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ABERLE, David F. THE PEYOTE RELIGION AMONG THE NAVAHO. With Field Assistance by Harvey C. Moore… Chicago: Aldine Publishing Co., 1967. Tall 8vo, xxvi, 454pp, with 16pp of photographs of a peytoe metting. Original printed wrappers. Fine. $40. ¶ Second printing, a reissue of the Wenner-Gren Foundation issue of the previous year, of an extremely detailed account of the history of the peytoe cult and especially the present day use of the sacred cactus among the Navaho. "The best single work on all aspects of the peyote religion" (G&B). Phantastica 1.


ABRAHAM, Karl. PSYCHOANALYTISCHE STUDIEN ZUR CHARAKTERBILDUNG. Leipzig: Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, 1925. 8vo, 64pp. Orig. boards, spine lettered in gilt, very good. $75. ¶ First Edition, a treatment of anality, orality and the genital stage by the first German psychoanalyst. Grinstein 108.


ABRAMSON, Harold (ed.) THE USE OF LSD IN PSYCHOTHERAPY. New York: Macy Foundation, (1960). 8vo, 304pp, 24 text illus. Cloth, in very good dust jacket. $125. ¶ First Edition of the transactions of the first international conference on LSD, held April 22-24, 1959 at Princeton. Undoubtedly the most important gathering of LSD researchers to that date, with CIA-backed researchers advocating the "psychotomimentic model" contesting with independent researchers develoving the "pscyhedelic model." Participants included Cohen, Ditman, Hoffer, Bateson, and others. "Perhaps the most important gathering of LSD researchers to date" (Acid Dreams). Grinspoon & Bakalar, Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered, p.348.


ABRAMSON, Harold (ed.) THE USE OF LSD IN PSYCHOTHERAPY. New York: Macy Foundation, (1960). 8vo, 304pp, 24 text illus. Cloth, in dust chipped jacket. $100. ¶ First Edition of the transactions of the first international conference on LSD, held April 22-24, 1959 at Princeton. Undoubtedly the most important gathering of LSD researchers to that date, with CIA-backed researchers advocating the "psychotomimentic model" contesting with independent researchers develoving the "pscyhedelic model." Participants included Cohen, Ditman, Hoffer, Bateson, and others. "…perhaps the most important gathering of LSD researchers to date" (Acid Dreams). Grinspoon & Bakalar, Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered, p.348.


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ALLEN, Clifford. THE SEXUAL PERVERSIONS AND ABNORMALITIES. A Study in the Psychology of Paraphilia. London: Geoffrey Cumberlege/Oxford University Press, (1951). 8vo, x, 346pp. Red cloth, gilt lettered, fine. $60. ¶ Second edition, second printing.


ANDREAS-SALOMÉ, Lou. IN DER SCHULE BEI FREUD. Tagebuch eines Jahres 1912/1913. Zürich: Max Niehan, (1958). Sm. 8vo, 300pp. Orig. light blue cloth boards. Fine in dust jacket. $50. ¶ Salomé, a friend of Nietzsche and Rilke, documents in this volume two years both of her relationship to Freud and of her perceptions of the inner workings of his circle at the time, which was very productive for Freud and saw the publication of Totem und Tabu.


ANDREAS-SALOMÉ, Lou. SIGMUND FREUD AND LOU ANDREAS-SALOMÉ: LETTERS. Edited by Ernst Pfeifer. Translated by William and Elaine Robson-Scott. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, (1972). 8vo, 244pp. Orig. blue cloth boards. Fine in dust jacket. $45. ¶ These letters shed light on many topics addressed elsewhere in Freud’s writings – his interpretation of Moses, his ideas on death and religion, and so on – and on Salomé’s relationship to Rilke.


ARTIDEMORUS Daldianus. THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS, by that Most Celebrated Philosopher Artidemorus. First Written in Greek, and afterwards translated into Divers Foreign Languages, and now Made into English. A New Edition. London: J. Bew, 1786. 12mo 129, (2)pp. Contemp. quarter calf, marbled boards, somewhat rubbed. $550. ¶ Artemidorus lived in the 2nd century A.D. during the reigns of Hadrian and the Antonines. His book, said to have been written at the command of Apollo, is in four parts, with an appendix containing a collection of prophetic dreams which had been realized. He claims to haave read all the authorities on dreams and conversed with all who had strudied the subject. Translated by R. Woods, all early editions in English are rare on the market.


BACON, G[eorge] Mackenzie. ON THE WRITING OF THE INSANE… London: Churchill & Sons, 1870. 8vo, 24pp, with 2 color plates (including frontispiece), 2 double-page plates & 1 single plate. Original cloth, gilt, some fading & restoration, contemporary signature, very good. $475. ¶ Only Edition of a fascinating psychiatric study by the medical superintendent of the County Asylum at Fulbourn, near Cambridge. Bacon analyzes writings by his patients, attempting to establish relations between the state of their mental health and their handwriting, giving special attention to the changes handwriting undergoes in the progress of mental disease. The author states that this study is the ?rst publication of its kind. Rare. NUC: 4 copies.


BACON, Rev. J.H. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE SCIENCE OF MEMORY SIMPLIFIED, with Practical Applications to Languages, History, Geography, Music, Prose, Poetry, Shorhand, etc. London, Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1892. 16mo, 117pp, (10 ads). Orig. red-brown gilt-stamped cloth, yellow endpapers, discrete ink number, hinges cracked but firm, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Third edition, "carefully revised."


(Baudelaire). LAFORGUE, René. THE DEFEAT OF BAUDELAIRE. A Psycho-Analytical Study of the Neurosis of Charles Baudelaire… Translated from the French by Herbert Agar. London: Hogarth Press, 1932. 8vo, 191, (1)pp. Cloth, dust jacket. $125. ¶ First Edition in English of L’échec de Baudelaire… (1931). The leading French psychoanalyst, Laforgue, analyses Baudelaire’s poetry and letters, especially Les Fleurs du Mal, under the aspect of masochism and sado-masochism, the mechanisms of self-punishment, and the Oedipus- and the Father-complex. Woolmer 296: "1032 copies printed."


BELL, Charles. ESSAYS ON THE ANATOMY OF EXPRESSION IN PAINTING. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, & Orme, 1806. 4to, xii, 186pp, 6 engraved plates, numerous stipple-engraved text illustrations. Recent half calf, marbled boards, gilt morocco label, top edge gilt. Very good copy. $1275. ¶ First Edition of Bell’s first book and the first scientific book on the subject, remarkable for his exquisite drawings. "Bell’s artistic and literary skills, combinded with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, served to make his essays on the anatomy of expression in painting a tour de force of science, art history and philosophy. Although the expression of emotions had often been treated by artists, it had rarely been studied by someone who excelled in both art and science, and never as completely as in the present work. Bell’s exposition of the anatomical and physiological basis of facial expression impressed Charles Darwin, who mentioned it in his own Expression of the Emotions, stating that Bell had laid ‘the foundations of the subject as a branch of science’ " (Norman Catalogue 170). G-M 6604.92. Cushing B-257. Gordon-Taylor 6. Orr Collection 51. Reynolds 404.


BERINGER, Kurt. DER MESKALINRAUSCH. Seine Beschichte und Erscheinungsweise. Berlin: Springer, 1927. Tall 8vo, (6), 315pp. Orig. wrappers, a very few underlines, otherwise very good. $450. ¶ First Edition of what is regarded as probably the greatest (and certainly the most comprehensive) treatise ever written on peyote and its active agent, mescaline, which was synthesized in 1919. In the words of pre-eminent drug historian Bo Holmstedt, "this book is to mescaline what Moreau’s [Du Hashisch et de l’Alienation Mentale] is to hashish. It gives a clear cut descripton of the psychic and somatic symptons, and should be consulted by whoever is interested in the actions of mescaline." According to the High Times Encyclopedia, "Beringer initated psychiatric study [with mescaline], using up to 500 mg." Kurt Beringer (1893-1949) practised psychiatry in Heidelburg and later, Freiburg. He published a paper on hashish intoxication in 1932. The present work, his magnum opus, has been translated into Spanish but not yet into English. Holmstedt, "Historical Survey" in Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs, p.23. G-M 2086.1: "The most comprehensive treatise on peyote and its active agent, mescaline, whas was synthesized in 1919."


BERTHIER, Pierre. DES NÉVROSES MENSTRUELLES. Ou la Menstruation dans Ses Rapports avec les Maladies Nerveuses et Mentales. Paris: Adrien Delahaye, 1874. 8vo, viii, 288pp. Black library cloth, orig. wrappers bound in. Dampstaining to lower half of text, otherwise very good. $200. ¶ First Edition. Berthier (1830-1877) was a laureate of L’Académie de Médecine of Paris and the author of numerous books on neurology. This work is a compilation of reports by many doctors on menstral neuroses and responses to menstration, including chapters on hysteria, hydrophobia, hallucinations, "manie hystérique avec nymphomanie," "monomanie êrotico-mystique," dementia, and others. NUC lists three copies.


BINET, Alfred. ALTERATIONS OF PERSONALITY. Translated by Helen Green Baldwin, with Notes & a Preface by J. Mark Baldwin. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1896 8vo, blue cloth, gilt. Very good. $150. ¶ First Edition in English of Les altérations de la personnalité (Paris, 1892). "Binet second important work on dissociated states. Binet provides a summary of previous work in this area and discusses his own ongoing experiments… contains a description of induced and natural somnabulusim, with an account of Azam’s famouse case of multiple personality, Felida X… " (Crabtree 1311). Also includes a sections on automatic writing, suggestion and induced hallucination.


BINET, Alfred. THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF MICRO-ORGANISMS. A Study in Experimental Psychology. Translated from the French by Thomas McCormack. Chicago: Open Court Publishing, 1889. 8vo, (2), xii, 120, (1), (3, blank), (4, ads)pp. Orig. cloth, spine ends worn, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ First American Edition of a portion of Études de psychologie expérimentale. Binet attempts to show "that psychological phenomena begin among the very lowest classes of beings." Cf. Caillet 1161; Crabtree 1195.


