Science, the first of its kind in the world for teaching all branches of sex science. Hirschfeld escaped and died in Nice. Cf. Gay, Freud, p.144, Ellenberger p.778, Jones II, p.295. Grinstein 14484. Bibliothéque la Léonina III, p.29 (first two vols. only).


HIRSCHFELD, Magnus . VERSTAATLICHUNG DES GESUNDHEITSWESENS. Berlin: Berger, 1919. 8vo, (20)pp. Printed wrappers (detached). $60. ¶ First Edition from Flugschriften des Bundes Neues Vaterland (Pamphlets of the New German Union) an organization of German Socialists, Hirschfeld’s plea for a nationalized health service-system. It was Hirschfeld’s association with Socialism as well as his sexual research, Judaism, and homosexuality that brought him into major conflict with the Nazis.


HIRT, Eduard. DIE TEMPERAMENTE, ihr Wesen, ihre Bedeutung für das Seelische Erleben und ihre besonderen Gestaltungen. Wiesbaden: J.F. Bergman, 1905. 8vo, (5), 54, (4, ads)pp. Orig blue printed wrappers, spine lightly chipped, unopened, very good. $35. ¶ First Edition of this rare work on the relationship of the predisposition of the soul to the effects of experiences on it; from the series Grenzfragen des Nerven- und Seelenlebens, edited by Leopold Loewenfeld. Hirt (b.1875) wrote a variety of psychological and physiological monographs, none of which, not even his valuable works on notating the movement of muscles, were ever translated. Cf. Grinstein 14504-5.


HITSCHMANN, Edouard. FREUD’S NEUROSENLEHRE. Nach ihrem gegenwärtigen Stande. Zusammenfassend dargestellt von… Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, 1913. 8vo, vi, 173pp. Orig. yellow printed wrappers, light ink smear to front wrapper, crease to back wrapper, very good. $75. ¶ Second, enlarged edition, the last in German, of "the first definitive text on Freud’s theories… This volume received Freud’s approval and commendation. Hitschmann hoped to enlighten therapists who were antagonistic or indifferenct to psychoanalysis" (Philip Becker, "Edward Hitschmann" in Psychoanalytic Pioneers, p.162). This edition includes much material not found in the first: explanations of paranoia, references to narcissm and to various points of view about the understanding of the unconscious and of the causes of neuroses, and quotations from more recently appearing difficult works by Freud. After being introduced to Freud by Paul Federn, Edouard Hitschmann (1871-1957) joined the Wednesday Society in 1905. His voluminous output included psychoanalytic biographies, among which were studies of Goethe, Swedenborg, Eckermann, Brahms, and Boswell. Despite differing from Freud in his beliefs about the etiology of sexual neuroses, he was one of Freud’s favorite followers. Grinstein, IPL, 14536. Cf. Gay, Freud, p.458. Cf. Alexander et al., Psychoanalytic Pioneers, pp.160-8.


(Hoffmann, E.T.A.) SALOMON, Gerhard. E.T.A. HOFFMANN, Bibliographie. Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, 1983. Sm. 8vo. Orange wraps. Reprint of 1927 edition. $25.


HOFMAN, Karl [Andreas]. DIE RADIOAKTIVEN STOFFE NACH DEM GEGENWÄRTIGEN STANDE der Wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnis. Leipzig: Ambrosius Barth, 1903. 8vo, 54pp. Orig. printed wrappers, inserted in a pamphlet binder. A very good copy. $125. ¶ First Edition, an important study. Not in Poggendorff.


HOFMANN, Karl [Andreas] 1870-1940. DIE RADIOACTIVEN STOFFE NACH DEM GEGENWARTIGEN STANDE der Wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnis. Leipzig: Ambrosius Barth, 1903. 8vo, 54pp. Original printed wrappers, inserted in a pamphlet binder. A very good copy. $100. ¶ A rare & important study.


HOFMANNSTHAL, Hugo von. DER THOR UND DER TOD. Hamburg: Maximilian-Gesellschaft, 1949. 2 vols, 4to, (35)ff; 20pp, 3 mounted plates. First vol in orig. boards, 2 printed labels; second volume in orig. wrappers. Both near fine in a worn slipcase. $60. ¶ Facsimile of the manuscript, with a separate explanatory text by Ernst Zinn, of Hofmannsthal’s (1874-1929) famous one act play in verse. Claudio, who has spent his life examining the reflection of life in art but who has never given himself to anyone, is approached by the fiddle-bearing Death. Claudio explains that, as he has not yet really lived, he cannot follow Death. But Death produces witnesses: Claudio’s mother, a young lady who had loved him, and his friend, "der Mann." An egocentric aesthete, Claudio has aroused no real devotion in anyone, and in his parting moment it dawns on him what it means to live.


(HOHLWEIN, Ludwig). Duvigneau, Volker & Norbert Gotz. LUDWIG HOHLWEIN 1874-1949: Kunstgewerbe und Reklamekunst. Munich: Munchner Stadtmuseum, 1966. 4to, 293pp, profusely illustrated in color and b&w. Cloth, illus. dust jacket. Very good. $125. ¶ Cloth-bound issue of the comprehensive catalogue of a show at the Munchner Stadtmuseum - the most complete document on the work of the great graphic and decorative artist.


HOLLÄNDER, Eugen. DIE MEDIZIN IN DER KLASSISCHEN MALEREI. Stuttgard: F. Enke, 1913. 4to, xx, 477pp, 272 illus. Orig. cloth backed boards, head of spine chipped, otherwise very good. $40. ¶ Second edition. A famous study of medicine as it has been depicted in paintings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including works by Dürer, Holbein, Rembrandt, Brueghel, Steen etc. Cf. Joseph H. Kiefer Catalog of History of Urology and Medicine 1617 (later edition).


HOLTMONT, Alfred. DIE HOSENROLLE. Variationen Uber Das Thema. Das Weib Als Mann. München: Meyer & Jessen, 1925. 8vo, 247pp, frontispiece, 92 b&w plates. Orange cloth, gilt lettered, dust jacket, near fine in good dj with large chips to spine. $175. ¶ First Edition of this scarce illustrated study of female transvestism, as manifested in art and the theater. The dust jacket features an early 19th century painting of a woman dressed in a man’s day suit, leaning casually on a desk, smoking. Hayn & Gotendorf IX, p.288.


HUFELAND, Christoph Wilhelm. DIE KUNST DAS MENSCHLICHE LEBEN ZU VERLÄNGERN. Vienna & Prague: Franz Haas, 1797. 2 vols in 1, 8vo, xvi, 212; (2), ii, 237, (1), frontis. engraving. Half calf over speckled boards, calf label. Crease to front board, barest occasional foxing, otherwise fine. $500. ¶ Pirated edition (?), with an imprint citing the same year as what is normally considered the first edition showing an imprint of Jena, 1797. This edition may be pirated, likely preceding the 1798 edition, which is generally considered the true second edition. Later editions are entitled Makrobiotik: oder die Kunst das menschliche Leben zu Verlängern, by which the work is generally remembered. "The greatest exponent of prolongevity hygiene, next to Cornaro, was the illustrious German physician Christopher Hufeland, who set the human life span at two hundred years" (Gruman). Hufeland cites the case of Thomas Parr, "whose body was opened in his 152nd year, [proving] that even at this age, the state of the bowels may be so perfect and sound that one might certainly live some time longer." He then cites von Haller, who had collected statistics on longevity. Haller and Hufeland reason that, as an animal lives eight times as long as its period of growth, so too man, "in his natural state" should be able to live eight times the 25 years it takes him to grow. Temperance was paramount, he insisted, and he suggested that the body is born with a limited amount of "vital power," which may be consumed in accordance with one’s lifestyle. The "hygenic elite" are working people who lives simply in open air.

"One of the the great philanthropic physicians who are true friends of the human race" and "one of the great pioneers of medical journalism in the 18th century" (Garrison p.366), court physician at Weimar and a friend of and doctor to Goethe, Schiller, and Herder, Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836) was known in medical circles for introducing Jenner’s smallpox vaccination into Germany. This present work "was read literally throughout the world" (Major II, p.704). Blake, DNLM 18th Cent. p.224. Garrison-Morton 1602 (Jena ed.). Heirs of Hippocrates 1183 (Jena ed.). Bibl. Osleriana 3017-19 (later eds.). Lesky 322 (later ed.). Wellcome III, p.310. (Jena ed.) Cf. Gruman, A History of Ideas about the Prolongation of Life, p.73 & Howard Williams, The Ethics of Diet.


HUMMEL, Siegbert. ELEMENTE DER TIBETISCHEN KUNST. Leipzig: Otto Harassowitz, 1949. 8vo, 82pp, with 3 plates. Orig. cloth, very good. $35. ¶ First Edition of this scholarly study of Tibetan art, with two plates of handwriting and one plate of a deity (Vajrapani).


HUSSERL, Edmund. FORMALE UND TRANSZENDENTALE LOGIK. Versuch einer Kritik der logischen Vernunft. Halle: Max Niemeyer, 1929 8vo, xii, 298pp. Orig. printed boards, cloth spine. Slight wear to extremities, few spots of foxing to spine, owner’s signature to title, very good & bright. $350. ¶ First Separate Edition, an offprint from Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung. In this late monument, "incontestablement le chef-d’oeuvre de sa maturité" (J. English, Dictionnaire des oeuvres philosophiques), Husserl restates his explanation of the "transcendental ego," also called "pure consciousness," maintaining that it exists "absolutely" and that all else exists "relative" to it. Several years later, Husserl changed his position, suggesting that the transcendental ego is "correlative," rather than relative, to the world, and perplexing historians of philosophy to this day. Lapointe p.12. Risse II, p.211.


HUSSERL, Edmund. VORLESUNGEN ZUR PHÄNOMENOLOGIE DES INNEREN ZEITBEWUSSTSEINS. Herausgegeben von Martin Heidegger. Halle: Max Niemeyer, 1928. 8vo, v, 130, (2)pp. Orig. printed cloth. Barest external soiling, otherwise fine. $300. ¶ First Separate Edition, extracted from the Jahrbuch für Philosphie und phänomenologische Forschung, of which Husserl was the editor. Includes a two-page preface by Heidegger. Lapointe p.12. Sass 15.


HUXLEY, Aldous. DIE PFORTEN DER WAHRNEHMUNG. Meine Erfahrung Mit Meskalin. Ubersetzt von Herberth E. Herlitschka. München: R. Piper, 1954. 8vo, 66, (1), (4 adv.)pp. Blue boards, white spiral illus., blue lettered, dust jacket, sm chip at spine tail, minor wear to bottom edge, otherwise very good+ in very good dj. $100. ¶ First Edition in German of Huxley’s The Doors of Perception.


ILJIN, M. FUNF JAHRE, DIE DIE WELT VERANDERN. Erzahlung vom grossen Plan. Mit 30 Bildern. Berlin: Malik-Verlag, 1932. 8vo, 208pp., 30 photo-plates. Stiffcard with photo-illustrated dust jacket, rear panel of dj detatched, light-moderate wear to dj overall, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ First German Edition of Five Years That Changed the World, Report on the Great Plan, an examination of Russia’s 5-year plan ending in 1931 for reaching industrial parity with the West. Noteworthy for the industrial photographs which are reminiscent of the Straight-Photography school in America lead by Paul Strand which found art in the geometry of ordinary and modern objects, often industrial machinery. Authorized translation from the original Russian by Michael Swjetly.


(Jewish theater). DAS MOSKAUER JÜDISCHE AKADEMISCHE THEATER. Berlin: Die Schmiede, 1928. 8vo, 21, (3)pp, 24 photographic plates. Orig. color printed boards designed by Georg Salter, spine & edges rubbed, otherwise very good. $300. ¶ First edition of this rare work on the Jewish Academic Theatre in Moscow, one of the first stages in Russia to employ Meyerhold’s concept of the actor’s play, called bio-mechanics, featuring Expressionist stage decor, and employing experimental devices and techniques. With contributions by Ernst Toller, Joseph Roth and Alfons Goldschmidt. The plates show scenes and stage decors to Sholom Aleichem’s 20,000 Yitzkhok Leibush Peretz’s Die Nacht auf dem Alten Markt, Jules Romain’s Truadeck, and Abraham Goldfaden’s Die Hexe.