BISHOP.Malden Grange. THE DISCOVERY OF LOVE. A Psychedelic Experience with LSD-25. Foreword by Humphry Osmond, MD. New York: Dodd, Mead, (1963). 8vo, 176pp. Cloth, dust jacket. Nearly fine. $100. ¶ First Edition of the account of the spiritual evolution of a middle-aged writer resulting from a series of pscyhedelic experiences. "Last week I had the most profound experience of my life. I took LSD-25, one of the newest psychedelic drugs. From this single experience...the whole scope, depth and direction of my life have changed miraculously" (opening lines).


BLOCH, Ernst. SUBJEKT-OBJEKT. Erläuterungen zu Hegel. Berlin: Aufbau, 1951. 8vo, 476pp. Orig. cloth, lettered in gilt. A nearly fine copy. $500. ¶ First Edition of the great Marxist philosopher’s description of the subject-object relation. According to Bloch, this relation ultimately tends toward a final goal (Endziel), in which the subject and object reunite. The movement toward this goal is made by the primordial stuff that preceded the distinction between subject and object. This primordial stuff is the Urgrund and is itself propelled by a kind of cosmic impulse, called "hunger" by Bloch and quite distinct from Freud’s libido. This hunger remains an aspect of subject and object once they have been distinguished, and history is the playing out of this hunger amidst subject and object. In man hunger becomes desire.

Upon returning from a 15-year exile in 1948, Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) became professor of philosophy at Leipzig and editor of Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie. After his Marxist "philosophy of hope" was deemed unmarxist, after Bloch himself was deemed a revisionist, and finally after several of his co-editors were sentenced to prison, he fled East Germany for West to become professor at Tübingen in 1961. His "philosophy of hope," which aims at gradual social evolution and freedom from Marx’s dreaded self-alienation, was intended to arouse society’s latent potential in the formation of a Utopia.


BLUM, Richard, ed. UTOPIATES: The Use and Users of LSD-25. New York: Atherton Press, 1964. 8vo, 303pp. Cloth, bokplate & blind-stamped name, very good. $25. ¶ First Edition. Contains 15 chapters on the LSD experience, including the account of the "first psychedelic training center," located in Zihuatanejo, by Leary, Alpert and Metzner. Grinspoon & Bakalar pp.345, 373. Horowitz, Walls & Smith 25.


BONJOUR, J. LA SUGGESTION HYPNOTIQUE ET LA PSYCHOTHÉRAPIE ACTUELLE. Critique de la Psychothérapie rationnelle de MM. les Drs Dubois… Déjerine… Blondel… Bourget… Lausanne: Th. Sack-Reymond…, (1908). 8vo, 111pp. Orig. wrappers, spine worn with small piece gone, otherwise very good. $110. ¶ First Edition. Not in Crabtree.


[BONNET, Charles]. ESSAI DE PSYCHOLOGIE; ou Considerations sur les Operations de l'Ame, sur l'Habitude et sur l'Education. Auxquelles on a ajouté des Principes Philosophiques sur la Cause Première et sur son Effet. London: 1755. Sm. 8vo, xlii, 390pp. Contemp. half calf, gilt label, portion of backstrip missing, otherwise very good. $350. ¶ Second edition (first 1755) of this famous work by the Swiss naturalist Charles Bonnet (1720-1793). In this and in his second major work, Essai analytique sur les facultés de l'âme (1760), Bonnet "followed Condillac by using the device of the imaginary statue to illustrate the genetic method of explaining the development of the personality" (Ency. Phil.) and ventured to explain thinking and feeling as products of the movements of nerve fibres, thus anticipating the doctrine of specific nerve energies. Bonnet’s other deviation from Condillac lay in ascription of activity to the soul; however, he was the first to note that the concept of tabula rasa was a defect in Condillac’s system. Bonnet's main concern was the body-mind relation. He held that the relation between mind and body indicates that the mind must operate in the physical organism, but survives it - an idea which led him to cosmic speculations. Bonnet’s theories were examined by Johann Nikalaus Tetens (1736-1807), who objected to Bonnet’s reliance on speculative neurology as a valid explanation for the facts of experience. Bonnet still remains important in the history of entomology. He was the first to call attention to parthenogenesis among insects (Traité d’Insectologie, 1745). Cioranescu 12701. Ency. Phil. I, p.345. See: Klein p.482-3. Boring p.211. Not in BL.


BOURRU H. & P. Burot. LA SUGGESTION MENTALE ET LES VARIATIONS DE LA PERSONNALITIE. Paris: Bailliere & Fils, 1895. 12mo, 316pp, 15 photographic plates. Wrappers, back worn, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ First Edition. Not in Crabtree


BRAMWELL, J. Milne. HYPNOTISM AND TREATMENT BY SUGGESTION. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1910. 8vo, ii-xii, 216pp. Orig. ribbed green cloth, spine gilt. Slight wear to extremities, barest few spots of foxing, otherwise fine. $75. ¶ First American Edition. "Bramwell was both an important historian of hypnotism… and a capable practitioner of medical hypnosis… After describing the history of hypnotism and techniques of hypnotic induction and discussing theories about the nature of hypnotism and suggestion, Bramwell devotes the bulk of the book to accounts of his use of hypnotism in the treatment of the ill" (Crabtree 1624). In particular, the author describes hypnotic cases in which he relieved the patient of sexual obsessions, cured neurasthenias, and relieved grande hystérie. Cf. Crabtree 1624.


BRAY, Charles. HOW TO EDUCATE THE FEELINGS OR AFFECTIONS, and Bring the Dispositions, Aspirations, and Passions Into Harmony With Sound Intelligence and Morality. Edited, With Notes and Illustrations From the Third London Edition, by Nelson Sizer of New York. New York: Fowler & Wells, 1883. 8vo, 226, (6)adv., 8pp as publisher’s catalogue, frontispiece, 28 full-page b&w plates. Brown cloth, gilt lettered and ornamented, ruled borders and decorations stamped in black, light wear and soiling, otherwise very good. $50. ¶ First American Edition based on the London, 1860, third edition of Bray’s treatise on developing and perfecting the faculties through the new science of phrenology. Includes 28 portraits of famous 19th C. individuals personifying various feelings and affections with the location of the emotion in question highlighted on the person’s skull, with a phrenological chart included for assistance. From the colorful Fowler family of New York, the noted advocates, publishers, and leading exponents of phrenology in America.


BRIGHAM, Amariah. REMARKS ON THE INFLUENCE OF MENTAL CULTIVATION AND MENTAL EXCITEMENT UPON HEALTH. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1845. 8vo, xxviii, 204pp. Orig. gilt boards, expertly rebacked, rubber stamp to title, light foxing, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Third edition. Brigham’s important volume is "intended to show the necessity of giving more attention to the health and growth of the body, and less to the cultivation of the mind, especially in early life, than is now given…" Brigham was motivated by his belief that insanity could be prevented by education about its causes. Amariah Brigham (1798-1849) was editor of the first English-language journal devoted entirely to mental medicine, American Journal of Insanity, which he not only edited and published, but had printed by his patients. Hunter & MacAlpine pp.821-5. Not in Crabtree or Caillet.


BRILL, A[braham] A[arden]. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOANALYSIS. Uncorrected Proof. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1949. Tall 8vo, (10)pp, x-xviii, (192)pp. Orig. slate gray wrappers, paper label. Label marked in crayon, general wear, otherwise very good. $35. ¶ Uncorrected proof of the first printing of the revised edition of Brill’s great popular exposition of psychoanalysis, edited by Philip Lehrman, who finished revising this manuscript as Brill was dying in 1948. Brill (1874-1948) was Freud’s (and for some while Jung’s) great translator and proponent in America and was in fact the first to practice psychoanalysis in America.


BRISTOW, A[melia]. THE MANIAC; a Tale; or, a View of Bethlem Hospital: and The Merits of Women, a Poem from the French: with Poetical Pieces on Various Subjects, Original and Translated. London: J. Hatchard, 1810. 8vo, xvi, 145pp. Modern quarter calf over marbled boards. Binding fine, marginal foxing throughout text. Overall, very good. $850. ¶ First Edition. The Maniac, written by Bristow, is an allegorical poem, somewhat Gothic in tone, about the recent Irish Rebellion (1798). Bristow is sympathetic to the Irish cause, and her epilogue to the poem runs, "Unfortunately, there is not much of exaggeration in this melancholy tale. Instances of insanity, from distresss of mind, occurred during the late unhappy rebellion in Ireland: and scenes similar to that here represented, as having occasioned that catastrophe, were, alas! but too frequent, where activity opposed the popular ferment. The writer has only blended circumstances; scarcely heightened any." The poem is preceded by a list of the book’s subscribers, many of whom are Irish women.

"The Merits of Women," a second lengthy poem, was, according to Bristow, orginally written in French by a Frenchman. This ingenuousness of this claim is vitiated by two facts: first, the name of the author is not supplied, whereas authorial attributions are made for the other poems translated within this book; second, Bristow writes that her copy of the original French was "very scarce" and that it was "the only one that had then reached this country." The alleged author, writing in the wake of the French Revolution, is quoted by Bristow in her Translator’s Preface. "In composing the poem which I now present to the public, I was not merely instigated by the design of doing the sex justice… What can most effectually oppose the progress of this growing evil? doubtless the society of amiable women. They best polish the manners; they impress the sentiment of decorum; they are the true preceptors in elegance and refinement of taste.Men who know how to prize them as they ought to be prized, are rarely barbarians."

Whether this poem was furtively written by Bristow herself or is merely her translation of a Frenchman’s work is less consequential than the early effort it represents of a British woman’s appeal for better treatment of her sex, following the vein of Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. The Maniac and the The Merits of Women are followed by several other poems. The book is quite rare: only one copy, at the Huntington, is found in NUC.


BRUSSEL, James A. & Kenneth S. Hitch. AN INTRODUCTION TO RORSCHACH PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS IN MILITARY AND CIVILIAN PSYCHIATRY… and a Rorschach Compendium by Zygmunt A. Piotrowski. [Utica, N.Y.: State Hospitals Press, 1947]. 8vo, (2), 51pp, 4 color plates. Orig. printed wrappers. Very good. $25. ¶ Revised and reprinted from papers originally printed in The Psychiatric Quarterly, vol.16, pp.3-37, January, 1942.


CALDWELL, M.D., Anne E. ORIGINS OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY From CPZ to LSD. Springfield: Charles C Thomas, 1970. 8vo, xiv, 225pp. Blue cloth, gilt lettered, dust jacket, fine in like dj. $75. ¶ First Edition. The story of chlorpromazine (CPZ), aka Thorazine, while certainly not the first drug used to alter consciousness, the first developed to restore or maintain mental health and for exploring the mind, and the handful of other mind-altering drugs that signaled the dawn of the modern medical discipline of psychopharmacology. Scarce.


CALDWELL, W. V. LSD PSYCHOTHERAPY, An Exploration of Psychedelic and Psycholytic Therapy. New York: Grove Press, 1968. 8vo, 329pp. Red cloth, silver lettered, dust jacket, fine. $135. ¶ First Edition. The usefulness of LSD in sound therapeutic situations, where strong emotions are re-experienced rather than merely recalled - "furious therapy" - reaching quickly to the deepest strata of the unconscious, is the subject of this pivotal study based upon the author’s interviews and research. Scarce.


(Carroll, Lewis). SKINNER, John. LEWIS CARROLL’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND [with] About the Symbolization of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. By Martin Grotjahn. [N.p.: ca. 1940]. 2 articles in 1, 8vo, 41pp. Orig. printed wrappers, very good. $75. ¶ Author’s offprints, the first from American Imago and the second unidentified but probably the same.


CHARCOT, Jean Martin. NEUE VORLESUNGEN ÜBER DIE KRANKEITEN DES NERVENSYSTEMS, INSBESONDERE ÜBER HYSTERIE… Autorisierte deutsche Ausgabe von Dr. Sigm. Freud. Leipzig & Vienna: Toeplitz & Deuticke, 1886. 8vo, xi, 357pp, 59 woodcuts in text. Orig. half morocco, cloth hinges, edges decoratively stained. Binding scuffed, bookseller’s stamp to front paste-down, title page repaired, the repair paper obscuring three letters of title, text clean. A very good copy. $750. ¶ First Edition. "Charcot was an influential figure in Freud’s intellectual development. Freud studied with Charcot at the Salpêtrière from October 1885 until March 1886 and developed a lasting admiration for Charcot’s mastery of neurology, his brilliance as a teacher, and his pioneering studies of hysteria and hypnosis. While still in Paris, Freud offered to translate the third volume of Charcot’s Leçons sur les maladies du système nerveux, which had not yet been published. He performed his task so rapidly that his German translation, to which he added a preface and footnotes, was published several months before the original French version, which appeared in 1887" (Norman Library). Crabtree 947 (Leçons as a whole). Grinstein 320 & 10670. Norman Catalogue F152; Norman Freud Catalog 14 Heirs of Hippocrates 1921. Waller 1916.


CHARCOT, Jean Martin. NOUVELLE ICONOGRAPHIE DE SALPÊTRIÈRE. Clinique des maladies du systeme verveux. Publiée sous la direction du… par Paul Richer, Gilles de la Tourette, Albert Londe. Paris: Lecrosnier et Babé, 1888-1915. 27 vols, 8vo, incl. approx. 1000 plates & illus. Quarter calf over marbled boards, marbled endpapers. Very good set, lacking vol. VIII. $16,500. ¶ "Henry Meige, Richer, and other pupils of Charcot published many valuable studies of the constitutional aspects of nervous diseases in the above work, an album unique in the history of medicine and of great value for the study of nervous diseases." The successor to the Iconographie Photographique, the Nouvelle Iconographie includes hundreds of articles by the leading French neurologists, psychiatrists and physiologists of the turn of the century, including Charcot, Paul Richer, Charles Richer, Pierre Marie, Henri Meige, Gilles de la Tourette. Its original purpose was, as the editors explain in the first volume, "to turn to account the many visual documents which daily accumulate in the albums of the Salpêtrière… Whenever a malady objectively presents some interest… it is immediately drawn or photographed and one is able to say that with the aid of instantaneous photography one is able to set down and compose tenderly the abnormal movements, for example, that had been impossible to analyse with all the precision desirable in conducting a clinical examination. These negatives form today, at the Salpêtrière, a collection of great importance." Consequent to its purpose, the set, rich in bizarre photographs, X-rays, drawings, woodcuts and other visual materials illustrative of symptoms discussed in the articles, is "unique in the history of medicine" (Garrison, History of Neurology, p.291). Garrison-Morton 4575. Not in Norman Catlaogue.


(Chatterton). ELLINGER, Esther Parker. THOMAS CHATTERTON, THE MARVELOUS BOY to which is added The Exhibition, a Personal Satire. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1930. 8vo, 75pp. 8vo. Very good in marbled patterned cloth. $45. ¶ "Most early biographers ascribed Chatterton’s urge to forge poetry to genius, the devil or insanity, but Miss Ellinger sees the poet’s compulsion as the manifestation of neurotic impulses. From Adler’s The Neurotic Constitution she extracts the principles of neurosis and they seem to tally to a high degreee with the traits attributed to Chatterton’s character. The virulent satire, ‘The Exhibition’, hithereto considered unfit for publication on moral grounds, is here printed as valuable evidence of neurosis." (Warren, A Bibliography of Thomas Chatterton, p.89).


(Chatterton). KAPLAN, Louise J. THE FAMILY ROMANCE OF THE IMPOSTER-POET THOMAS CHATTERTON. New York: Atheneum, 1988. 8vo, xv, 301pp, illustrated. Cloth & boards. Fine in dust jacket. $20. ¶ A psychological study of Chatterton by an expert on adolescent development.


CLOUSTON, T.S. UNSOUNDNESS OF MIND. London: Methuen & Co, 1911. 8vo, xxxi, 360 (30 ads)pp, 14 illustrations. Original publisher’s blue cloth, gilt. Name on endpaper. A very good copy. $75. ¶ First Edition. Clouston was the founder of adolescent psychiatry.


COHEN, Morris and I.E. Drabkin. A SOURCE BOOK IN GREEK SCIENCE. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1958. 8vo, xxi, 581pp, text illus. throughout. Maroon cloth, gilt lettered, owner’s stamp, dustjacket, fine in sunned otherwise very good dj. $85. ¶ Second printing, with corrections.


COMBE, Andrew. OBSERVATIONS ON MENTAL DERANGEMENT: Being an Application of the Principles of Phrenology to the Elucidation of the Causes, Symptoms, Nature, and Treatment of Insanity. Edinburgh: John Anderson… & Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green, 1831. 8vo, xxxvi, 392pp. Half modern smooth calf over cloth, spine lettered in gilt. McGill Library stamp to title, otherwise nearly fine. $400. ¶ First Edition of this brilliant exposition of phrenology as applied to mental pathology. Combe argues here that little headway had been made in the study of mental pathology until his time because symptoms, such as mania, monomania, melancholia and dementia, were mistaken by healers to be the diseases themselves. But phrenology, the author argues, makes no such mistake, directly attributing all "mental symptoms…to dimunition, perversion, or exaltation of the primitive faculties of the mind," each of which "may be injured or diseased and their functions impeded or altered." Despite having to argue around the fact that lesions and physical anomalies were rarely found in the brains of madmen and quite seldomly in the portion of the brain that, according to the phrenologists, would correspond to a madman’s peculiarities, Combe significantly advanced phrenology here by liberating it from the error of the psychiatrists: the confusion of symptoms and causes. Physician and phrenologist, Andrew Combe (1797-1847), one of fourteen siblings of George Combe, suffered tuberculosis for much of his life and was supported by George, his older brother and perhaps the only greater British popularizer of phrenology. Like his brother, he was converted to the new science upon hearing Spurzheim speak, and a specific interest in mental pathology developed upon hearing Esquirol’s course of "Clinical Lectures on Mental Derangement, at the Hospice de la Salpêtrière,’ inspiring him to apply "phrenological doctrines" to "the study and discrimination of nervous and mental diseases" with a view toward "the farher advancement of our knowledge of mental affections." Cooter 237.40. Hunter & MacAlpine pp.812-818.


COMBE, George. ELEMENTS OF PHRENOLOGY. Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart, and John Anderson Jun.…, 1836. 8vo, (4, ads), viii, 194, (2, ads), (2, blank), 16 (ads)pp, frontis. & 6 plates, illus. throughout. Orig. boards, paper label to spine. Signature to 1st p. of ads, very good. $100. ¶ Fourth edition, revised, of the immensely popular work, first published in 1824 and reaching an eighth edition by 1855. This second book of Combe’s kindled viciousness toward Combe among religious leaders, and Francis Jeffrey attacked it in the Edinburgh Review. Combe (1788-1858) was England’s first substantial phrenologer and greatest popularizer of the science. He became attracted to phrenology when hearing Spurzheim lecture in Edinburgh. Later he founded the Phrenological Society and the Phrenological Journal, and interest in the new ‘science’ spread rapidly. Though public attention waxed and waned, Combe remained solid in his study and wrote extensively. His books generally sold well; one, the Essay on the Constitution of Man, selling over 50,000 copies of the cheap edition and 2500 copies a year for many more years after initial publication in 1829. Davies, Phrenology Fad and Science, pp14-24 etc. Cooter 238.30.