JÖKER, Wilhelm. FARBIGE RAUME UND BAUTEN. Herausgegeben von...Mit Farben Raume und Bauten zu Gestalten... Stuttgart: G. Siegle, ca. 1925. Oblong 4to, 20pp text printed in gray plus 30 color lithograph plates loose in portfolio. Orig. cloth backed board portfolio, linen ties, very slight wear to the portfolio, otherwise fine. $2000. ¶ An astonishing collaboration between the publisher, a color manufacturer, and the author, a professor and designer. Jöker has provided a series of interior wall designs based on complicated color patterns using Siegle colors. Intended for artists, architects and other professionals, the work is a tour de force of color printing. Some plates are heightened with silver, and the overall effect of the luminous colors is dazzling.


JUNG, C[arl] G. KRITIK UEBER E. BLEULER: Zur Theorie des Schizophrenen Negativsmus. Offprinted from Jahrbuch fuer Psychoanaltische und Psychopathologische Forschungen, Band 3. [ca. 1911]. 8vo, pp.469-474. Slightly browned. $300. ¶ Inscribed by Jung "vom Verf" (but not signed). First appearance of a criticism of Bleuler "Theory of Schizophrenic Negativisim." Grinstein 17378.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav]. DIE BEZIEHUNGEN ZWISCHEN DEM ICH UND DEM UNBEWUSSTEN. Zurich: Rascher, 1935. 8vo, 207pp. Orig. cloth, gilt, very good. $30. ¶ Jung’s study of the structure of the unconscious. Second edition, first in 1928. It was later translated into English as "The Relation of the Ego to the Unconscious" in Two Essays on Analytical Psycholgy.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav] DIE PSYCHOLOGIE DER EBERTRAGUNG Erlautert anhand einer Alchemistischen Bilderserie. Zurich: Rascher, 1946. 8vo, xii, 282, (2)pp, with 121 alchemical plates. Orig. cloth, dust jacket. Very nice. $125. ¶ First Edition of Jung’s Psychology of Transference, Interpreted by Means of a Series of Alchemic Pictures. Grinstein 17423.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav] PSYCHOLOGIE UND RELIGION. Zurich: Rascher, 1940. 8vo, 192pp. Orig. cloth, gilt. Fine. $80. ¶ First Edition in German, revised and augmented from the Terry Lectures for 1937, of Jung’s papers on the autonomy of the unconscious and the history and psychology of natural symbols. With a focus on one lengthy dream series, Jung illustrates the concepts of the archetype, quaternity, mandala, and related ideas. Vande Kemp 975. Grinstein 17434.


JUNG, C[arl] J. & W[olfgang] Pauli. NATURERKLÄRUNG UND PSYCHE. C.G. Jung - Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge. W. Pauli - Der Einfluss archetypischer Vorstellungen auf die Bildung Naturwissenschaflicher Theorien bei Kepler. Zürich: Rascher, 1952. 8vo, (8), 194, (2, ads)pp, 6 plates. Orig. black cloth, front board & spine stamped in gilt. Slightest dustsoiling, owner’s signature, otherwise fine in very good dust jacket. $150. ¶ First Edition, first printing of these two essays, one each by Jung and the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Wolfgang Pauli. Jung’s article, focusing on a "psychischen Relativität von Raum und Zeit," attempts to accomodate the results of ESP research into a theory of the universe. Attributing the original stimulus for his idea of psychic synchronicity to his acquaintanceship with Einstein in Zurich between 1909 and 1913, Jung presents the concept of synchronicity to mean "the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels." Pauli’s essay explores how Kepler’s natural philosophy and astronomy related to pre-existing forms and pictures, which are designated archtypes by both Kepler and Jung. Also touched upon is the polemic between Kepler and Robert Fludd, through which Pauli suggests that a discrepancy in the presuppostions of natural science and alchemy was revealed most noticably by a dissimilarity in symbolic notation. Dyer p.79.


KAFKA, Franz. DAS SCHLOSS. Roman. Berlin: S. Fischer, 1958. 8vo, 315pp. Green cloth white lettered, Dust jacket, light wear, otherwise very good. $30 ¶ Kafka’s The Castle with an Afterword by Max Brod and an attractive dust jacket.


KAFKA, Franz. DER HEIZER. Ein Fragment. Leipzig: Kurt Wolff, ( 1917-18). 8vo, 47pp. Original printed wrappers, blue label, very good copy in a cloth folding case. $750. ¶ Kafka’s second book and the first with Kurt Wolff, who championed the unknown writer and became his regular publisher. The story of Karl Rossmann is the initial chapter of Kafka’s novel Amerika, which was published posthumously in 1927 by Max Brod. Kafka started to make notes for this work in 1912, using the title Der Verschollene. He describes the boat journey of the sixteen year old Rossman, ordered by his parents to travel to the United States, and his friendship with the stoker whom he encourages to stand up for his own rights.

Der Heizer appeared as vol. 3 of Der Jüngste Tag in 1913, a year after Kafka’s first book Betrachtung. This copy has the copyright 1913 date on the verso of the title and no edition statement, but probably appeared in 1917/18, according to Dietz. Interestingly, Kurt Wolff Verlag denied that any of Kafka’s works went into later editions in his lifetime and claimed to make very little money on them but there was a second edition of Der Heizer dated 1916. Dietz 32. See Raabe 145; Caputo-Mayr/Heerz, Franz Kafka Werk (1982) p.56; Kosch VIII, 799.


KANT, Immanuel. ZUM EWIGEN FRIEDEN. Ein philosophischer Entwurf von. Faksimile-Neudruck der Erst-Ausgabe von 1795 fuer die Mitglieder der Forum-Gesellschaft. Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Herzog. Berlin & Munich: Forum-Verlag, 1917. 12mo, (2), 104pp. Quarter-cloth, very good. $25. ¶ Facsimile reprint of the first edition.


KAPLAN, Leo. HYPNOTISMUS, ANIMISMUS UND PSYCHOANALYSE. Historisch-kritische Versuche. Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, 1917. 8vo, viii, 128pp. Orig. cloth, orig. wrappers bound in, a fine copy with the colorful bookplate of the New York Psychiatric Institute. $100. ¶ First Edition. Crabtree 1727.


KARSTEN, Thomas. LUST AN SICH. Tübingen: Konkursbuchverlag. 1995. 4to, 152pp, frontispiece, 119 b&w photo-illus., 20 in color. Red boards, black lettered, dust jacket, fine. $75. ¶ First Edition. A strange, surreal yet naturalistic approach to the nude, Pleasure On Its Own has elements of high-pictorialism mixed with traditional contemporary glamour but is shot with unusual anti-models: young children, street models, pregnant women, and lesbian couples who only add to the beauty of these images of posed spontaneity, joy itself.


[KAUKOL, Maria Jos. Clement]. CHRISTLICHER SEELEN-SCHATZ AUSERLESENER GEBETTER. [Bonn: 1729.] Sm. 8vo, 126 unnumbered leaves, engraved throughout with decorative head- & tailpieces, historiated initials, flourished text etc., first 3 leaves bound out of order & without the extra half-title.. Modern full calf, red label, a.e.g, marbled endpapers, in an embroidered silk prayer bag. Bookplate, light external wear, very good. $600. ¶ A masterpiece of German 18th century calligraphy and engraving, the work of Maria Josoph Clement Kaukol, cabinet-secretary of Clement Augustus of Bavaria, the Archbishop-Elector of Colgne and the dedicatee. A superbly engraved collection of prayers in German, divided by subject into sections such as Morning Prayers, Prayers before Communion, Evening Prayers, Prayers for Peace, etc. The quality of the artwork is quite exceptional and includes an extraordinary variety of styles executed with consumate skill. The most striking portions are the numerous minutely exectued allegorical vignettes placed above the text of the prayers. H.P. Kraus suggested that the work was published in Cologne. Bonacini 924. Jessen, Cat. Ornamentstich Sammlung(1894) 2340. Merlo, Kölnisch Künstler, p.478.


KERN, Walter. ITALIENISCHE MARMOR-INTARSIEN UND MOSAIKEN. Berlin: Spielmeyer, [ca. 1900]. Elephant folio (26 x 19 inches), 25 chromolithograph plates. Orig. decorative board portfolio, rebacked, very good. $750. ¶ Collection of attractive plates reproducing Italian mosaics and inlaid marble floors and walls from ancient Rome to the 17th century.


KLAPP, Otto. BIBLIOGRAPHIE D’HISTOIRE LITTÉRAIRE FRANÇAISE. Frankfurt Am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1960-70. 6 vols, 8vo, xlvii, (1), 428; l, 586; xlix, 524; xlvii, 460; l, 736; xxxvi, 488pp. Titles in french and german on facing pages, separate indexes. Uniformly bound in red cloth, grey d.j.’s, vol VII in slipcase. Lacks vol II, signature to endpapers, ink name written on bottom edges of all volumes. Very good. $75. ¶ First Edition. "Has become increasingly valuable and is indispensable for German publications. Contains more sub-classifications" (Brooks 5 & 121).


(Klimt). EISLER, Max. GUSTAV KLIMT, Eine Nachlese. Herausgegeben von… Wien: Verlag des Osterstaatsdruckerei, 1931. Folio, 19 by 18 inches, 16pp text, 30 plates, of which 17 are in color. Orig. green cloth folding portfolio, rebacked. Fine copy. $1250. ¶ One of the greatest books on Klimt ever produced. This is one of 200 numbered copies in German (there were also 150 each in French and English).


KLINGER, Julius. JULIUS KLINGER. Dortmund: Fr. Wilh. Ruhfus, 1912. 8vo, unpaginated. Orig. printed wrappers, 2 leaves loose, else very good. $150. ¶ Issue number 3 in the series on German poster artists edited by Meyer-Schönbrunn for the museum of business art in Hagen. Consists of an introductory essay by Klinger in defence of commercial art, followed by black and white reproductions of his work.


(Klinger). SINGER, Hans Wolfgang. MAX KLINGER’S RADIERUNGEN STICHE UND STEINDRUCKE. New York: Martin Gordon, 1978. 4to, cloth. Reprint of the Berlin 1909 edition. $75.


(Kollwitz). BONUS, Arthur. DAS KATHE KOLLWITZ WERK. Dresden: Carl Reissner, 1930. Sm. 4to, 182pp, illus, original cloth. $75.


KOWALEWSKI, Gerhard. EINFUHRUNG IN DIE DETERMINANTENTHEORIE. Leipzig: Veit, 1909. 8vo, (6), 550, (4 ads); 86, (2 ads)pp. Contemp. half cloth, marbled boards. Very good. $60. ¶ First Edition of a classic text book on determinants. See: Cajori p.341. Bound with the author’s Das Integral und sein Geometrischen Anwedndungen, 1910.


KRAFFT-EBING, Dr R[ichard] von. DIE MELANCHOLIE. Eine Klinische Studie. Erlangen: Ferdinand Enke, 1874. 8vo, (2), 69, (2)pp. Contemp. half black cloth over marbled boards, decorative endpapers. Clean & very good. $250. ¶ First Edition of the neurologist, psychiatrist, and sexologist’s work on the causes and treatment of melancholy. Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) became professor of psychiatry at the German University of Strassbourg at the young age of 29, and he later held for many years the most coveted chair in psychiatry, that at the University of Vienna. While his fame rests mostly, of course, on his Psychopathia Sexualis, he did significant work in fields other than the study of sexual behavior and is known to have had a great influence on Alfred Adler. He was also the first to establish the relationship between syphilis and general paralysis. Cf. Brecher, The Sex Researchers, pp.50-60.


KRUKENBERG, H[erman]. ERFAHRUNGEN MIT DER KRUKENBERG-HAND. n.d. 8vo, (16)pp, incl. illus. & printed wrappers, slightly spotted, otherwise very good. $20. ¶ Extract from Archiv für Klinische Chirurgie… edited among others by Ernst Sauerbruch. Kruckenberg (b.1863) established his name in orthopedics. This work deals with an amputation method invented by him known as the Kruckenberg-hand.


KURTH, Dr Julius. DER JAPANISCHE HOLZSCHNITT. Ein Abriss Seiner Geschichte. Munich: Piper, 1911. 8vo, 126pp, numerous illustration. Illus. boards. Fine copy in damaged slipcase. $30. ¶ Includes a fold-out plate of artists’ signatures. Not in Abrams.


LANDOIS, L[eonard]. LEHRBUCH DER PHYSIOLOGIE einschliesslich der Histologie und Mikroskopischen Anatomie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der praktischen Medicin. Vienna: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1893. 8vo, xvi, 1088pp, 362 woodcuts. Half calf over pebbled boards. Spine deteriorating, otherwise very good. $45. ¶ Early edition of one of the most widely used physiology textbooks of the turn of the century. Among many discoveries in physiology and anatomy, Landois (1837-1902) discovered the haemolysing effect of blood serum of one species when transfused into another. He also invented the test for carbon monoxide in blood. Cf. Garrison pp.569, 582 & Garrison-Morton 2018.