CRICHTON-MILLER, Hugh. HYPNOTISM AND DISEASE. A Plea for Rational Psychotherapy. With an Introduction by Charles Lloyd Tuckey. Boston: Richard G. Badger [at] the Gorham Press, [ca. 1913]. 8vo, (3), 252pp. Orig. cloth, spine ends deeply chipped, front joint repaired, library markings, an excellent scholar’s copy. $45. ¶ Second American Edition? "Dr. Miller has made the daring innovation in England of Collective hypnotization which he found distinctly helpful in many cases. Another of his innovations was the systematic employment of bromides and other sedative drugs as an aid to hypnosis and preparation for suggestion, to be used especially in the treatment of alcoholism and drug habits" (Tinterow, Foundations of Hypnosis). Crabtree 1677 (1912 London edition). Tinterow p.38. Tinterow, Foundations of Hypnosis, p. 582 (1912 American edition, published by the Gordon Press).


CUBI Y SOLER, Mariano. LEÇONS DE PHRÉNOLOGIE SCIENTIFIQUE ET PRATIQUE. Complétée par de nouvelles et importantes découvertes psychologiques et nervo-electriques. Traduction de l’Espagnol de … Paris: J.B. Baillière et Fils…, [1858]. 2 vols, 8vo, xvi, 547; 635pp, frontis. in vol. I, hundreds of illus. throughout. Quarter red morocco over marbled boards, spine gilt, marbled endpapers. Corners worn, occasional underlining with notes to margins & blanks, otherwise very good. $250. ¶ Only Edition in French, published in Spanish in 1852. Mariano Cubi y Soler (1801-1875) was the most famous of Spanish phrenologists and was instrumental in broadening Spurzheim’s nomenclature. Cf. Carnicer, Entre la ciencia y la magia: Mariano Cubi (Barcelona, 1969) & Granjel, La Frenologia en España (vida y obra de Mirano Cubi). (Salamanca, 1973). Brunet VI, 7003. NUC cites two copies (DNLM & MdBP).



Paris: Baillière, 1883. 12mo, vii, 192pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Fine $50. ¶ First Edition. "Delbouef was a successful practitioner of medical hypnotism and an acute observer of the psychological factors involved in hypnotic phenomena. An independent thinker who wanted to observe matters for himself, he visited both Salpetriere and Nancy to see how they conducted their hypnotic experiments" (Crabtree).


DELBOEUF, Joseph. L’HYPNOTISME DEVANT LES CHAMBRES LEGISLATIVES BELGES. Paris: Felix Alcan, 1892. 4to, 81pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Light edge wear, otherwise fine. $50. ¶ First Edition. "Delbouef was a successful practitioner of medical hypnotism and an acute observer of the psychological factors involved in hypnotic phenomena. An independent thinker who wanted to observe matters for himself, he visited both Salpetriere and Nancy to see how they conducted their hypnotic experiments" (Crabtree). Crabtree 1313.


DELBOEUF, Joseph. L’HYPNOTISME ET LA LIBERTE DES REPRESENTATIONS PUBLIQUES. Lettres à M. le Professeur Thiriar. Liege: Ch. Aug. Desoer, 1888. 8vo, 116pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Small chipes to edges of wrappers, otherwise very good. $50. ¶ First Edition. "Delboeuf was a determined advocate of the freedom to practice both hypnotism and animal magnetism in society and addresses that issue in this pamphlet" (Crabtree 1202).


DELBOEUF, Joseph. LE MAGNETISME ANIMAL. A Propos d'une Visite à l’Ecole de Nancy.

Paris: Baillière, 1889. 8vo, 128pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Small chips to edges of wrappers, otherwise very good. $50. ¶ First Edition of an important work. The author offers criticism of Saltpêtrière, Liébault, Bernheim and Liégeois based on his own observations and research. Caillet 2918. Crabtree 1228. "Delbouef was a successful practiioner of medical hypnotism and an acute observer of the psychological factors involved in hypnotic phenomena. An independent thinker who wanted to observe matters for himself, he visited both Salpetriere and Nancy to see how they conducted their hypnotic experiments" (Crabtree).


DELBOEUF, Joseph. LE SOMMEIL ET LES REVES Considérés Principalement dans leurs Rapports avec les Theories de la Certidude et de la Mémoire. Paris: Alcan, 1885. 12mo, vii, 262pp. Orig. printed wrappers. Fine. $75. ¶ First Edition. "Delbouef was a successful practiioner of medical hypnotism and an acute observer of the psychological factors involved in hypnotic phenomena. An independent thinker who wanted to observe matters for himself, he visited both Salpetriere and Nancy to see how they conducted their hypnotic experiments" (Crabtree).


DEUTSCH, Albert. THE MENTALLY ILL IN AMERICA, a History of their Care and Treatment from Colonial Times, with an Introduction by William A White. New York: Doubleday, Doran, 1937. 8vo, xvii, 530pp, illustrated. Lengthy inscription. Very good in dust jacket. $35. ¶ First Edition. Deutsch begins his history with a discussion of ‘prophets, demons, and witches,’ demonstrating that ‘at first, healing was inextricably bound up with religion, and in truth served only as an adjunct of the latter.’ "Of special interest is the chapter on moral treatment, focusing on the work of Pinel, Tuke, and others following in this tradition" (Vande Kemp 29).


DRAYTON, Henry S. & James McNeill. BRAIN AND MIND; or, Mental Science Considered In Accordance With The Principles of Phrenology, and in Relation to Modern Physiology. New York: Fowler & Wells, 1882. 8vo, 334, (8)pp as publisher’s catalogue. 119 b&w figures. Brown cloth, gilt lettered and ornamented, black decoration, ligfht wear at spine head/foot and corners, front free-endpaper corner-clipped, otherwise very good. $60. ¶ Drayton (1840-1923) was editor of the Phrenological Journal and secretary of Fowler & Wells under publisher, Charlotte Fowler Wells, widow of founder, S.R. Wells. The firm specialized in publishing works on phrenology and the present volume constitutes a complete textbook on the subject, is profusely illustrated, and geared for the general reader or student; at the time of its publication it was considered the best book on the subject. Curiously, not in Cooter, Davies, et al..


(Drugs). TOMORROW. Vol. 4, No. 3. Quarterly Review of Psychical Research. New York: Garrett Publ., Spring 1956. 8vo, 128pp. Illus. wrappers, owner’s signature, mild darkening, otherwise very good+. $20. ¶ Special Issue: The American Indian, features The Peyote Way by J.S. Slotkin, a seven-page article on The Peyote Religion.


(Drugs). TOMORROW. Vol. 4, No. 3. Quarterly Review of Psychical Research. New York: Garrett Publ., Spring 1956. 8vo, 128pp. Illus. wrappers, owner’s signature, mild sunning, otherwise near fine. $20. ¶ Special Issue: The American Indian, features The Peyote Way by J.S. Slotkin, a seven-page article on The Peyote Religion.


DU MAURIER, Daphne. THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1969. 8vo, cloth, very good in dust jacket. $100. ¶ First Edition (preceding the Doubleday edition by several months). Thriller set in Cornwall, involving experimentation with hallucinogens and time travel to 14th century England. "A superior time travel Gothic with modest science fiction trappings" (Barron, Horror Literature 4-102).


DU MAURIER, Daphne. THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1969. 8vo, cloth, very good in good dust jacket. $75. ¶ First Edition (preceding the Doubleday edition by several months). Thriller set in Cornwall, involving experimentation with hallucinogens and time travel to 14th century England. "A superior time travel Gothic with modest science fiction trappings" (Barron, Horror Literature 4-102).


EIDELBERG, Ludwig . ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PSYCHOANALYSIS. New York: Free Press, (1969). 4to, xxxvii,571pp. Black cloth, library mark on spine and pocket on endpaper, otherwise very good. $25.


ESDAILE, James. MESMERISM IN INDIA and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine. Chicago: Psychic Research Company, (1902). 8vo, 165, (3, ads)pp. Orig. purple cloth, front board lettered in gilt, decorative endpapers. Spine somewhat faded, otherwise very good. $100. ¶ Reprinting of the one of the greatest classics on hypnotism, first published in 1846. The author lists at the outset 73 painless surgical operations (including the removal of an 80-pound scrotal tumor) performed in the previous eight months while patients were in mesmeric trances, and cites eighteen cases of cures brought about by animal magnetic passes. He describes many of his surgical procedures, the null mortality rate he effected, and the modes in which "Mesmeric fluid" may be transmitted. "Although this work, along with Elliotson’s Numerous Cases of Surgical Operations Without Pain… was briefly influential, experimentation of the kind Esdaile carried out was cut short by the discovery of an effective chemical anaesthesia the very year Mesmerism in India was published" (Crabtree p.141).

Esdaile (1808-1859), a Scottish surgeon who was appointed Surgeon to Government of India, performed at least 291 painless operations in India using hypnotism. Aroused by his success, the Indian government soon established a mesmeric hospital for him. Tinterow (p.577) claims that Esdaile’s success with Europeans was not as pronounced as with Hindu subjects. Cf. G-M 5650.3; Tinterow p.48; Gartrell 1169; Norman 709 & Crabtree 536 (first editions).


FAWCETT, John. AN ESSAY ON ANGER. Norristown, Pennsylvania: James Winnard, 1823. 8vo, viii, 144pp. Contemp. quarter calf over marbled boards. Corners worn, front joint barely cracked, pencilled marginalia, text browned, barest marginal dampstaining, penned notes to to fly-leaf, otherwise very good. $50. ¶ Third Edition, a work of practical religion. John Fawcett (1740-1817), greatly influenced by Whitefield, took up baptist theology and, as a scriptural commentator, was the first to include "aspirations" at the end of each chapter of exposition.


FOREL, August. HYPNOTISM or Suggestion and Psychotherapy… Translated from the Fifth German Edition by H.W. Armit. London: Rebman, 1906. 8vo, xii, 370pp. Orig. cloth, gilt label, a very good copy. $125. ¶ First Edition in English, greatly expanded from the first German edition of 88 pages. Crabtree 1232.(first ed., 1889). Garrison-Morton 4996 (1st German, 1888).  


FOWLER, John T. THE PILING OF TOPHET AND THE TRESPASS-OFFERING; a True Life-Story. New York: Henry T. Cornett, 1879. 8vo, 134, (l)pp. Printed wrappers, front cover detached, otherwise very good. $100. ¶ Only Edition, inscribed by author. John Fowler (b.1843) wrote his autobiography while hospitalized at the Hudson River State Hospital in Poughkeepsie because of violent attacks. He describes his dreams and visions "as a lunatic’s defense of his position," hoping to make visible their inherent logic; numerous visions and reasonings relate to religious questions. NUC: 2 copies.


FOWLER, L.N. THE PRINCIPLES OF PHRENOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY APPLIED TO MAN’S SOCIAL RELATIONS; Together with an Analysis of the Domestic Feelings. New York: L.N. & O.S. Fowler…, 1842. 12mo, 135, (1, ads)pp. Orig. cloth, front board lettered in gilt. Barest of occasional foxing, very good. $150. ¶ First Edition, in which the author advocated "togetherness in family life and discussed in matter-of-fact detail all those faculties concerned in man’s so-called social relations, from Amativeness and Adhesiveness to Philoprogenitiveness and Union for Life" (Stern). Lorenzo Niles Fowler (1811-96), younger brother of Orson Fowler, was a founder of the American Hydropathic Society. After emigrating to England, he conducted a highly successful lecture tour there which kindled the forming of numerous phrenological societies. He later presided over the British Phrenological Society. Though not as prolific as Orson, Lorenzo published several best sellers, including the present work, which sold 8,000 copies in two years. Cf. Stern, Heads and Headliners, p.45. Not in Cordasco.


FRANZ, Shepherd Ivory. THE EVOLUTION OF AN IDEA HOW THE BRAIN WORKS. Univ. of California at Los Angeles, 1929. Lg 8vo, 35pp, with 16 b&w figures. Original grey wrappers, covers lightly age-toned, very good. $75. ¶ First Printing, signed by the author on the front wrapper, of noted pyschologist Franz’s UCLA Faculty Research Lecture delivered May 19, 1926. Franz greatly advanced our understanding of the brain’s mental processes and functions of the frontal lobes.


FREUD, Anna. INTRODUCTION TO THE TECHNIC OF CHILD ANALYSIS. New York: Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing, 1928. 8vo, iii, (3), 58, (4)pp. Contemp. cloth, library plate, very good. $45. ¶ First Edition in English, translated by L. Pierce Clark. First German in 1927. Grinstein 10308.


FREUD, Sigm[und]. GROUP PSYCHOLOGY AND THE ANALYSIS OF THE EGO. Authorized Translation by James Strachey. London: International Psycho-Analytical Press, 1922. 8vo, (8), 134, (2, incl. ads)pp. Orig. cloth, inked writing "printed in Germany" to foot of title, barest of browning, light marginal pencil notes, otherwise nearly fine. $125. ¶ First Edition in English, printed by the Hogarth Press. Here Freud stresses "the central role of the leader of the group and shows that cohesiveness in groups derives from the fact that the members have a common ego-ideal, or superego" (Fine, A History of Psychoanalysis, p.66). In 1923 Freud dropped the differentiation between the ego-ideal and the superego, and began to use the term ‘superego’ more consistently. Grinstein, SF’s Writings, 147. Grinstein 10530. Woolmer 22.


FREUD, Sigmund. DAS ICH UND DAS ES. Leipzig: Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, 1923. 8vo, 77pp. Half green cloth over marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt, speckled edges. Light wear to extremities & spine, ink stamp to half-title, several pages underlined with red pencil & brown pen, very good. $275. ¶ First Edition of Freud’s last major theoretical work. It "offered a new picture of a the structure of the mind, introducing the threefold division of the ego, superego and id, broadening the concept of the unconscious mind to include more than just repressed material, distinguishing between unconscious and preconscious, and recognizing the unconscious portions of the ego and superego" (Norman Library F105). Grinstein 121. Cf. Jones III, pp.302-8.


FREUD, Sigmund. DELUSION AND DREAM. An Interpretation in the Light of Psychoanalysis of Gradiva, a Novel, by Wilhelm Jensen, Which is Here Translated by… Translated by Helen M. Downey. Introduction by G. Stanley Hall. New York: Moffat, Yard, 1917. 8vo, (8), 243pp. Orig. blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt. Light wear to extremities, front paste-down stamped by owner, hinges tender. Very good. $150. ¶ First English Edition. "Freud’s psychoanalytical study of Wilhelm Jensen’s novel Gradiva was not the first such he had written, but was the first to be published. The novel tells the story of a young archeologist who falls in love with a bas-relief of a Grecian girl and suffers delusions arising from this love; in his analysis, Freud praised Jensen for his accurate portrayal of psychological processes such as dreaming, repression and the workings of the unconscious. Freud wrote the analysis to please Jung, who had brought Jensen’s book to his notice" (Norman Library F64). Grinstein 246.


FREUD, Sigmund. INHIBITIONS, SYMPTOMS, AND ANXIETY. Authroized Translation by Alix Strachey. London: Hogarth Press, 1936. 8vo, 179pp. Green cloth. Bookplate. Very good. $55. ¶ Third translation into English of Hemmung, Symptom und Angst and the first edition published in Britain. Translated by Alix Strachey.


FREUD, Sigmund. TOTEM UND TABU. Einige Übereinstimmungen im Seelenleben der Wilden und der Neurotiker. Leipzig: Hugo Heller, 1913. 8vo, (6), 149pp. Orig. green cloth, front board & spine lettered in black. Light soiling to boards, otherwise fine. $500. ¶ First Edition of Freud’s "first attempt to analyze some of the unsolved problems of social psychology from a psychiatric standpoint" (Norman Library F85), by which primitive societies may be understood to be subject to the same influences as individuals. Freud is also responding here to Jung’s renunciation of the Oedipus complex by attempting to show that the very possibility of civilization requires it. These themes were later elaborated by Lévi-Straus and Lacan. The volume, comprised of essays first published in Imago, remains one of Freud’s more controversial works, and is "considered by many to be second in importance only to Die Traumdeutung… The first edition of this classic is particularly scarce" (Heirs of Hippocrates 1126).

Grinstein 221. Heirs of Hippocrates 2180. Norman Library F85. Van de Kemp 955. Cf. Jones II, pp.392-404.


FREUD, Sigmund. WIT AND ITS RELATION TO THE UNCONSCIOUS… London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, [1922]. 8vo, vii, (3), 388pp. Publisher’s cloth, gilt, edges slightly rubbed, hinges cracked but holding, library plate, otherwise very good. $25. ¶ Third edition in English. Translated & with an introduction by Brill. First English in 1916, first German in 1905. Grinstein, Sigmund Freud’s Writings, 256. Grinstein 10652. NUC: 3 copies at NN, NcD, PSC.


FURST, Peter (ed). FLESH OF THE GODS. The Ritual Use of Hallucinogens. London: George Allen & Unwin, (1972). 8vo, xvi, 304pp. Blue cloth, gilt lettered, dust jacket, bookplate. Very good. $100. ¶ First British Edition. One of the most important anthologies on the subject ever written discusses Tobacco and Shamanistic Ecstasy Among the Warao of Venezuela, Hallucinogens and the Shamanic Origins of Religion, Ritual Use of Cannabis, Peyote, Soma, Divine Mushrooms, Iboga and Narcotic Ecstasis, and more in 10 essays by R. Gordon Wasson; Weston La Barre; the editor, esteemed anthropologist Furst, Wm. Emboden, Richard Evans Schultes, Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, Johannes Wilbert, Douglas Sharon, and James Fernandez. Grinspoon & Bakalar p. 342.


GADELIUS, Bror. HUMAN MENTALITY. An Outline of General Psychiatry. Copenhagen: Levin & Munksgaard, 1933. Lg. 8vo, (2), 620, errata slip, approx. 50 illus. Orig. green cloth, signature to title page, very good. $60. ¶ First edition in English, enlarged from the second Swedish edition. The first Swedish textbook on psychiatry, the volume contains chapters on memory, perversion, psychoanalysis, and other topics. Grinstein 11261.


GALL, F.J. & G. Spurzheim. RECHERCHES SUR LE SYSTÈME NERVEUX EN GÉNÉRAL, et sur celui du cerveau en particulier; Mémoire présenté a l’ Institut de France, le 14 Mars 1808; Suivi d’ observations sur le Rapport qui en a été fait a cette compagnie par ses commissaires. Paris: F. Schoell…, 1809. 4to, (4), viii, 278pp, 1 plate. Quarter calf over pink paste-paper boards, green morocco label, spine gilt, velin corners. Joints cracked but holding, head of spine gone, miniscule pieces torn from upper right & lower marginal corners of half-title, occasional marginal dampstaining, $1250. ¶ First Edition of this anatomical memoir, the first collaborative work by Gall and Spurzheim, which the authors submitted to the Institut de France in 1808 in hope of recognition from the Institut. A commission of the Institut annotated the memoir and published it with a report on phrenology and the authors’ own comments. Heintel 10.1. Norman 861. Waller 3400. Wellcome III, p.84.


[GALL, Franz Joseph] EXPOSITION DE LA DOCTRINE PHYSIONOMIQUE DU DOCTEUR GALL, Ou Nouvelle Theorie du Cerveau. Paris: Chez Henrichs, l’an XII [1804]. 8vo, viii, 255pp. Orig. wrappers slightly worn, internally a fine uncut copy. $275. ¶ First Edition.


GALL, Franz Joseph. & G. Spurzheim. DES DISPOSITIONS INNES de l’Ame et de l’Esprit, du Materialisme, du Fatalisme & de la Liberte Morale, avec des Reflextions sur l’Education et sur la Legistlation Crimenelle. Paris: F. Schoell, 1811. 8vo, vi, 397pp. Modern marbled boards, leather label, some foxing, otherwise very good. $275. ¶ First Separate Edition.