LARSSON, Carl. DAS HAUS IN DER SONNE. Taunus: Langewiesche, 1922. Lg.8 vo, 67pp, 16 color plates, illustrations throughout. Orig. decorative wrappers, very good. $175. ¶ Larsson’s (1853-1919) tale of domestic life is illustrated with color plates after his distinctive paintings of interiors and family scenes.


LAUWERIKS, Jan. PLASTISCHE KUNST IN HUIS. Rotterdam: W.L. & J. Brusse, 1924. Small 4to, 64pp. With 45 illustrations. Orig. decorative rose wrappers, neat pencil signature, good. $40. ¶ Study of contemporary Dutch sculpture. Published in the series De Toegepaste Kunsten in Nederland, which reflected the publishers’ interest in industrial art; the series of 24 booklets (published 1923-1935) was overseen by A.A.M. Stols and had covers designed by R. Gerbrands. Broos & Hefting p.96 (illustrated).


LEBRAM, Richard. EINKAUFS - PREISLISTE für GOLD - und SILBERWAREN Uhren, Metallwaren, Optische Artikel etc. Berlin: N.p., 1904. 4to, 384pp. Cloth illus. with art nouvau ornamentation and lettering, backstrip missing (now taped), boards heavily distressed, otherwise good. $80. ¶ Attractively designed, volumously illustrated catalogue from manufacturer Lebram of jewelry, gold and silver tableware, watches, clocks, etc. from the turn of the century. Rare.


LEVINSTEIN, Dr. Eduard. DIE MORPHIUMSUCHT. Eine Monographie. Nach Eignen Beobachtungen. Berlin: August Hirschwald, 1877. 8vo, 160pp. Quarter black cloth over pasteboards, gilt lettered, sm blank label to spine foot, very good. $300. ¶ First Edition of Levinstein’s The Morphine Mania, a Monograph Following Direct Observation, known in its English translation as Morbid Craving For Morphine, released in 1878 as was its French edition, LA MORPHIOMANIE. An exceedingly important monograph on the subject of morphine addiction. Levinstein (1831-1882) was the first physician to discuss the massive addiction factor of morphine, the physiological and psychological characteristics of users, the differences between laudanum and morphine, and a possible program for curing the addicted. Liedekerke pp.86-91. Quite rare.


LEWIN, Louis. DIE PFEILGIFTE. Historische und Experimentelle Untersuchungen. Berlin: Reimer, 1894. 8vo, vi, 152pp. Orig. wrappers, foot of spine repaired. Very good. $175. ¶ First Edition of this pioneering study of poisonous arrows and darts, comprehensively dealing with all types on all continents, but most strongly in Africa and Asia. Lewin was the most important psychoactive drug experimenter of his time. In the two decades preceding the present work he authored monographs on kava-kava, coca, and peyote. Garrison & Morton notices the enlarged edition of 1923 but not this first edition. Fisher II, 905/6. See: G-M 2117.


LEWIN, Louis. PHANTASTICA. Die Betäubenden und Erregenden Genussmittel für Ärzte und Nichtärzte. Berlin: Georg Stilke, 1924. 8vo, viii, 374, (2)pp. Contemp. half calf over paper boards. A very good copy. $250. ¶ First Edition of the author’s most important work: the modern classic of psychoactive drug classification. Lewin’s categories — Euphorics, Phantastics, Inebriants, Hypnotics and Excitants — to date have not really been superceded by another system. The work has been translated into French, Italian and English. (The 1931 English edition first introduced Aldous Huxley to drug literature.) Garrison-Morton 2086. Phantastica 146.


LIEBERMANN, Max. DIE PHANTASIE IN DER MALEREI. Vierte Auflage. Berlin: Bruno Cassirer, 1916. 8vo, 63pp. Quarter cream cloth over brown boards, gilt vignette, bookplate, very good. $40. ¶ The noted Impressionist painter Liebermann’s study of the role of fantasy in painting, initially published in 1916 with at least four editions issued in that year. Cf. Freitag 5622


(Liebermann). PAULI, Gustav. MAX LIEBERMANN. Des Meisters Gemalde. Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1911. Lg. 8vo, xl, 256pp of plates. Orig. cloth, very good, last page with a small tear, very good. $150. ¶ Major monograph with 304 illustrations of Liebermann’s paintings and drawings.


LIPPERHEIDE, Franz Von. KATALOG DER FREIHERRLICH VON LIPPERHEIDE’SCHEN KOSTUMEBIBLIOTHEK. Neubearbeitet von Evan Nienholdt und Gretel Wagner-Neumann. Berlin: Verlag Gebr. Mann, 1965. 2 vols, 4to, illus. Blue cloth, edges very lightly worn. With the bookplate of Francis Edwards Ltd Reference Library. $375. ¶ Excellent quarto reprint of the most important bibliography of costume, describing over 5000 titles with collations, annotations and occasional illustrations. It is also an useful reference source for travels, voyages, and military books. Cf. Besterman 1504; Colas 1880; Hiler p.547.


LOMBROSO, Cesare. NEUE FORTSCHRITTE IN DEN VERBRECHERSTUDIEN. Autorisierte Übersetzung aus dem Italienischen von Hans Merian. Gera: C.B. Griesbach, 1899. 8vo, xii, 348pp, 37 illus. Half purple cloth over black cloth, light wear to boards, light even darkening of paper, very good. $300. ¶ First Edition in German. Lombroso here summarizes his views on the relationship between physical stature and criminal behavior. Special attention is given to the brain and to the shape of the cranium. Cesare Lombroso (1836-1901), the Italian criminologist, was born of a Jewish family in Verona, and became professor of forensic medicine and of psychiatry at Turin, where he later filled the chair of criminal anthropology. Strongly influenced by Auguste Comte, from whom he adopted a perhaps exaggerated tendency to assign all mental facts to biogical attributes, he was the greatest of a long line of Italian criminologists, which included Bovio, Ferri, and Colajanni. His far reaching studies showed, in sum, that the criminal population is characterized by a higher percentage of nervous, mental, and especially physical anomalies than non-criminals, and that degeneration and atavism are the causes of these anomolies. In the present volume, Lombroso proposes a classification of criminals, such that those born "criminal types" may receive a different kind of punishment from those whom circumstance tempts into crime. Not in NUC of BMC.


LUKACS, Georg. DIE SEELE UND DIE FORMEN. ESSAYS. Berlin: Egon Fleischel, 1911. 8vo, (6), 373, (3)pp. Orig. cloth, lettered in gilt, nearly fine but for miniscule shelfwear. $450. ¶ First Edition of Lukacs’ first book and perhaps last work to strictly adhere to Wilhelm Dilthey’s antipositivistic method of understanding the past through acts of imaginative recovery. The volume includes essays on Rudolf Kassner, Kierkegaard, Theodor Storm, Stefan George, Richard Beer-Hofmann, Lawrence Sterne, Paul Ernst and others. "No one has brought to the moral and intellectual dilemmas besetting literary criticism a more radical solution than Georg Lukács. In his work two beliefs are incarnate. First, that literary criticism is not a luxury… but a central and militant force toward shaping men’s lives. Secondly… that the work of the critic is neither subjective nor uncertain. Criticism is a science with its own rigour and precision… Lukács is the one philosophic talent to have emerged from the grey servitude of the Marxist world" (George Steiner, Language and Silence).


MACKAY, John Henry. GEDICHTE. Berlin: Bernhard Zack, 1909. 8vo, 307pp. Ecru wrappers, wrappers worn, soiled, chipped at edges, interior leaves clean, otherwise very good. $750. ¶ First Edition, Signed by the Author, number 54 of 1200 of an extremely rare volume of homosexual poetry. The Scottish-born Weimar poet and novelist Mackay (1864-1933) is best remembered as a gay activist and anarchist; when the Nazis came to power his works were condemned and destroyed. The present volume is an early collection of his poetry notable for featuring gender-neutral pronouns. Not found in any of the standard references.


(Mann). BÜRGIN, Hans. DAS WERK THOMAS MANNS. Eine Bibliographie unter Mitarbeit von Walter A. Reichart und Erich Neumann. (Frankfurt am Main): S. Fischer, 1959, (i.e. 1984). 8vo, 320pp. Orig. black leatherette boards, front board stamped with TM monogram in gilt, paper label. New. $80. ¶ Only reprint of the classic bibliography of Mann.


MANN, Thomas. DAS GESETZ. Los Angeles: Pazifische Presse, (1944). 8vo, (6), 80pp. Quarter black calf, gilt title, grey paper boards, the front stamped in gilt with Mann’s signature. Nearly fine. $1600. ¶ First Edition in German, one of 250 copies signed by Mann in a total edition of 500 copies. Originally published in English in The Ten Commandments (1943), edited by A.L. Robinson, the novella is a biblical allegory about Hitler’s war. Printed by Saul and Lillian Marks at the Plantin Press. Bürgin I. 67. Jaeger 8.


MANN, Thomas. DIE VERTAUSCHTEN KÖPFE. Ein Indische Legende. Stockholm: Bermann-Fischer, 1940. 8vo, 230pp. Orig. green cloth, front cover vignette and spine lettering in gilt. A fine copy. $400. ¶ First Edition of The Transposed Heads. Scarce. Written at the beginning of Mann’s exile, the novella relates the story of Sita, a beautiful Indian woman who loves two men, and her resulting confusion over the resulting tension between spiritual and physical love makes up the drama of the story. Mann (1875-1955), author of such influential and important works as The Magic Mountain and Death in Venice, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1929. The political climate in Germany forced his move to Switzerland in 1933, and to the United States in 1938; he lived in Pacific Palisades from 1942-52 and became a U.S. citizen in 1944. His scathing denunciations of the Nazis resulted in the revocation of his German citizenship and banning of his works. He returned to Switzerland in 1952 and lived there until his death. See Bleiler Checklist p.133. Burgin I, 62.


MANN, Thomas. LEIDEN AN DEUTSCHLAND. Tagebuchblätter aus den Jahren 1933 und 1934. Los Angeles: Pazifische Presse, (1946). 8vo, (4), 92pp. Quarter black calf, light blue-gray paper boards. Ink signature on back free ednpaper, otherwise nearly fine. $1600. ¶ First Edition, one of 250 copies signed by the author, out of a total of 500 numbered copies. Difficult to find in acceptable condition. Bürgin I, 72. Jaeger 9


MANN, Thomas. LÜBECK ALS GEISTIGE LEBENSFORM. (Die Entstehung der Buddenbrooks). Lübeck: Otto Quitzow, 1926. 12mo, 55pp. Orig. tan cloth lettered in red with block of Buddenbrook Haus. Fine, in slightly chipped & dustsoiled dust jacket. $350. ¶ First Edition of Mann’s psychological portrait eulogy of his birthplace, the former member of the Hanseatic League, Lübeck, the North German city, birthplace also to Emanuel Geibel and Gustav Falke, and the city in which the events of Mann’s great novel Buddenbrooks take place. The work is the publication of a lecture Mann delivered in Lübeck’s Stadttheater on the 700th aniversary of the founding of that city. Burgin I, 30.


MANN, Thomas. TONIO KRÖGER. Illustriert von Erich M. Simon. Berlin: S. Fischer, [1913]. 12mo, 122, (4, includes ads)pp, 18 engravings. Orig. hand-colored paper boards, velin spine. Some foxing & soiling to boards, 2 corners worn, very good. $450. ¶ First separate and first illustrated edition of Mann’s classic novella, the semi-autobiographical account of a young writer who struggles to reconcile his own sense of otherness with the norms of the world. Bürgin I, 9. Wilpert & Gühring p.1031, 10.


MANN, Viktor. WIR WAREN FÜNF. Bildnis Der Familie Mann. Mit 35 Tafeln. (Leipzig): Südverlag Konstanz, (1949). 8vo, 612, (3), (1) as colophon pp, 35 illus. Brown cloth, brown lettering on gilt stamped spine label, gilt vignette, very good $30. ¶ First Edition of Viktor Mann’s portraits of his famous relatives, Thomas, Heinrich, Julia, Carla, and himself. With bibliographies for the works of Thomas, Heinrich, and Viktor Mann.


(Mardersteig). EIN LEBEN DEN BÜCHERN GEWIDMET. Mainz: Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 1968. 8vo, 23, (1, blank), (1, colophon)pp. Printed wrappers. Barest stain to endpapers, otherwise fine. $50. ¶ First Edition, printed at the Stamperia Valdonega. A speech given by Mardersteig on the occasion of the festival of the Gutenberg-Preis.


MARTIUS, Friedrich. KONSTITUTION UND VERERBUNG in ihren Berziehungen zur Pathologie. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1914. 8vo, viii, 258pp, 13 illus. Orig. wrappers. Spine & wrappers quite chipped, still good. $100. ¶ First Edition. "In 1914, Martius published his important book on Constitution and Selection.… With the World War, the doctrine of the Constitution took a sudden lear forward, and was further helped out by the development of Mendelian reasoning (genetics) and of endocrinology. Consideration of the soldier as a whole, and of vast outdoor clinics of men en masse, tended to revive the general pathology of Hippocrates… The constitution came to be seen as the summation of ingerited traits which are basic in resistance, susceptibility and predisposition to disease" (Garrison, 4th ed., p.678).


MASEREEL, Frans. DIE SONNE. 63 Holzschnitte von… Einleitung von Carl Georg Heise. Munich: Kurt Wolff, (1926). 12mo, 22pp, 63 plates. Orig. paper boards, slightly worn & stained, in chipped dust jacket. $125. ¶ First German trade printing. Avermaete 5.1.


(Masereel). ZILLER, Gerhart. FRANS MASEREEL. Mit einer Einführung von… Dresden: Veb Verlag der Kunst, 1956. 8vo, 47pp, frontisportrait, 80 plates, 27 other illustrations. Orig. stiff paper boards. Signatures to half-title, otherwise fine, in a very good dust-jacket. $75. ¶ First Edition of this collection of reproductions of woodcuts by Masereel, with an intelligent essay by Gerhart Ziller.


MENDELSOHN, Erich. AMERIKA. Bilderbuch eines Architekten. Berlin: Rudolf Mosse, 1926. Folio, ix, (4), 82pp, 77 photographic illus. Orig. printed boards, cloth back. Light spotting and edge wear to boards, a very good copy with institutional bookplate. $475. ¶ Second Edition (first 1925).


MENDELSOHN, Erich. ERICH MENDELSOHN. Das Gesamtschaffen Des Architekten. Berlin: Rudof Mosse Buchverlag, 1930. Small 4to, 249, (3)pp, profusely illus. with plans, drawings, photographs. Tan cloth, lt-mod. soiling, bookplate, owner’s signature, very good. $325. ¶ First Edition. The complete work (to publication) of famed German architect Erich Mendelsohn. Rare.


MEYER, Oskar. DIE KINETISCHE THEORIE DER GASE. In Elementarer Darstellung mit Mathematischen Zusätzen. Breslau: Maruschke & Berendt, 1877. 8vo, xv, (1), 388, (2)pp, including half-title and errata, numerous diagrams in the text. Half brown morocco, marbled boards, gilt title. Emil Warburg’s copy, with his signature on the front pastedown. $300. ¶ First Edition of a classic work on the kinetic theory of gases. The interesting historical introduction traces the evolution of the theory, providing critical expositions from the works of Boyle, Bernoulli, Clausius, Maxwell, and Joule. "Meyer’s investigations of viscosity, diffusion and heat conduction of gases made it possible to calculate the velocities, mean free paths, the radii and the number per cubic centimeter of the so-far hypothetical molescules" (Buckley, pp. 159-60). Zeitlinger II, 11816 (later edition).


MORGENSTERN, Christian. PALMSTROM. Fünfte und Sechste Vermehrte Auflage. Berlin: Bruno Cassirer, 1913. 8vo, 77, (2) as table of contents pp. Illus. boards, handmade paper, owner’s inscription, some soiling, offsetting, otherwise very good. $35. ¶ Fifth and Sixth Enlarged Edition. Originally issued in 1910, Palmström is, perhaps, Morgenstern’s best known work of absurdist, burlesque, and often grotesque sharp-edged satiric poetry seasoned with a dash of Edward Lear’s nonsense. Includes the collections Der Wassseresel and Zeitgedichte. Cover design and illustration by Karl Walser.


MORO, Ernst. DIATETIK UND THERAPE DER KINDERKRANKHEITEN.…Separatabdruck aus der Siebenten Auflage von Landesmann Die Therapie an den Wiener Kliniken. Leipzig & Vienna: Franz Dueticke, 1904. 8vo, 69pp. Printed wrappers. Very good. $25. ¶ Descriptions of childhood diseases, with notes on treatment and diet.


MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. DER SCHAUSPIELDIREKTOR, Eine Komische Operette in einem Aufzuge. Von W.A. Mozart. Im Klavierauszuge von Siegfried Schmiedt. Leipzig: in Der Breitkopfischen Musikhandlung, [ca. 1792/3]. Oblong quarto, 38pp, orig. green paper boards, ms label dated 1786, some wear to backstrip and edges, stamp of Roger Smith Hill on front board and endpaper, overall very good. $5000 ¶ Rare First Edition, first issue, score of Mozart’s popular comic opera, transcribed for harpischord, two sopranos, tenor, and bass, by Siegfried Schmiedt, published just after Mozart’s death. Commissioned by the Emperor Joseph, Der Schauspieldirektor is the comic tale of a rural opera theatre manager in Salzburg and the trials and tribulations of trying to assemble a company for the new opera house. The overture has survived as a very popular concert selection today. Very rare; no copy in APBC. An 1802 edition is distinguishable by lacking the cast on the verso of the title. Haberkamp I, pp.248-50 & Vol. II (plates) pp.211-12.


NEUFERT, Ernst. BAUENTWURFSLEHRE Grundlagen Normen und Vorschriften über Anlage Bau Gestaltung Raumbedarf, Raumbeziehungen. Maße fur Gebäude Räume Einrichtungen und Geräte mit dem Menschen als Maß und Ziel. Berlin: Verlag Des Druckhauses Tempelhof, 1950. 4to, 316, (4 (as adv.)pp, 316 plates, overt 3600 diagrams. Light blue cloth, navy lettered, dustjacket, sunning to edges, otherwise very good in sunned, stained dj. $65. ¶ First Edition.


OKKONEN, Onni. DIE FINNISCHE KUNST. Berlin: Limpert, 1944. 4to, 46pp, 208 plates. Orig. paper-backed boards, very good. $30. ¶ Rare study of Finnish art, published in Germany during World War II.


(Olympics). DIE OLYMPICSCHEN SPIELE 1936 In Berlin Und Garmish-Partenkirchen. Herausgegeben: Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Barhrenfeld, (1936). Folio, (2), 127pp., tipped in photo. illustrations & folding map. Original blue cloth, gilt. Nearly fine with lightly yellowed leaves in a very good, edge-chipped jacket. $75. ¶ Volume one (of two) of this magnificently illustrated homage to the 1936 Winter Olympics from a Nazi perspective. A classic example of Nazi party propaganda.


OPPENHEIM, M[oritz]. PRAKTIKUM DER HAUT- UND GESCHLECHTSKRANKHEITEN für Studierende und Ärzte. Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, 1935. 8vo, x, 298pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Spine chipped, still good, with the author’s inscription to the front wrapper. $65. ¶ Sixth improved and expanded edition, inscribed by the author to Albin Oppenheim, the inventor of the orthodontic rubber band. This work is the most influential of all dermatological assessments of venereal diseases. Moritz Oppenheim (1876-1949) developed, with Rudolf Müller, the complement-fixation test for the diagnosis of gonorrhea (known as the Müller Oppenheim reaction) and was the first to describe necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, more commonly known as Oppenheim-Urbach disease. Cf. Garrison-Morton 5213. NUC cites one copy of this edition in the National library of Medicine.


(Orlik). SINGER, Hans W. ZEICHNUNGEN VON EMIL ORLIK. Leipzig: Baumgartner, 1914. 4to, 19, (1)pp, 52 plates. Orig. cloth, very good. $125. ¶ Presentation copy, signed by Orlik. A compilation of Orlik’s drawings, many of Oriental subjects.


PARACELSUS, Theophrastus. SAMTLICHE WERKE, Nach der 10Bändigen Huserschen Gesamtlausgabe (1589-1591) zum Erstenmal in Neuzeitliches Deutsch Ubersetzt. Mit Einleitung, Biogtraphie, Literaturangaben und Erlärenden Anmerkungen Versehen von Dr. Bernhard Aschner. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1926-28. 2 vols, large 8vo, lxiv, 1012; L, 910pp. Orig. gilt stamped blue cloth. Very good set. $150. ¶ First Edition - two further volumes were published by 1932. A commendable anthology of Paracelsean writings, based on the Huser Quarto edition, and brought into modern German. "…intended to bring Paracelsean therapy, unduly forgotten, into the orbit of the modern practitioner. It is a work of considerable value, also for its notes on the herbs and drugs recommnded by Paracelsus" (Pagel, Paracelsus, p.33). The translator, Bernhard Aschner, was a distinguished endocrinologist, the first to keep hypophysectomized dogs indefinitely alive and to demonstrate that they would develop genital hypoplasia. Waller 20084. Cf. Garrison-Morton 1162.


PFEIFFER, Dr. Ludwig. HANDBUCH DER ANGEWANDTEN ANATOMIE Genaue Beschreibung Der Gestalt und der Wuchsfehler des Menschen Leipzig: Otto Spamer, 1899. 4to, viii, 502, (2)pp, 11 b&w plates, 419 text illus. 340 drawings. Illus. cloth, beveled edges, good. $75. ¶ First Edition.


(Plastic Arts). DIE BILDHAUEREI. Abbildungen von ausgeführten Arbeiten in Holz und anderem Material. (Berlin): Vorstand des Deutschen Holzarberiter-Verbandes, 1925-1929. 4 vols, sm. 4to, each vol 32pp. Orig. wrappers, discreet library labels to spines, very good, from the library of A.B. Heinsbergen, with his bookplate. $150. ¶ Four volumes of this fascinating periodical on the plastic arts. One volume has an article on and early photographs by Karl Blossfeldt.


POGGENDORF, J.C. BIOGRAPHISCH-LITERARISCHES HANDWORTERBUCH ZUR GESCHICHTE DER EXACTEN WISSENSCHAFTEN, unter Mitwirkung der Akademien des Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Gottingen, Heidelberg, Muchen und Wien… Band 7a. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1956-62. 5 vols, 8vo, red cloth. Very good. $400. ¶ A supplement to Poggendorff’s main work. "This series includes supplementary material for names mentioned in earlier volumes as well as new biographical sketches. Bd.71 contains bio-bibliogreaphies of scientisits, technologists, and doctors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland from 1932 to 1953" (Sheahy EA231). Further volumes are in progress. G-M 6579.


POGGENDORF, J.C. BIOGRAPHISCH-LITERARISCHES HANDWORTERBUCH ZUR GESCHICHTE DER EXACTEN WISSENSCHAFTEN... Amsterdam: B.M. Israel, 1970. 4 vols, 8vo. Red cloth. Fine $500. ¶ A fundamental bio-bibliogrpahy covering physicians, chemists, geologists, astronomers, mathematicians and other scientists from all coutnries. Each brief biography is followed by a detailed bibliography. Sheahy EA230: "Standard and indispensible work…"


PORTA, Giambattista della. MAGIA NATURALIS, Oder: Hauskunst und Wunder-Buch. Nuremberg: Christian Peganium, 1713. Thick 4to, (6), 1048, (46 index)pp, engraved frontsipiece portrait of the author & 20 full-page copper plates, together with woodcut in the text. Full red polished calf, gilt panelled borders and spine. $2500. ¶ Rare German edition of Porta’s tremendously popular work on the marvels of nature, edited by the cabalist Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. It includes sections on alchemy, natural science, medicines, cosmology, geology, artificial gems, the magnet, gunpowder, secret writing, etc. It was the earliest work to contain a description of the camera obscura with a lens (chapter 17). A passage in the tenth book has erroneously been quoted to ascribe to Porta the invention of the telescope. Book six shows that the production of artificial gems was well advanced in Porta’s time. The seventh book includes some important observations on the magnet. The first edition, containing four books, was published in 1558 when the author was 15 years of age. The work had a great vogue and was translated into most European languages. NUC not 3 copies only (DNlm, PPHa & IU). Blake p.114. Gabrieli, Della Porta-Notizoa Bibliografia, p.337. Not in Duveen or Ferguson.


RACHEWILTZ, Boris de. SCHWARZER EROS. Afrikanische Sexualbräuche von der Vorgeschichte bis heute. (Stuttgart): Henry Govert, (1965). 8vo, 334pp, color frontis., approx. 500 illus. (many color). Orig. cloth. Note on back endpaper, otherwise fine in nearly fine pictorial slipcase. $45. ¶ First Edition in German, originally published in Italian as Eros Nero. Celebrating African sexuality, this amazingly illustrated volume probes many anthropological questions as well. Includes a tremendous bibliography.