(GALL, Franz Joseph). OTTIN, N.J. PRECIS ANALYTIQUE DU SYSTEME du Docteur Gall, sur les Functions du Cerveau, nomme vulgairement Cranioscopie. Troisieme edition, considerablement augmentee et amelioree d’apres les dernier observations faites a I'auteur par Gall lui meme avant sa mort... Bruxelles: Lithographie Royale de Jobard, 1828. 12mo, 38pp, 3 large folding plates. Modern marbled boards. Light browning, tear in one plate repaired, a very good uncut copy. $250. ¶ "Troisieme Edition" of a popular exposition of Gall’s work. Gall apparently knew the author, who also wrote a guide to Lavater’s physiognomy, and approved of the book. Not in NUC which cites a total of four copies of different editions, the earliest, an alleged fourth edition, in 1829.


(GALL, Franz Joseph). OTTIN, N.J. PRECIS ANALYTIQUE ET RAISONNE DU SYSTÈME DU DOCTEUR GALL, sur les facultés de l’ homme et les fonctions du cerveau, vulgairement cranoscopie ou phrénologie, redigé sur les indications founies par le docteur Gall lui-même à l’auteur. Brussels: Sociéte Typographique Belge, 1837. 12mo, 219pp, frontisportrait & 17 lithographic plates. Orig. front wrapper mounted to contemp boards, cloth spine lettered in hand. Slight foxing, very good. $300. ¶ "Septième Edition," a popular exposition of Gall’s work. Gall apparently knew the author, who also wrote a guide to Lavater’s physiognomy, and approved of the book. The date on the wrapper is 1838. NUC cites four copies (total) of different editions, the earliest, an alleged fourth edition, in 1829.


GUARDIA, J[osé] M[iguel] [Magin]. ESSAI SUR L’OUVRAGE DE J. HUARTE: EXAMEN DES APTITUDES DIVERSES Pour les Sciences... Paris: Auguste Durand, 1855. 8vo, (8), 238, (2)pp. Quarter calf with marbled boards, black calf label on spine, lettered in gilt, ocasional foxing, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ First Edition, inscribed by the author on half title. Guardia (1830-1897), a Spanish scholar, wrote on several subjects related to medicine. In this essay he discusses Huarte's most famous work, the treatise on the human wit "Examen de ingenios para las Sciencias", which is still historically interesting as the first attempt to show the connection between psychology and physiology. Huarte y Navarro (ca.1530-1592) is considered one of the earliest psychologists. He tried to determine the connection between the size of the brain and the intelligence of the individual and to discover how one could ascertain at an early age the career a child is best suited for - thereby anticipating aptitude testing. Huarte also observed the connection between genius and madness.


HALL, Manly P. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Fundamentals of the Occult Sciences. Los Angeles: Philosopher’s Press, 1937. Thick 8vo. Original green cloth, very good, in worn dust jacket, good. $30. ¶ First Edition.


HIRSCHFELD, Magnus. GESCHLECHTSKUNDE auf Grund dreißigjähriger Forschung und Erfahrung bearbeitet. Stuttgart: Julius Püttman, 1926-1930. 4 vols, 4to, xvi (incl.frontisportrait), 638; (6), 659; (6), 780 (incl. 13 pages of pub.’s ads); (4), 903 (incl. 1395 numbered illus.), (1), 65 numbered color plates. Orig. blue cloth, light rubbing to boards, otherwise fine. $375. ¶ First Edition of the great sex researcher’s magnum opus. Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was one of the earliest sex researchers to aggresively advocate tolerance toward homosexuals, and his Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Homosexualität , recommended by Freud, became the most prominent forum for discussions about the "third sex," an unhappy term that Hirschfeld, himself homosexual, coined. Among the few before the First World War to take an active role in the "reform of the antiquated sexual code that prevailed at the time" (Fine, History of Psychoanalysis, p.436), Hirschfeld initiated another journal, Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft, to which Freud contributed and gave praise. Havelock Ellis also paid tribute to Hirschfeld in the third edition of Sexual Inversion, lauding him for his "scholarly history of the antiquated laws against homosexuality in Germany, [and for being the] first authority to deal adequately with lesbianism" (Grosskurth, Havelock Ellis, p.379). The current four-volume work provides a very comprehensive overview of human sexuality, in terms of its history, its varieties and their causes. About homosexuality in particular Hirschfeld argues that it, as many other varieties of sexuality, is congenital, and that sexual inversion might be caused by internal secretions. Just as Havelock Ellis’s and Margaret Sanger’s works were burned in 1933, the Nazis looted Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexual Science, the first of its kind in the world for teaching all branches of sex science. Hirschfeld escaped and died in Nice. Cf. Gay, Freud, p.144, Ellenberger p.778, Jones II, p.295. Grinstein 14484. Bibliothéque la Léonina III, p.29 (first two vols. only).


HIRT, Eduard. DIE TEMPERAMENTE, ihr Wesen, ihre Bedeutung für das Seelische Erleben und ihre besonderen Gestaltungen. Wiesbaden: J.F. Bergman, 1905. 8vo, (5), 54, (4, ads)pp. Orig blue printed wrappers, spine lightly chipped, unopened, very good. $35. ¶ First Edition of this rare work on the relationship of the predisposition of the soul to the effects of experiences on it; from the series Grenzfragen des Nerven- und Seelenlebens, edited by Leopold Loewenfeld. Hirt (b.1875) wrote a variety of psychological and physiological monographs, none of which, not even his valuable works on notating the movement of muscles, were ever translated. Cf. Grinstein 14504-5.


HITSCHMANN, Edouard. FREUD’S NEUROSENLEHRE. Nach ihrem gegenwärtigen Stande. Zusammenfassend dargestellt von… Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, 1913. 8vo, vi, 173pp. Orig. yellow printed wrappers, light ink smear to front wrapper, crease to back wrapper, very good. $75. ¶ Second, enlarged edition, the last in German, of "the first definitive text on Freud’s theories… This volume received Freud’s approval and commendation. Hitschmann hoped to enlighten therapists who were antagonistic or indifferenct to psychoanalysis" (Philip Becker, "Edward Hitschmann" in Psychoanalytic Pioneers, p.162). This edition includes much material not found in the first: explanations of paranoia, references to narcissm and to various points of view about the understanding of the unconscious and of the causes of neuroses, and quotations from more recently appearing difficult works by Freud. After being introduced to Freud by Paul Federn, Edouard Hitschmann (1871-1957) joined the Wednesday Society in 1905. His voluminous output included psychoanalytic biographies, among which were studies of Goethe, Swedenborg, Eckermann, Brahms, and Boswell. Despite differing from Freud in his beliefs about the etiology of sexual neuroses, he was one of Freud’s favorite followers. Grinstein, IPL, 14536. Cf. Gay, Freud, p.458. Cf. Alexander et al., Psychoanalytic Pioneers, pp.160-8.


HOFMANN, Albert. LYSERGIC WORLD, Vol 1, No 1, 1993 (all published). $15. ¶ Only issue of this journal published by Michael Horowitz to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of LSD. Includes an article by Albert Hofmann, LSD chronology, list of 90 important LSD books, LSD glossary, etc. Illustrated throughout.


HOLDEN, Harold M. NOSES. Cleveland: World Publishing, (1950). 8vo, 252pp, b&w photo. plates & text. illus. Orig. green cloth; fine in a nearly fine green pictorial dust jacket. $30. ¶ First Edition of the first full-length study of the human nose. This scholarly and often unintentionally amusing work includes chapters on psychology, physiology, art, folklore, literature of the nose.


HOLLANDER, Bernard. IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL and the Mechanism of Thought, Emotion, and Conduct. London: Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner, (1916). 2 vols, 8vo, x, 516; vii, 360pp. Orig. blue cloth, gilt titles. Very good set. Scarce. $450. ¶ First Edition of Hollander’s classic work, "the greatest historical work on phrenology every published" (Gach). Volume 1 is a survey of philosophical and scientific research; volume two contains Hollander’s researches on ethology, the study of character. Includes a 187-page discussion of Gall. Born in Austria, Hollander (1864-1934), "one of the last of the more or less serious advocates of phrenology" (Cooter) had served as an assistant to Krafft-Ebbing and to Ferrier; he wrote several books on phrenology, hypnotism, psychiatry, eugenics, and a biography of Gall. Cooter 547.14.


HOLLANDER, Bernard. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MISCONDUCT, VICE, AND CRIME. London: George Allen & Unwin, (1922). 8vo, 220, (4, ads). Orig. cloth, spine ends slightly torn, dent to back board, signature to endpaper, a good copy. $45. ¶ First Edition, includes a chapter on sexual perverseness.


HOLLINGSHEAD, Michael. THE MAN WHO TURNED ON THE WORLD. New York: Abelard-Schuman, (1974). 8vo, 255pp. Cloth. Small stain the top of the foredge only slightly affecting the pages, small stain at the rear interior of the dust jacket. $200. ¶ First American Edition. Memoirs of one of the major figures of LSD research, official and unofficial. A scarce book.  


HOWE, E[ric] Graham. INVISIBLE ANATOMY. A Study of "Nerves", Hysteria, and Sex. London: Faber & Faber, (1944). 8vo, 333pp, 16 diagrams. Orig. red cloth. Light dustsoiling, otherwise very good, in a chipped slightly worn dust jacket. $50. ¶ First Edition of Howe’s great attempt to both bridge oriental and occidental emotional healing techniques and secular and religious psychologies.


HUXLEY, Aldous. DIE PFORTEN DER WAHRNEHMUNG. Meine Erfahrung Mit Meskalin. Ubersetzt von Herberth E. Herlitschka. München: R. Piper, 1954. 8vo, 66, (1), (4 adv.)pp. Blue boards, white spiral illus., blue lettered, dust jacket, sm chip at spine tail, minor wear to bottom edge, otherwise very good+ in very good dj. $100. ¶ First Edition in German of Huxley’s The Doors of Perception.