RATZEL, Dr. Friedrich. VOLKERKUNDE. Erster Band. Die Naturvölker Afrikas. Mit 494 Abbildungen im Text, 10 Aquarelltafeln und 2 Karten. Zweiter Band. Die Naturvölker Ozeaniens, Amerikas und Asiens. Mit 391 Abbildungen im Text, 11 Aquarelltafeln und 2 Karten. Dritter Band. Die Kulturvölker der Alten und Neuen Welt. Mit 235 Abbildungen im Text, 9 Aquarelltafeln und 1 Karte. Leipzig: Biblioigraphischen Instituts, 1885-88. 3 vols, 8vo, x, 660, 494 text illus., 10 chromolithograph plates (some with identifying tissue overlays), 2 maps, x, 815, 391 text illus., 11 chromolithograph plates, 2 maps, viii, 778pp, 235 text illus., 9 chromolithograph plates, 1 map. Quarter calf over pebbled cloth, gilt lettering, wear to head and tail of vol 1, rubbing, otherwise tight, internally clean, otherwise very good. $750. ¶ First Edition of one of the premier works on cultural studies of the 19th century, known in English as A History of Mankind (Macmillan, 1896-98), Ratzel’s massive study that provided key foundations for the emerging science and discipline of ethnology through his deep insights into the relationship between culture, civilization and geography. "His chief contribution to ethnography was to popularize the importance of diffusion of culture by migration and borrowing" (DSB). It was Ratzel who demonstrated that "race as such has nothing to do with the possession of civilization," and "that interchange of ideas and cultural elements had played an important part in the development of successive stages of civilization…Ratzel’s influence on the development of historical ethnology flowed from the world perspective which he brought to his geographic studies and the cultural contrasts he drew from geographic distribution" (Voget, A History of Ethnology, pp.178, 348). Ratzel’s later studies on the "sense of space" that affects the collective psychology of an area’s inhabitants were later and unfortunately distorted by Hitler in the Nazi quest for Lebensraum. No less impressive than the text, the chromolithographic plates contained within are stunning. Quite scarce. DSB XI, p.309.


RAYMUND, Alexander. ALTTURKISCHE KERAMIK In Kleinasien und Konstantinopel. Munich: Bruckmann, 1922. Folio, 28pp, 40 color plates. Orig. boards, foot of spine nicked, very good. $550. ¶ Scholarly and attractive work on Turkish tilework of the 13th to 17th century with beautiful color plates and a bibliography.


REICHENBACH, K.F. von. DER SENSITIVE MENSCH und Sein Verhalten zum Ode. Eine Reihe Experimentellen Untersuchungen über ihre gegenseitigen Kräfte und Eigenschaften mit Rücksicht auf die praktische Bedeutung, Welche sie für Physik, Shemie, Mineralogie, Botanik, Physiologie, Heilkunde, Gerichtliche Medizin, Rechtskunde, Kriegswesen, Erziehung, Psychologie, Theologie, Irrenwesen, Kunst, Gewerbe, Häusliche Zustände, Menschenkentniss und das Gesellschaftliche Leben im Weitesten Anfange Haben. [Bound with] WER IST SENSITIVE, WER NICHT? Oder Kurze Anleitung, Sensitive Manschen mit Leichtigkeit zu Finden. Vienna: N.p., 1856. Stuttgart: J.G. Cotta, 1854-55. 2 vols, lv, (1), 838; xxx, 758 + 70pp. Quarter brown calf, brown cloth boards, gilt lettered, autograph notes and signature, mild wear and rubbing to spine, some sunning to boards, mild-light foxing throughout, overall a very good, attactive set from the library of Robert Dale Owen, with his signature on both title-pages and annotations. $800. ¶ First Editions. Reichenbach (1788-1869) began his career as a chemist (he was the first to isolate kerosene, creosote, and paraffin), metalurgist, and expert on the chemical analysis of meteorites. In 1844, he believed that he had discovered that certain "sensitive" individuals, mostly women, could detect physical stimuli under conditions in which they would not be detectable to normal sense. A series of experiments confirmed to him the existence of a radiating universal force permeating all nature which he called "Od" after Odin, the Norse god. While he had many detrators, the great psychologist, Gustav Flechner, was not unsympathetic and though he was puzzled by some of Reichenbach’s demonstrations, he could detect no fraud. Often associated with Mesmer’s theories of animal magnetism, Reichenbach discouraged such and much of his work was seized upon by anti-spiritualists as providing a natuaral explanation for supernatural phenomena. The present work, which he spent ten years of his life researching, is a continuation and reworking, based upon further studies, of his earlier work, Physikalisch-physiologische Untersuchungen über die Dynamide des Magnetismus (1850), known in its English translation as Physico-Physiological Researches..., or Researches on Magnetism(1851). Who is Sensitive, Who is Not? deals in detail with the Odic force and those gifted thus. This set was previously owned by Robert Dale Owen, the minister, parapsychologist and spiritualist who has provided signed, hand-written notes. The present volumes, cornerstone works of psychical research, continue to be highly influential works in the field. The Sensitive Man is rare, Who Is Sensitive rarer still and has never been translated into English; it is fortunate that it is bound into this set. Crabtree 727, 770. DSB XI, p.360.


REISNER, Adam. JERUSALEM, Die Alte Haubstat de Juden. Wie sie vor der letzten zerstörung auff hohem Gebirg, mitten in der Welt, als das jrrdische Paradyss, ein Vorbildt der ewigen Statt Gottes, war. Mit kurtzer Historia vnd erklärung, was Gott von anfang mit disem ort gehandelt, was auch dise Statt, und ein jeder Namen und Geschicht….Figur und Warheit, alt und neuw Testament, vergleicht, was auch das neuwe Geistliche, ewige, und Himlische Jerusalem sey.… Frankfurt: [Georg Rabe, Sigmund Feyerabend, & the Heirs of Weygand Han], 1565, [1565, 1569]. Three parts in one folio vol, [14], 125, [1 blank], [6, index]; 177, [1], [12 index]; [4], 197 leaves, each part separately signed and paginated, with individual titles, titles to first and third parts printed in red and black. First part with one double-page woodcut plate of Jerusalem, one double-page woodcut map of the Holy Land, and seventy-six woodcut illustrations in the text, by Virgil Solis and others. Contemporary blindstamped vellum over wooden boards, spine with raised bands, boards with remains of clasps, worn and chipped with some loss to boards and spine. Front hinge cracked. Early paper shelf-label on spine and bookplate on front pastedown. Two early ink signatures on first title-page. Some minor browning or staining. A few tiny marginal paper flaws or tears, not affecting text or plates. Overall a clean, very good copy. $5500. ¶ Second German edition, possibly with the first edition of the third volume. The first two volumes initially appeared in 1563 in Reisner’s original German. In the same year, a partial Latin translation (Ierusalem, vetustissima illa et celeberrima totius mundi civitas, consisting only of the first volume and containing reprints of the plates and maps from the first edition) was published at Frankfurt; Latin translations of the remainder of the work were planned but never completed. A second German edition of the two volumes appeared in 1565, and further editions were published in 1569 and 1574. The third volume (here dated 1569) is the rarest element in a complete set of Reisner’s work on Jerusalem. Though it is Reisner’s own conclusion to his work, the third volume has only been present in three copies of the early German editions which have appeared at auction in the last twenty-five years; in none of those copies was the third volume dated earlier than 1569. Similarly, OCLC, RLIN, Graesse, and the British Museum do not mention a third volume with a date earlier than 1569, and it is possible that it was not printed until six years after the first edition of the first two volumes. Reisner’s extensive, heavily researched work was an important contribution to contemporary studies of Biblical geography, commentary, and history. This 1565 edition contains all the same woodcuts as the first edition, including the famous large maps and the familiar scenes from Old and New Testament stories, including Abraham and Isaac, King Solomon sitting in judgement, and many scenes from the life and Passion of Christ. STC German, p.731 and Graesse VI, p.74 (first two parts only). Not in Adams.


(Restif de la Bretonne). RÉTIF DE LA BRETONNE. Katalog einer Sammlung seiner Werke. Mit einer biographischen Einleitung von Dr. Arthru Schurig, zahlreichen bibliographischen Erläuterungen und… Berlin: Antiquariat am Lützowplatz, 1922. 8vo, 110pp, frontis. & 10 plates, laid in price list. Orig. wrappers, very good. $35. ¶ A catalogue of 158 thoroughly described items by or relating to Nicolas Restif de la Bretonne.


RETZIUS, Gustaf. DAS MENSCHENHIRN. Studien in der makroscopischen Morphologie. Stockholm: P.A. Norstedt & Söner [for] Königliche Buchdruckerei, 1896. 2 vols, folio, (6), viii, 167; (6), 96 collotype plates & facing letterpress, 13 illus. in text. Orig. half cloth over blue cloth, calf labels to spine. Light external wear & bumping to corners, ink mark to vol. I’s front free endpaper, otherwise fine. $1450. ¶ Only edition. "Retzius studied a large series of subprimate, simian, and human brains, and clarified some of the more difficult problems of cerebral morphology" (Garrison-Morton). Retzius’s detailed embryological approach was also novel to the study of brain localization, and, "as with other works of Retzius, this massive set is an example of scholarship, accuracy, and fine printing" (Heirs of Hippocrates). In addition to the discoveries made here, Magnus Gustav Retzius (1842-1919), one of the most eminent of modern histologists, helped to establish the neuron doctrine by comparing the nerve cells in a wide variety of invertebrates and vertebrates. He also studied prehistoric craniology and the brains of highly endowed people in order to isolate special gifts in separate areas of the brain. In addition to his 333 scientific titles, one must also recognize his many sketches of scientists, volumes of poems, and many cantatas. His brain is now in the collection of elite brains in the Museum of Pathology of the Caroline Institute. Choulant-Frank p.409. Cushing R117. Garrison-Morton 1426. Norman 1825. Cf. Haymaker & Schiller pp.69-73. Not in Waller.


RILKE, Rainer Maria. DUINESER ELEGIEN. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1923. 4to, 40, (2)pp. Blue cloth faded, panel of orig. dust jacket laid in. $20. ¶ Early American edition of "the most impressive sequence of great poetry in modern European literature" (Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature).


(Rilke). SCHELLENBERG, Ernst Ludwig. RAINER MARIA RILKE. Ein Essay von… Leipzig: Sphinx, (1901). 8vo, 38, (1, ads)pp. Orig. wrappers, slightly chipped, very good & unopened. $35. ¶ First Edition of this contemporary admiring critique.


(Robinsonade). DER NEUE ROBINSON Oder Seefahrten und Schicksale eines Deutschen. Eine Angenehme und Lehrreiche Erzahlung. Mit Neuen Abbildungen. Verbesserte und Vermehrte Ausgabe…HISTORIEN TILL EULENSPIEGELS, eines Bauren Sohn Rentlingen: Kurtz, 1842. 12mo, 79; 132pp. Contemporary boards with tinted wood engraving mounted to front, lightly varnished, light-moderate foxing and damp stains throughout, otherwise good. In German. $350. ¶ Unusual Robinsonade, not found in Ullrich’s Robinson und Robinsonaden (Litterarhistorische Forschungen VII), here bound together with an odd, undated edition (ca. 1820) of Till Eulenspiel, and a 112pp. hundred year (1801-1900) calendar/almanac from publisher, Julius Fleischhauer. Robinsonade refers to the many derivitive and imitative novels of shipwreck and survival that were published in the wake of Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719), including Swiss Family Robinson. The present volume (The New Robinson, or the Seafaring and Fate of a German. A Pleasant and Instructive Tale) is, apparently, an enlarged and corrected issue of a prior unknown edition; it does not appear to be related to Schnabel’s Insel Felsenburg.


ROENAU, Ernst. IDYLLEN Des Klassischen Altertums...Mit 20 Faksimilefarbendrucken Nach W. Russel [sic] Flint. Vienna: Artur Wolf, 1921. 4to, 79, (1)pp, 20 tipped-in color plates by William Russell Flint. Orig. pastepaper boards, very good. $200. ¶ Edition limited to 1400 copies. Flint’s (1880-1969) illustrations to these Greek myths are after his watercolors and are typical of his monumental work of the 1920s.


ROPERS, H. MORGENLANDISCHE TEPPICHE. Ein Handbuch Für Sammler und Liebhaben. Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1961. 8vo, 331, (1), 234 b&w photo-illus., 32 full-color plates, 1 fold-out map at rear. Red cloth, gilt lettered, fine. $125. ¶ From the Bibliothek Für Kunst - U. Antoquitäten-Freunde, volume 19, an enlarged new edition of Ropers’ 1920 study of oriental carpets, and as rare as the first.


ROTTECK, Carl v. ALLGEMAINE GESCHICHTE vom Anfang der historischen kenntnis bis auf unsere Zeiten für denkende Geschichtsfreunde. Bearbeitet von…Zwölfte unveränderte Original - Auflage. Freiburg im Dreisgau: Herder, 1836. 3 vols, 8vo. Contemporary quarter calf over patterned boards, gilt lettering and decoration to spines, speckled edges, some rubbing, wear, age-toned throughout, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Von Rotteck, a German politician and historian, was appointed to the chair of history at Freiburg and laid the foundation of his immense popularity by the publication of his great Allgemeine Geschichte (Universal History) in 1813, which together with the works of Schlosser, Gervinus and Hausser helped spread liberal and constitutional views of German history the German bourgeoisie middle class. Twelfth edition, 9 volumes in three, unchanged from the original.


SACHER-MASOCH, (Leopold von). UEBER DEN WERTH DER KRITIK: Erfahrungen und Bemerkungen. Leipzig: Ernst Julius Günther, 1873. 8vo, (2), 88pp. Contemp. boards, preserving orig. front wrapper on front cover, very good. $150. ¶ First Edition of of the great Austrian short story and novella writer’s remarks on the advantages and failings of literary criticism. Leopold, Ritter von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895) served in the Italian war of 1859 and was for a short while a professor in Lemberg. His heroes desire to be ill-treated and humiliated by the women they love, and, as all his writings are almost exclusively devoted to the practice of inflicting pain on oneself, Krafft-Ebing called this perversion masochism, after the author’s name. The steamy revelations published about Sacher-Masoch by his widow are not universally accepted as true. Wilpert & Gühring p.1286, 26.


SCHALEK, Alice [Therese Emma]. IN BUDDHA’S LAND. Ein Bummel durch Hinterindien. Vienna: Rikola, 1922. Sm. 8vo, 242, (6, ads)pp, 48 photographs. Orig. yellow boards, decoratively stamped with onlay, over paper shelfback, lettered in green. $25. ¶ First Edition, inscribed by the author, of the travel writer’s reflections on her explorations through India, Rangoon, and Java.


SCHLEIEMACHER, Friedrich. IDEE ZU EINEM KATECHISMUS DER VERNUNFT FÜR EDLE FRAUEN. [Heidelberg: Richard Weissbach, n.d.] Oblong 12mo, (44)pp. Boards, paper label, a little browned. $20.


(Schmidt-Rottluff). KARL SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF. ZUM EINHUNDERSTEN GEBURTSTAG. Berlin: 1985. 4to, 100pp. Pictorial boards. $100.


SCHMITZ, Hermann. FOR HUNDERT JAHREN FELTRAUME UND WOHNZIMMER DES DEUTSCHEN KLASSIZISMUS UND BIEDERMEIER. Berlin: Verlag für Kunst Wissenschaft, 1920. Folio, (6)pp, 27 of 28 full color plates. Orig marbled board portfolio, cloth spine, paper label. Spine worn, tears to margins of some plates, still very good. From the library of designer A.B. Heinsbergen, with his bookplate. $200. ¶ Attracttive collection of aquarelles of Biederrmeier period material collected by Freidrich Wilhelm IV and in the Berliner Schloss.


SCHOEMBS, Jakob. AZTEKISCHE SCHRIFTSPRACHE. Grammatik (mit Lautlehre), Text und Glossar. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1949. 8vo, 210pp. Orig. printed wrappers, paper browned and fragile, ink signature at front. $35. ¶ First Edition of this grammar, with phonetical texts and parallel translations and a dictionary at the end.


SEYPPEL, C.M. ER SIE ES. IIte Aegyptische Humoreske. Nach der Natur abgemalt und niedergeschrieben 1302 Jahre vor Christi Geburt durch C.M. Seyppel, Hofmaler und Poët der seligen Majestät König Rhampsinit III. Memphis: Pÿrimidenstrasse No. 36. (Düsseldorf: Felix Bagel), [1883]. 8vo, 42 (red & black printing on rag-based papyrus-like paper with faux-aged effect), elaborately illustrated throughout. Orig. ancient-style sackcloth binding, printed & mounted with clay medallion (imitative of ancient jewelery), leather straps affixed. Leather straps broken, otherwise a very well-preserved copy of a delicate piece of handiwork. 4-page introduction printed on velin laid in. $400. ¶ Beautiful edition of this amazing piece of craftsmanship, an alleged original Egyptian papyrus dug up outside the Temple of Gizeh during the British-Arab war. Carefully printed with a patented process, the "manuscript" farcically depicts a struggle for power after the demise of Rhampsinit III. The brilliant Karl Maria Seyppel (b.1847) created several works of this sort, but they are rare and infrequently found well-preserved.


SEYPPEL, C.M. MEIN BUCH. Mit Randzeichnungen. (Düsseldorf: Felix Bagel, 1884). 8vo, (4), 29 (printing on rag-based papyrus-like paper with faux-aged effect), elaborately illustrated throughout. Orig. ancient-style wood binding wrapped in sackcloth & secured with ornate metalwork & clasp. A very well-preserved copy of a delicate piece of handiwork. $750. ¶ Only edition of this unused allegedly Egyptian-style diary, farcically illustrated in the margins and printed with the patented process of the "Mumiendruck" of Franz Rangette and Sons. The brilliant Karl Maria Seyppel (b.1847) created several works of this sort, but they are rare and infrequently found well-preserved. Not in NUC.


SEYPPEL, C.M. SCHLAU, SCHLÄUER, AM SCHLÄUSTEN. Aegyptische Humoreske. Niedergeschrieben und abgemalt 1315 Jahre vor Christi Geburt. Düsseldorf: "Mumiendruck Frz. Rangette & Söhne" & (Felix Bagel), 1882]. 8vo, (2, printed on stiff paper), 40 (red & black printing on rag-based papyrus-like paper with faux-aged effect), elaborately illustrated throughout. Orig. pictorial binding, parchment-style onlay to front board, cloth spine, a very good copy. $400. ¶ Beautiful edition of this amazing piece of craftsmanship, an alleged original Egyptian papyrus dug up outside the Temple of Gizeh during the British-Arab war. Carefully printed with a patented process, the "manuscript" farcically depicts Herodotus’s humorous story about the thieving twin brothers who stole from and were then honored by King Rhampsinit III. The brilliant Karl Maria Seyppel (b.1847) created several works of this sort, but they are rare and infrequently found well-preserved.


SEYPPEL, C.M. SCHLAU, SCHLÄUER, AM SCHLÄUSTEN. Aegyptische Humoreske. Niedergeschrieben und abgemalt 1315 Jahre vor Christi Geburt. Düsseldorf: "Mumiendruck Frz. Rangette & Söhne" & (Felix Bagel), 1882]. 8vo, 40 (red & black printing on rag-based papyrus-like paper with faux-aged effect), elaborately illustrated throughout. Orig. ancient-style sackcloth binding, printed & mounted with clay medallion (imitative of ancient jewelery), leather straps affixed, a very well-preserved copy of a delicate piece of handiwork. 4-page introduction printed on velin laid in. $400. ¶ Beautiful edition of this amazing piece of craftsmanship, an alleged original Egyptian papyrus dug up outside the Temple of Gizeh during the British-Arab war. Carefully printed with a patented process, the "manuscript" farcically depicts Herodotus’s humorous story about the thieving twin brothers who stole from and were then honored by King Rhampsinit III. The brilliant Karl Maria Seyppel (b.1847) created several works of this sort, but they are rare and infrequently found well-preserved.


SHERERI, Georg. POSTILL ODER AUSLEGUNG DER SONNTAGLICHEN EVANGELIEN DURCH DAS GANTZE JAHR. Munchen: Nicolaum Heuricum, 1608. Folio, 1043, (12) as Index pp. Full pigskin over wooden boards, hand-tooled in blind, raised bands, beveled edges, brass clasps, owner’s signature dated 1768, mild foxing throughout, a few neat repairs with archival tape, duplicate tp, rubbed, clasps damaged, otherwise a good copy. $450. ¶ Reissue of Scherer’s massive guide to, and exegesis on, all the Sunday gospels during the entire year. Sherer (1540-1605), "was a man of boundless energy and rugged strength of character, a strenuous controversialist, a genuinely popular orator and writer" (Catholic Encyclopedia). A stern Jesuit, he opposed union with the Greek Schismatics, refuted the Lutheran divines, believed that the State had the right to put witches to death, and roused his fellow Austrians against the Turks. His works were originally collected and published by the Premonstratensians of Bruck, Moravia in the late 16th century, and later reissued in Munich in the early 17th. The present volume is extremely scarce, appearing in none of the standard references, and should not be confused with its companion volume, Postill oder Auslegung der Fest- und Feyertäglichen Evangelien durch das gantze Jahr.Catholic Encylopedia vol. 13, pp.527-528.


SINCLAIR, Upton. SKLAVEREI. Roman. Vienna: Interterritorialer Verlag "Renaissance" (Erdtracht), (n.d.). 8vo, 266, (2, ads)pp. Orig. tan boards over cloth shelfback, stamped in black. Very good. $25. ¶ First German Edition of the great socialist writer’s novel. Sinclair is the best-selling of all American writers in Europe. Not in NUC or BMC.


(Slevogt). WALDMANN, Emil. MAX SLEVOGTS GRAPHISCHE KUNST. Dresden: Ernst Arnold, 1921. Lg. 8vo, 24, (2)pp, 96 plates. Orig. velin backed boards, very good. $150. ¶ Early study of Slevogt’s etchings and lithographs; numbered from an unspecified edition. Max Slevogt (1868-1932) studied at the Munich Academy and gave his first exhibition in Munich in 1892; his earliest book illustrations were accomplished around 1900 to 1902. "His talent for pictorial narration is the sole factor determining the expressive manner of his illustrations. However, late Impressionist elements and, in his his later period, Expressionist elements can be found in his work, along with pictorial motics and stylistic attitudes which were part of Art Nouveau and had an influence on him" (Hofstatter).


(Stained glass). VORBILDLICHE GLASMALEREIEN Aus dem späten Millelalter und der Renaissancezeit... Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, 1911. Elephant folio (26 x 19 inches), unsewn, 2ff, 16 chromolithograph plates (some folding), each with separate descriptive letterpress. Orig. boards somewhat worn, a few plates tattered at edges, several plates repaired with tape, very good. $650. ¶ Remarkable work on German stained glass windows. Some of the plates are grouped together and are meant to be taken out and pieced together in order to show the entire design of a window; as each plate is 26 x 19 inches, an entire grouping is rather large. An elaborate work by one of Germany’s leading publishers of architectural works.


STARK, Karl Wilhelm. PATHOLOGISCHE FRAGMENTE. Weimar: Landes Industrie Comptoir, 1824-25. 2 vols, 8vo, xii, 402, (2, ads); xii, 340pp, 3 folding charts in vol. II. Orig. green boards, slightly worn, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Only Edition. The author examines the process of sickness, the borderline between health and sickness in humans and in other life forms, the deviations from assumed normal states that constitute disease, and the structural and functional changes wrought by illness. The second volume deals with emotional or psychological illness. Stark also published a Latin text on obstetrics. NUC: 3 copies.


STERNBERGER, Adolf. DER VERSTANDENE TOD. Eine Untersuchung zu Martin Heideggers Existential-Ontologie. Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Philosophischen Fakultät der Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M. Gräfenhainichen: A. Heine, 1933. 8vo, 150pp. Disbound, spine taped. $200. ¶ First appearance of the author’s inaugural disserations, published a year earlier than the first edition, this copy from the library of Hans Jonas, with his rubber stamp to the title. Adolf Sternberger (b.1907) studied under Jaspars at Heidelberg and later under Heidegger and Tillich in Freiburg and Frankfurt. Tillich was his advisor on this dissertation. Not in NUC.


STILLER, B[erthold]. GRUNDZÜGE DER ASTHENIE. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke, 1916. 8vo, (4), 82, (6, ads)pp. Spine chipped, back wrapper with sm. tear, otherwise fine & unopened. $100. ¶ First Edition of this description of asthenia, "Stiller’s disease," or asthenia habitus, was first described by the author in 1907. Cf. Garrison-Morton 2233. NUC cites one copy at the National Library of Medicine. Not in BMC


STILLER, Berthold. DIE ASTHENISCHE KONSTITUTIONSKRANKHEIT. (Asthenia Universalis Congenita) Stuttgart: Fredinand Enke, 1907. 8vo, (8), 228pp. Orig. yellow printed wrappers. Dustsoiling, lightest wear, otherwise fine & unopened. $100. ¶ First Edition of this work, in which habitus asthenicus, now known as "Stiller’s disease," is first described. Garrison-Morton 2233.