HUXLEY, Aldous. THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION. London: Chatto & Windus, 1954. 8vo, 62, (2)pp. Cloth, in dust jacket with light wear to spine ends. Very good. $250. ¶ First Edition, published simultaneously with the first American, of the book that inaugurated the Psychedelic Age, and one of the finest accounts of a drug experience. Famed man-of-letters Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), together with chemist Albert Hofman and psychologist Timothy Leary, had the largest influence on the development of the Psychedelic Movement. In this short memoir of his first psychedelic trip (with mescaline, although he was later to take LSD and psilocybin) he not only articulated the astonishing personal experience of altered consciousness but, by placing the experience in a proper historical context, influenced a generation of self-experimenters. "Probably the most inlfuential signle work on psychedelic drugs" (Grinspoon & Bakalar p.336). Eschelbach & Shober 22. Phantastica 103.


(Insanity). SPECTRAL VISITANTS, OR JOURNAL OF A FEVER: By a Convalescent. Portland: S.H. Colesworthy, 1845. Sm. 8vo, 75, (l)pp. Printed wrappers, slightly browned, otherwise very good. $100. ¶ Only Edition. A bizarre series of hallucinations experienced by the author while recovering from a sickness; described in eleven letters to his wife. NUC: 2 copies.


JAKAB, Irène. DESSINS ET PEINTURES DES ALIENES. Budapest: Académie des Sciences de Hongrie, 1956. 8vo, 147pp, illustrated throughout. Orig. cloth, dust jacket, fine. $50. ¶ First Edition of this scarce study of the art of the insane examined by psychiatrist Jakab with artistic advice from François Martyn.


JAMES, William. TALKS TO TEACHERS ON PSYCHOLOGY: And to Students on Some of Life’s Ideals. New York: Henry Holt, 1899. 8vo, xii, 301, (3, ads)pp. Orig. cloth, blocked in gilt on front board & spine, t.e.g. Wear to spine ends, rubber stamp to title, otherwise very good. $125. ¶ First Edition, a collection of talks and speeches given under a variety of circumstances. Perry p.40.


JOIRE, Paul. TRAITÉ DE L’HYPNOTISME expérimental et thérapeutique. Ses applications a la médecine, a l’éducation et a la psychologie. Paris: Vigot Frères, 1908. 8vo, (4), 456pp, 44 illus. in text. Orig. printed wrappers, slightly repaired, very good. $175. ¶ First Edition of this general treatment of hypnotism. "The author’s view of hypnotism is influenced by Charcot’s three phase schema, but Joire clearly situates himself in the tradition of animal magnetism with the notion that a ‘nervous force’ emanates from the body and produces external effects. Indeed, he even developed a device called the ‘sthenometer’ to measure this ‘nervous force.’ The device consisted of a dial with a straw needle balanced on a pivot. Joire believed he obtained clear movements of this needle when a subjects hands were placed in the vicinity of the dial and that these movements were produced by the body’s emanations, but other investigators attributed this movement to the action of radiating heat’" (Crabtree 1612). Several pictures of the sthenometer are included. NUC cites copies at the Crerar Library and the National Library of Medicine only.


JONES, John. THE MYSTERIES OF OPIUM REVEALED... London: Printed for Richard Smith, 1701. 8vo, (6), 371pp, one woodcut at p.133, lacking the folding chart. Contemp. calf, rebacked, moderate browning and staining throughout, otherwise very good. $1000. ¶ First Edition, second issue (the first is dated 1700) of one of the earliest investigations in English into the properties of opium, preceded only by Gideon Harvey's Discourse on Opium Diacodium (1696) and the English translation of Sala's Opiologia (1696). Jones’ treatise describes all aspects of opium, from cultivation and preparation, dosage, use and abuse, to the problem of addiction, for which he advises the use of wine as a substiute. At one point the author list "26 Seeming contradictions in the Effects of Opium." The folding chart cites no less than 25 different types of opium available in England in 1700. John Jones (1645-1709) practiced as a physician at Windsor, but was chancellor of the cathedral of Llandaff at the time he published Mysteries of Opium. He was also the author of two other medical treatises, and the inventor of an ingenious air clock. G-M 2070.1: "Includes the earliest English description of drug addiction, and withdrawal." Hunter & Macalpine p.665. Osler 3096, where Osler describes his copy of the 1700 issue as having the author’s MS. corrections and additions for the "2nd and more perfect and correct edition," which seems never to have been published. Waring II, 586. Royal College of Physicians Library Catalogue, p.665. Cf. Munk’s Roll, vol I, p.476. Phantastica 116.


JOUBERT, [Laurent]. TRAITÉ DU RIS, contentant son essance, ses causes, et mervelheus effais, curieusemant recerchés, raisonnés & observés…Item, La cause morale du Ris de Democrite, expliquee & temognee par Hippocras. Plus, Un Dialogue sur la Cacographie Fransaise, avec des Annotacions sur l’orthographie de M. Joubert. Paris: Nicolas Chesneau, 1579. 8vo, (30), 407, (6), woodcut plate of author’s portrait. 17th-cent. calf, spine lettered in gilt, morocco label. Joints just cracking but sound, foot of spine gone, lettering on label gone, light wear to margin of last 5 ff, 1 signature barely starting, signature erased from title, bookseller’s description tipped to back paste-down, still a very good copy. $3750. ¶ First Edition of this highly rare volume. The treatise on laughter appeared for the first time in 1560, with a different title, and is written, according to Michaud, "d’un maniere assez licensieuse." More celebrated, though, is the study of French orthography, one of many French attempts at its reform, in the guise of dialogue between a Frenchman, Fransais, and a German, Wolfgang. The title and spelling throughout the dialogue reflect Joubert’s innovations. Laurtent Joubert (1529-1582) studied medicine at Paris, Padua, Turin and Bologna, taking the degree of M.D. at Montpellier in 1558, where he succeeded Rondelet to the chair of anatomy. Hirsch writes that he was "one of the most famous representatives of the medical faculty during the 16th century." He was hysician to the kings Henri II and Henri IV. Bibliotheca Esoterica 60653 ("fort rare"). BM French p.246. Brunet III, 574-5. Caillet 5627. De Guaita 427. See Nina Catach, L’Orthographe Françcaise à l’Epoque de la Renaissance, pp191-4. No edition of this work has been at auction in recent years.


JUNG, C[arl] G. KRITIK UEBER E. BLEULER: Zur Theorie des Schizophrenen Negativsmus. Offprinted from Jahrbuch fuer Psychoanaltische und Psychopathologische Forschungen, Band 3. [ca. 1911]. 8vo, pp.469-474. Slightly browned. $300. ¶ Inscribed by Jung "vom Verf" (but not signed). First appearance of a criticism of Bleuler "Theory of Schizophrenic Negativisim." Grinstein 17378.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav]. DIE BEZIEHUNGEN ZWISCHEN DEM ICH UND DEM UNBEWUSSTEN. Zurich: Rascher, 1935. 8vo, 207pp. Orig. cloth, gilt, very good. $30. ¶ Jung’s study of the structure of the unconscious. Second edition, first in 1928. It was later translated into English as "The Relation of the Ego to the Unconscious" in Two Essays on Analytical Psycholgy.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav] DIE PSYCHOLOGIE DER EBERTRAGUNG Erlautert anhand einer Alchemistischen Bilderserie. Zurich: Rascher, 1946. 8vo, xii, 282, (2)pp, with 121 alchemical plates. Orig. cloth, dust jacket. Very nice. $125. ¶ First Edition of Jung’s Psychology of Transference, Interpreted by Means of a Series of Alchemic Pictures. Grinstein 17423.


JUNG, C[arl] G[ustav] PSYCHOLOGIE UND RELIGION. Zurich: Rascher, 1940. 8vo, 192pp. Orig. cloth, gilt. Fine. $80. ¶ First Edition in German, revised and augmented from the Terry Lectures for 1937, of Jung’s papers on the autonomy of the unconscious and the history and psychology of natural symbols. With a focus on one lengthy dream series, Jung illustrates the concepts of the archetype, quaternity, mandala, and related ideas. Vande Kemp 975. Grinstein 17434.


JUNG, C[arl Gustav]. COLLECTED PAPERS ON ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY. Authorized Translation Edited by Dr Constance E. Long. London: Baillière, Tindall & Cox, 1916. 8vo, xviii, 392pp. Orig. cloth. Fine copy. $300. ¶ First Edition of this collection and the first book by Jung to be published in England. Includes several chapters on the psychology of occult phenomena and spiritualistic mediums.


JUNG, C[arl] J. & W[olfgang] Pauli. NATURERKLÄRUNG UND PSYCHE. C.G. Jung - Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge. W. Pauli - Der Einfluss archetypischer Vorstellungen auf die Bildung Naturwissenschaflicher Theorien bei Kepler. Zürich: Rascher, 1952. 8vo, (8), 194, (2, ads)pp, 6 plates. Orig. black cloth, front board & spine stamped in gilt. Slightest dustsoiling, owner’s signature, otherwise fine in very good dust jacket. $150. ¶ First Edition, first printing of these two essays, one each by Jung and the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Wolfgang Pauli. Jung’s article, focusing on a "psychischen Relativität von Raum und Zeit," attempts to accomodate the results of ESP research into a theory of the universe. Attributing the original stimulus for his idea of psychic synchronicity to his acquaintanceship with Einstein in Zurich between 1909 and 1913, Jung presents the concept of synchronicity to mean "the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels." Pauli’s essay explores how Kepler’s natural philosophy and astronomy related to pre-existing forms and pictures, which are designated archtypes by both Kepler and Jung. Also touched upon is the polemic between Kepler and Robert Fludd, through which Pauli suggests that a discrepancy in the presuppostions of natural science and alchemy was revealed most noticably by a dissimilarity in symbolic notation. Dyer p.79.


JUNG, C.G. [Carl Gustav]. PSYCHOLOGY OF THE UNCONSCIOUS: A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido. A Contribution to the History of the Evolution of Thought.Trans. and with Introduction by Beatrice M. Hinkle. New York: Moffat, Yard & Co., 1916. 8vo, lv, 566pp. Orig. cloth, gilt. Light wear, stains from old bookplate, otherwise very good. $125. ¶ First Edition in English of Wandlungen und Symbole der Libidio (Leipzig: Deuticke, 1912), the work that made Jung’s break with Freud inevitable, and developed his reputation as an original thinker in psychoanalysis. Psychology of the Unconscious is considered the first "Jungian" book in which Jung interpreted libido as general psychic energy. A later edition was translated as Symbols of Transformation.