STOLL, Otto. SUGGESTION UND HYPNOTISMUS IN DER VÖLKERPSYCHOLOGIE. Leipzig: Veit, 1904. Lg. 8vo, viii, 738pp. Orig. half leather over marbled boards, marbled endpapers. Spine rubbed, signature erased from title, a very good copy. $150. ¶ Second Edition. "A very important study in the social psychology of suggestion… extremely well-researched, a scholarly accomplishment of the first order" (Crabtree). Crabtree 1375 (1894 edition of 523 pages). Tinterow p.100.


TAIROV, Aleksandr. DAS ENTFESSELTE THEATER, Aufzeichnungen eines Regisseurs. Potsdam: Gustav Kiepenheuer, 1927. 8vo, (12), 112pp. With a frontispiece photograph of the author and 11 plates, several in color. Original boards designed by Lissitsky, spine and corners worn, bookplate, otherwise very good. $400. ¶ Second edition in German of Zapiski Rezhissera, Tairov’s famous theoretical work on theatrical production. This edition features Constructivist typography on the front cover, designed by the painter, typographer and designer Lissitzky (1890-1941), with Malevich the major exponent of Russian Constructivism. The plates show photographs of stage decors and plays from the Kamerny Theater, and costume designs by P. Kusnetzov and Ekster.


(Tibetan Buddhism). MILARASPA. Tibetische Texte in Auswahl übertragen von Berthold Laufer. Hagen: Folkwang, 1922. 4to, 79, (1)pp, 14 plates. Orig. decorative boards. Head of spine chipped, otherwise very good. $30. ¶ First Edition of this biography of Milarepa, the Buddhist ascetic of the eleventh century whose teachings, many of which consist of disputations with heretics, were passed down as humorous and poetical legends.


TIEDEMANN, Friedrich. DAS HIRN DES NEGERS mit dem des Europäers und Orang-Outangs verglichen von… Heidelberg: Karl Winter, 1837. 8vo, (2, ads), (8), 84pp, 6 lithographic plates. Orig. boards, waterstained & foxed throughout, otherwise very good & unopened. $750. ¶ First Edition in German, "one of the earliest works of physical anthropology" (DSB), the most famous criticism of racist cranioscopy. Tiedemann claims in his introduction that his study of cranial capacity was sparked by the British Parliament’s debates over the slave trade. He sought to investigate, beyond what his predecessors were able to, whether "Negros were a human race, which in organization and soul-capabilities (Seelen-Vermögen), stood far below the peoples of the Caucasus and other races, and were nearly related to apes." Tiedemann’s results surprised his contemporaries: not only did he show that the cranioscopic methods of Camper, Blumenbach and Gall, which relied on external measurements, were inconclusive; but he suggested that a far better method was to fill the empty skulls up with millet kernels. Doing such,Tiedemann did not conclude that the brain of blacks was smaller, as "superficial and biased observations," based on external measurements, have suggested, but that, even though the crania of blacks he studied were smaller than those of Europeans, their brains were as large and as heavy. Moreover, even if differences were found, no conclusions could be drawn since the cranial capacities of apes were smaller than those of cows and hippopotami. He suggests that blacks are as capable as Europeans in all realms, and cites many blacks who were able to distinguish themselves despite the conditions under which they have had to live in many cases; praises their languages, dances and personalities; and criticizes Europeans by suggesting that "Negros of the high African mountains by no means have the base, tainted characters and lusts of the coastal Negros who have been depraved by Europeans." Of his conclusions, Michaud writes that while "Buffon and Blumenbach had proved the unity of the human species, … Tiedemann proved the physical equality of all races." The work was first published a year earlier in English. Quite prolific, Tiedemann (1781-1861) was the first to confirm Prout’s demonstration that acid of the gastric juice was hydrochloric acid and was the first to describe the calcified cysts of trichinosis in human muscle. Cf. Poggendorff II, p.1106; Garrison-Morton 988 & 5336.4; & Michaud XLI, pp.526-9; & DSB pp.402-4.


TORBERG, Friedrich. MEIN IST DIE RACHE. Los Angeles: Pazifische Presse, 1943. 8vo, (4), 62pp. Orig. paper wrappers, fine. $200. ¶ First Edition of Torberg’s "Revenge Is Mine," one of 250 copies printed at the Plantin Press.


TROKES, Heinz. GEH DURCH DEN SPIEGEL. Cologne: Galerie der Spiegel, 1958. Folio, [24]pp, 5 illus. in the text, a double-page color lithograph & 2 orig. etchings loosely inserted. Orig. wrappers, good. $200. ¶ LIMITED TO 150 COPIES. This is a catalogue of an exhibition of Trokes’s paintings and prints from 1952-1957, and includes text by Alain Bosquet. The colophon only calls for one original etching, but two are present.


TRUBNER, Karl. WISSENSCHAFT UND BUCHHANDEL. Zur Abwehr. Denkschrift der Deutschen Verlegerkammer unter Mitwirkung ihres derzeitigen Vorsitzenden, Dr. Gustav Fischer in Jena. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1903. 8vo, (4), 128pp. Cloth, stained, ex-library copy with stamps on title and front cover. Otherwise very good. $30. ¶ An interesting history of the book trade in Germany, unions, price policy, etc.


TSCHICHOLD, Jan. CHINESISCHE FARBENDRUCKE AUS DEM LEHRBUCH DES SENFKORNGARTENS. Mit Sechzehn Farbigen Faksimiles in der Originalgrosse. Basel: Holbein Verlag, [1943]. Oblong 4to, 16 color plates, cloth, dust jacket. Very good. $125.


TSCHICHOLD, Jan. CHINESISCHE FARBENDRUCKE AUS DEM ZEHNBAMBUSHALLE, Eine Monographie uber Leben und Werk des Holzschneiders Hu Cheng-yen. Basel: Holbein Verlag, [1943]. Oblong 4to, 16 color plates, blue gray boards with paper label, dust jacket. Very good. $125.


TSCHICHOLD, Jan. GESCHICHTE DER SCHRIFT IN BILDERN. Basel & Frankfurt: Holbein Verlag, [n.d.] 8vo, 15, (1), 70 plates pp. Cloth with dust jacket, fine. $125.


ULRICH, Conrad (ed.). DER ZÜRICHSEE. 34 Ansichten Nach Den 1794 Bei Johannes Hofmeister Erschienenen. Kolorierten Stichen Van Heinrich Brupbacher. Zürich: Berichthaus, 1966. Oblong 4to, 17, (1), (35) as recto-only color plate pp. Quarter blue morocco-grained calf over blue boards, gilt lettered, mylar dust jacket as issued, illus. endpapers, very good. $200. ¶ The only reprint of publisher Hofmeister’s 1794 shoreline views of the towns and environs of Lake Zürich, the original colored engravings by Brupbacher here beautifully reproduced. With Ulrich’s Introduction and plate descriptions. Scarce.


VAN DE VELDE, Th[eodoor]. DIE VOLLKOMMENE EHE. Eine Studie über ihre Physiologie und Technik. Leipzig: Benno Konegen/Medizinischer Verlag, 1927. 8vo, xx, 340pp, 8 plates at rear (5 color, some folding). Orig. cloth. Light browning and soiling, name on endpaper, overall a good copy. $50.

¶ One of the most widely read manual on sex ever written, first published in the previus year. No less than forty-two printings in German before Hitler suppressed the work in 1933, forty-three British editions through 1979, and more than half a million hard cover copies sold in America since 1945 attest to the popularity of Ideal Marriage. Edward Brecher suggests three factors contributed to that popularity: that Van de Velde was the first sex researcher to recognize the delusion, widespread among the first generation emerging from Victorianism, that "where love and affection reign, sex will take care of itself"; that he concentrated neither on the male or female role in sex; and that he "stressed the reciprocal joys of simultaneously giving and receiving within the sexual context" (Brecher, The Sex Researchers, pp.84-5). He emphasized oral sex ("genital kiss") as a necessary, rather than damnable practice, and recognized ten sexual postures with which he recommended couples experiment. "Van de Velde’s significance in the history of sex research seems to me unchallengeable. He found a way… to make at least some of the joys of human sexuality aesthetically and ethically acceptable to a severly inhibited generation in many parts of the world" (Brecher p.101).


VAN KLEIST, Heinrich. SAMTLICHE WERKE UND BRIEFE. Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Herzog. Leipzig: Im Insel, 1908. 5 vols, 8vo, tipped in frontispiece. Quarter velin over green boards, gilt lettered, teg, some scuffing, edgewear, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Attractive edition of the collected writings of the great German Romantic. Sadly lacks volume 6.


VATER, Sibylle. FIFO STRICKER. Werke von 1975 bis 1987. Homo ludens - Homo faber. Die Bildsprache ven Artefakten. Geneva: Patrick Cramer, 1987. 4to, 100, (3)pp, frontispiece, 100+ full-color illus. Ecru cloth, unlettered, dust jacket, very mild edge soiling, light soiling to dj, overall, very good+. $50. ¶ First Edition.


VIRCHOW, Rudolf GESAMMELTE ABHANDLUNGEN ZUR WISSENSCHAFTLICHEN MEDICIN. Frankfurt: Verlag von Meidinger Sohn, 1856. Thick 8vo, xiv, 1024pp, woodengraved illus in the text plus 3 folding plates (2 in color). Modern red library calf, gilt title, some staining and foxing. $1000. ¶ First Edition of a collection of Virchow’s papers issued between 1845-1853. "The series of papers grouped under the chapter ‘Thrombose und Embolie’ provided the first clea description of thrombosis and embolism. The collection also includes ‘Weisses Blut,’ in which Virchow gave leukemia its present name" (Norman). G-M 3006. Willius & Dry, History of the Heart & Circulation, p.152. Norman Library Catalogue 2155


VOLTAIRE, [F.M.A. de]. BESUCH EINER ALLGEMEINEN WELTGESCHICHTE, Morinnen Zugleich die Gitten und Das Eigene Derer Volferschaften van Carln dem Groken an, bis auf Unsere Zeiten Beschrieben werden. Aus Dem Franzesischen des Herrn ven Voltaire. Dresden und Leipzig: In der Waltherischen Buchhandlung, 1760. 4 vols, 8vo, (6), 647, frontispiece, (8), 622, (8), 607, (6), 520pp. Contemporary full calf, gilt lettered on black morocco spine label, gilt decorated spine, wear to extremities, toning to text blocks throughout, otherwsie good. $500. ¶ ?First Edition in German of Voltaire’s world history. Not in OCLC.


(Voltaire). FONTIUS, Martin. VOLTAIRE IN BERLIN. Berlin: Rütten & Loening, 1966. 8vo, 257, (2)pp. Blue cloth, silver lettering, d.j. Signature on endpaper, corners of d.j. showing wear, otherwise very good. $35. ¶ First Edition.


WAGNER VON JAUREGG, Julius, et al. LEHRBUCH DER ORGANOTHERAPIE. Mit Berücksichtigung ihrer anatomischen und physiologischen Grundlagen. Bearbeitet von Karl Basch (Prag), Gustav Bayer (Innsbruck)… Herausgegeben von Wagner v. Jauregg und Gustav Bayer. Leipzig: Georg Thieme, 1914. Large 8vo, xii, 516pp, 82 illus. Green boards over green cloth, spine gilt. Book warped, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Only edition of this textbook on organ therapy, edited by and with a contribution by Julius Wagner von Jauregg (or "Wagner-Jauregg), the Austrian psychiatrist who later received a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in "fever therapy." Wagner von Jauregg (1857-1940) used tertian malaria and other artificially induced fevers to treat dementia paralytica, which had previously been regarded as incurable. His article in this volume is on the thyroid gland, something else on which he was an expert. He was the first to treat cretinism with a thyroid gland preparation and to treat another thyroid disorder, goiter, with iodine. An article by (Samuel Siegfried) Karl von Basch (1837-1905), another distinguished physician, on the thymus gland, is also present. Basch was the inventor of the sphygmomanometer, the first practical instrument for measurement of blood pressure. Cf. Garrison-Morton 2784, 3846, 4806, 4946.


WAGNER, Wilhelm. ZWISCHEN A UND Z. Frankfurt: Die Hausdruckerei der Bauerischen Giesterei, 1951. 8vo, (32)pp, oriental-style binding with printed label, fine. $25.


WASHBURN, Frank. RIESENBAUTEN NORDAMERIKAS. 64 Bauten Eingeleiten und Erläutert von… Zürich - Leipzig: Orell Füssli, 1930. Sm 8vo, 24pp, 69 b&w photoplates. Cloth backstrip over photo-illus. boards, library bookplate, light browning, otherwise very good. $100. ¶ First Edition, Schaubücher 15. A well-illustrated survey of early American skyscrapers in New York, Louisiana, San Francisco, St. Louis, Tulsa, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Atlantic City, with full descriptions and commentary.


WEININGER, Otto. GESCHLECHT UND CHARAKTER. Eine Prinzipielle Untersuchung von… Vienna: Wilhelm Braumüller, 1918. 8vo, xxvi, 608pp, frontisportrait. Orig. printed boards. General wear, slightly overopened but hinges still strong, very good. $125. ¶ One of many editions of the most widely read mysogynistic book of the 20th century. Sex and Character, first published in 1903, was the most controversial psychological work of its time. It purports to be the outline of a metaphysical system centered around the fundamental bisexuality of the living being and of each of its cells. Weininger "considers every man or woman a combination in various proportion of two ‘substances,’ a male one (the arrhenoplama) and a female one (the thelyplasma). Not only does the proportion differ in every cell and organ of each individual, but it oscillates in the same individual and may change in the course of his life. The basic law of sexual attraction is that any individual is attracted to another of complementary proportion (thus a 3/4 M. + 1/4 F. man would seek a 3/4 F. and 1/4 M. woman). Homosexuals are intersexual beings whose love objects also fulfill this law of complementarity… According to Weininger, the whole individual is present in every one of his acts, utterances, feelings, or thoughts, at every moment of his life… Bisexuality and the opposition of the male and female type… will be reflected in every possible sector of psychic life. The essential difference between man and woman is that in woman the sexual sphere extends to the whole personality: ‘Woman is nothing but sexuality, man is sexuality plus something else… Woman is only sexual, man is also sexual’… [In woman] perception and feeling are undifferentiated…In a man [they are] distinct, hence a greater clarity of thought" (Ellenberger, The Discovery of the Unsconscious, pp.788-9). Extremely mysogynistic and also anti-semitic (Jews have a greater proportion of the unwellcome female principle in them), the work was extremely popular throughout Europe, was the rage of Vienna, and won the praise of Strindberg in Sweden. Its success was enhanced by the fact the twenty-three-year-old author committed suicide in Vienna’s Beethoven house in the year of publication. The volume also occasioned a fight between Freud and Wilhelm Fliess, the latter of whom thought that the ideas on bisexuality in the book had been transmitted from himself to Freud, and that Freud had somehow transmitted them to Weininger. Cf. Garrison, pp.701, 804, Gay, Freud, pp.154-6, Ellenberger, p.293, & Jones, Freud I, pp315-6.


WEISSENBORN, Hellmuth. BUNTEBILDER, Aus Material des Setzkastens zu Zwolf Lustigen Tafeln Zusammengesetzt von Hellmuth Weissenborn.. Leipzig: Staatlichen Akademie fur Graphische Kunste und Buchgewerbe, 1928. Title, index, colophon & 12 plates, 6-3/4 x 7-1/4 in., printed on card stock, in orig. paste-paper folding box. $850. ¶ One of 110 numbered copies. Each of the 12 plates "paints" a picture with a variety of colored type ornaments. A remarkable book - perhaps the first - by the great German born English illustrator whose work has been revived by the Whittington Press.


(WERFEL, Alma). Berndt W. Wessling. ALMA. Gefährtin von Gustav Mahler, Oskar Kokoschka, Walter Gropius, Franz Werfel. Düsseldorf: Claasen, (1983). 8vo. Orig. grey cloth in grey dust jacket, fine. $20. ¶ First Edition.


WERNER, Christian Friedrich. DIE PRODUKTIONSKRAFT DER ERDE oder die Entstehung des Menschengeschlechts aus Naturkräften. Leipzig: Engelmann, 1826. 8vo, viii, 413, (2, ads)pp. Old wrappers, sm. stamps on title, tiny section cut away at foot of title not touching text, otherwise good. $65. ¶ Third edition, revised and enlarged by Heinrich Richter, of this rare study by Christian Friedrich Werner (1757-1826). The author proposes here to discover the origin of the human race by linking metaphysical speculation with chemistry. Poggendorff II, p.1301. NUC: 1 copy at PPAN.


WIELER, Adolf. UBER DIE INJEKTIONSTHERAPIE DER ISCHIAS. Inaugural-Dissertation der medizinischen Fakultät der Kaiser Wilhelms-Universität zu Strassburg… Strassburg: Müh & Cie., 1910. 8vo, (2), 54pp. Printed wrappers, slightly faded, otherwise fine. $25. ¶ Doctoral thesis on injection therapy of sciatica. With a bibliography.


WILDE, Oscar. DER JUNGE KONIG. Potsdam: Gustav Kiepenheuer, 1919. 4to, with original lithographs, vignettes and initials by Charlotte Christine Engelhorn. Quarter linen, blue boards, slight dampstain at upper-inner margin throughout, otherwise very good. $75.


WILDE, Oscar. [WORKS in German]. WERKE. Berlin: Globus Verlag, n.d. 4 vols, thick 8vo, cloth. occasional foxing to the foredges, otherwise very good. $50.


WILHELM II, Kaiser. EREIGNISSE UND GESTALTEN aud den Jahren 1878-1918. Leipzig: K.F. Koehler, 1922. 8vo, (8), 309, (3), frontisportrait. Orig. boards, cloth shelfback. Dustsoiling to boards, text clean, very good. $35. ¶ First Edition of these portions of Kaiser Wilhelm’s memoirs. Herein the Kaiser recalls his assertion of the divine mission of the house of Hohenzollern to rule, his dismissal of Bismarck, his encouragement of the development with Admiral von Tirpitz of the German fleet, his struggle with socialists, his friendship with President Kruger of South Africa, his seizure of land in China, his opposition to the policies of Caprivi, Hohenlowe, and von Bulöw, his siding with Austria-Hungary in the Serbian crisis, his loss of control over the German fronts in the First World War, and finally his abdication. Most interesting are chapters XIV and XV, in which the Kaiser discusses the questions both of the responsibility for the war and of Germany’s future.


WITH, Karl. CHINESISCHE KLEINBILDEREI IN STEATIT. Oldenburg: Gerhard Stalling, 1926. 4to, 142, (1)pp, 80 separately numbered b&w photoplates, 7 tipped-in color plates mounted on stiffcard with tissues. Blue cloth over siena boards, gilt lettered, spine sunned, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ First Edition of a scarce study of Chinese carved miniatures.


WOLFF, Emil. ROSIGE KINDHEIT. Munich: Theo. Strofer’s Kunstverlag, [ca. 1875]. 4to, unpaginated, 7 chromolithographic plates incl. frontis.; sepia textual illustrations throughout. Orig. quarter cloth over pictorial boards, soiled, spine nearly detached, a few leaves, pencil scribbles, poor condition. $50. ¶ First Edition. Rare nineteenth century chromolithographic children’s book, printed in Germany. No copies in the NUC or onlin OCLC and Library of Congress catalogues.


(Writing). GESCHICHTE DES SCHRIFT IN BILDERN. Basel and Frankfurt/Main: Holbein, 1951. 8vo, 15, (1)p, 70 plates. Boards, paper label, dust jacket slightly browned, very good. $80.


WUNDT, Wilhelm. GRUNDZUGE DER PHYSIOLOGISCHEN PSYCHOLOGIE. Leipzig: Wilhlem Engelmann, 1874. 8vo, xii, 870, (2)pp. Contemp. cloth-backed marbled boards. A nearly fine copy. $1500. ¶ First Edition. "The foundation of experimental psychology, which uses quantitaive methods to study psychological processes such as perception and the formation of ideas. Wundt first conceived of a physiological psychology in 1858 while working as an assistant to Helmholtz, and produced two works on the subject before publishing the Grundzuge, the book that made his reputaiton. Wundt later established the first laboratory devoted to experimental psychology, which exerted an enormous inlfuence in the spread of ‘brass instrument psycyhology’ as Wundt attracted more and more foreign students, particularly Americans, many of whom later founded similar laboratories of their own. Wundt’s system of experiemental psycholgy is difficult to summarize, as he constantly changed his views without warning, and he left no significant factual or theoretical contribution to the science. His greatest importance lay in his ability to stimulate research and in his role as the leader of a crusade; he "constituted an important rallying point for the generation of young men who saw experiemental psychology as a new avenue to man’s self-understanding" (DSB). Diamond pp.695-96. G-M 4976. Horblit 100a. Norman 2270.


ZAPF, Hermann. TYPOGRAPHIC VARIATIONS… With Prefaces Written by Paul Standard, G.K. Schauer, Charles Peignot. New York: Museum Books, 1963. 4to, c.200pp with specimen pages printed on one side of the page or tipped in. Vellum backed boards, gilt spine. Technical library book stamp on title, endpaper & edges, check-out slip on endpaper, & discrete label on spine, otherwise really quite nice. $300. ¶ One of 500 copies, signed by Zapf. A tour-de-force of typographic design, proving Paul Standard’s dictum that a title page’s "happiest function is to suggest the image, to set the mood for what the ensuing pages are to carry. The designer must therefore have an inborn regard for the book as a whole and for its inspired creator… history remembers and reveres only those typographers who aspired to make of their craft an art."


ZAPF, Hermann. TYPOGRAPHISCHE VARIATIONEN… 78 Buchtitel und Textseiten… Typographie und Buchgraphik… Mit Einleitungen von G.K. Schauer, Paul Standard und Charles Peignot. Frankfurt am Main: [Stempel] 1963. 4to, c.200pp with specimen pages printed on one side of the page or tipped in. Vellum backed boards, gilt spine. Covers somewhat faded, internally very fine. $440. ¶ One of 500 copies, inscribed & signed by Zapf to a Los Angeles bookseller. A tour-de-force of typographic design, proving Paul Standard’s dictum that a title page’s "happiest function is to suggest the image, to set the mood for what the ensuing pages are to carry. The designer must therefore have an inborn regard for the book as a whole and for its inspired creator… history remembers and reveres only those typographers who aspired to make of their craft an art."


ZETTLER, F.X., Leonh. Enzler & Dr. J. Stockbauer. AUSGEWAHLTE KUNSTWERKE AUS DEM SCHATZE DER REICHEN CAPELLE IN DER KONIGLICHEN RESIDENZ ZU MUNCHEN…Mit Genehmigung Seiner Majestät des Königs Ludwig II von Bayern. Munich: Zettler, 1876. Elephant folio (25 x 19 inches), 7pp, 40 chromolithgraphs (some folding) mounted on heavy stock, separate descriptive letterpress for each plate. Orig. boards worn, spine split and damaged, contents fine with some plates loose. $2000. ¶ Astonishing collection of elaborate chromolithographs of objects in the chapel of the royal castle in Munich. This work was approved by mad Ludwig of Bavaria, and the extensive detail of the plates is indeed dizzying. Objects include reliquaries, ivory carvings, vestments, candelabra, coffers, chalices, etc.


ZIEHEN, Theodor. PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGISCHE ERKENNTNISTHEORIE. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1898. 8vo, (6), 106pp. Disbound, rubber stamps from an Asian library on title, marginalia in Chinese. $150. ¶ First Edition of Ziehen’s argument that the traditional antithesis between the subjective world of consciousness and the objective, external world is untenable because of the "psychophysical neutrality" of the given in that world. He argues also that the traditional antithesis ignores the parallel between the subjective mental world and its material, physiological processes. Cf. Encyclopedia of Philosophy VIII, pp.379-80. NUC cites copies at Chicago, Cornell, and Berkeley.


ZUNZ, Dr. NAMEN DER JUDEN. Eine Geschichtliche Untersuchung. Leipzig: L. Fort, 1837. 8vo, 125pp. Printed wrappers, lacks rear wrapper (fragment inlaid), good. $200. ¶ First Edition of a historical investigation of Jewish names.


ZWEIG, Arnold. PONT UND ANNA. Potsdam: Gustav Kiepenheuer, 1928. 8vo, 209pp. Green cloth, white paper red inked spine and board labels, Dust jacket, spine sun-faded with dark spot at foot, dj chipped with loose flap, otherwise very good. Signed by the author. $125. ¶ Signed and dated by Zweig on the title-page. First Edition, second printing.