JUNG, C.G. [Carl Gustav] (Israel Regardie). PSYCHOLOGY OF THE UNCONSCIOUS: A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido. A Contribution to the History of the Evolution of Thought.Trans. and with Introduction by Beatrice M. Hinkle. New York: Moffat, Yard & Co., 1916. 8vo, lv, 566pp. Orig. cloth, gilt. Edges worn, hinges starting, bookplate of occultist Israel Regardie, with his underlining throughout $150. ¶ First Edition in English of Wandlungen und Symbole der Libidio (Leipzig: Deuticke, 1912), the work that made Jung’s break with Freud inevitable, and developed his reputation as an original thinker in psychoanalysis. Psychology of the Unconscious is considered the first "Jungian" book in which Jung interpreted libido as general psychic energy. A later edition was translated as Symbols of Transformation.


KAPLAN, Leo. HYPNOTISMUS, ANIMISMUS UND PSYCHOANALYSE. Historisch-kritische Versuche. Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, 1917. 8vo, viii, 128pp. Orig. cloth, orig. wrappers bound in, a fine copy with the colorful bookplate of the New York Psychiatric Institute. $100. ¶ First Edition. Crabtree 1727.


KIELL, Norman. PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHOLOGY IN THE VISUAL ARTS AND AESTHETICS A Bibliography. Madison & Milwaukee: University of Wisconsin Press, 1965. 8vo, xiv, 250pp. Cloth with dust jacket. Very good. $25. ¶ Lists over 7200 references.


KNOTT, Robert R. THE NEW AID TO MEMORY; Adapted to the New Testament… London: J. Field, [ca. 1880]. 12mo, 95pp, 6 handcolored plates. Orig. embossed cloth, gilt, very good. $250. ¶ New edition. An eccentric system for remembering historical dates. The author had previously published a work on memory adapted to the Old Testament. Young had not seen a colored copy.


KRAFFT-EBING, Dr R[ichard] von. DIE MELANCHOLIE. Eine Klinische Studie. Erlangen: Ferdinand Enke, 1874. 8vo, (2), 69, (2)pp. Contemp. half black cloth over marbled boards, decorative endpapers. Clean & very good. $250. ¶ First Edition of the neurologist, psychiatrist, and sexologist’s work on the causes and treatment of melancholy. Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) became professor of psychiatry at the German University of Strassbourg at the young age of 29, and he later held for many years the most coveted chair in psychiatry, that at the University of Vienna. While his fame rests mostly, of course, on his Psychopathia Sexualis, he did significant work in fields other than the study of sexual behavior and is known to have had a great influence on Alfred Adler. He was also the first to establish the relationship between syphilis and general paralysis. Cf. Brecher, The Sex Researchers, pp.50-60.


LEARY, Timothy; Ralph Metzner; & Richard Alpert. THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE. A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. New York: University Books, (1964). 4to, 159pp. Pictorial cloth. Very good copy. $200. ¶ First Printing of one of the most important productions of the Harvard Psychedelic Research Project group, published shortly after their expulsion from the university. This work is the pre-eminent example of the influence of Eastern religious thought and practice upon Western use of psychedelic drugs, and the only "trip manual" of length published during the Psychedlic Era. Grinspoon & Bakalar p.350. Horowitz-Smith-Walls A4. Phantastica 136.


LELAND, Charles Godfrey. THE ALTERNATE SEX Or The Female Intellect in Man, and the Masculine in Woman. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1904. 8vo, vii, (1), 134pp. Bown cloth, giltl ettered and decorated, mild wear, otherwise near fine. $120. ¶ First Edition. Unusual olio of spiritualism, male chauvenism, and nascent feminism discusses the opposite sex that exists inside us all, within a context of biology, psychology, hypnotism, memory, sensitivity and love, dreams, and God. Rare.


LEMERCIER, Népomucène. REFLEXIONS SUR LE DANGER DES APPLICATIONS DE LA CONJECTURALE, DOCTRINE ORTHOPHRENIQUE. Lues a l’Académie des Sciences, le Lundi 23 Février. Paris: Firmin Didot, 1835. 8vo, (2), 21pp. Contemp. wrappers, penned writing to wrappers, otherwise very good. $175. ¶ Only Edition. The great French playright scathingly critisizes phrenology as lacking any conistant principles. He praises the investigative spirit of Gall and his knowledge of anatomy (which was, incidentally, rarely challenged) but cites the arbitrariness of all applications of his work. The localization of personality traits in specific regions of the mind is ridiculed, and phrenology is called a passing mania. Népomucène Lemercier (1771-1840) is best remembered as the author of the verse play, Agamemnon (1797), considered a masterpiece in its day, and the prose comedy, Pinto ou la Journée d’une Conspiration (1800). NUC cites one copy (DNLM).


LILLY, John C. LILLYANA COLLECTION. $400. ¶ Collection of papers and scientific reports by Lilly from his days at the Communications Research Institute in Miami. Includes: reprint from Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1968, of Lilly’s Sound Production In Tursiops Truncatus (Bottlenose Dolphin); reprint of Lilly’s Dolphin Vocalization from Brain Mechanisms Underlying Speech and Language, 1967; an abstract of The Human Biocomputer: Programming and Metaprogramming Theory and Experiments with LSD-25; his six-page bibliography, 1968; seven-page Curriculum Vitae; five-page narrative Curriculaum Vitae; Basic Problems in Education for Responsibility Caused by LSD-25;


LINCOLN, Jackson Steward.

THE DREAM IN PRIMITIVE CULTURES. With an Introduction by Professor C.G. Seligman. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1935. 8vo, xiii, 358, (1)pp, frontispiece. Blue cloth, gilt lettered spine, blindstamped rules borders, mild sunning to spine, otherwise near fine. $50. ¶ First American Edition, with canceled title from the London, Cresset Press, 1935 first edition.


LOMBROSO, Cesare. THE MAN OF GENIUS. London: Walter Scott, 1891. 8vo,xvi, 370pp, illus., folding frontispiece, 3 plates. Cloth a little worn. With an owner’s note on the endpaper pointing out the "mental degeneracy seen in Lombroso’s loopy thesis." Some edge wear but a good copy. $100. ¶ First Edition in English of L’Uomo di Genio (i.e., the sixth edition of Genio e Follia, 1864). In this controversial work Lombroso concludes that genius is a degenerative condition, analogous to insanity. And on the basis of much (selected, his critics say) data he relates genius to epilepsy. Odd chapters link barometric changes to bouts of insanity and alignments of the stars to bouts of creativity. Havelock Ellis translated the work for the Contemporary Science Series which he also edited.


LOWY, S. PHYCHOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF DREAM-INTERPRETATION. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1942. 8vo, xvi, 260pp. Black cloth, gilt lettered, dust jacket, light wear along top edge, spine head, sunning, light sioling to price-clipped dj with a few small chips at extremities, overall very good. $25. ¶ First Edition in English. "The best book on dreams since Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams forty-three years ago - or at any rate since Stekel’s The Language of Dreams of 1911" (J.C. Flugel). Lowy was "one of the most gifted of my pupils" (from Stekel’s Forward). Second printing, 1946.


(Ludlow Library). THE FITZ HUGH LUDLOW MEMORIAL LIBRARY. Los Angeles, 1997. 4to, 16pp illustrated with 20 reproductions of rare books & manuscripts. Printed yellow wrappers. Fine. $20. ¶ Prospectus describing the contents and high lights of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Library, the largest collection of books on psychoactive drugs in the world. The library includes more than ten thousand rare books, pamphlets, offprints, journals, records, artifacts, letters and manuscripts. Founded in 1970 by Michael Horowitz and William Dailey and curated by Michael Aldrich, the library flourished during the 1970s and 80s in San Francisco and is now seeking an institutional home.


MACHOVER, Karen. PERSONALITY PROJECTION in the Drawing of the Human Figure (A Method of Personality Investigation). Springfield: Charles C Thomas, (1949). 8vo, 181pp, illustrated, cloth, dust jacket, very good. $25. ¶ First Edition of an early work on the psychological interpretation of the drawings of mental patients and criminals.


MADARIAGA, Salvador de. DON QUIXOTE. An Introductory Essay in Psychology. Translated from the Spanish by the Author and Constance H.M. de Madariaga. (Newtown): Gregynog Press, 1934. 4to, xv, 136, (1 as colophon)pp. Tan linen buckram over blue paper boards, paper spine label, black lettered, beveled edges, teg, untrimmed, label mildly toned, otherwise fine. $200. ¶ First Edition in English, limited to 250 numbered copies. Beautifully hand-set and printed on Batchelor hand-made paper. Scarce in fine condition. Harrop 30.


MARSHALL, William E. A PHRENOLOGIST AMONGST THE TODAS or the Study of a Primitive Tribe in South India, History, Character, Customs, Religion, Infanticide, Polyandry, Language. London: Longmans, Green, 1873. 8vo, xx, 271, 24pp ads, plus 26 photographic plates. Orig. green cloth, gilt stamped with quotation from Max Müller, rebacked in black leather. Bookplate and blind stamp of the Bronson Library, Waterbury, Connecticut, and rubber stamp "Condemned" on the title. $450. ¶ Only edition of perhaps the first book on the Todas, predating Mme Blavatsky’s study by twenty years. Although written from a phrenological view, Marshall provides thorough anthropological data on this mysterious aboriginal people of the Blue Mountains of Southern India who already were dying out. He was assisted in his studies by a Swisss missionary, Friedrich Metz, the only Westerner to speak the Toda tongue. The fine photographs, by Bourne & Shepard of Simla, and Nicholas and Curths of Madras, are reproduced by the Autotype process. Cooter 745.


MASTERS, Robert E.L. & Jean Houson. PSYCHEDELIC ART… With Contributions by Barry N. Schwartz & Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Edited, Designed, and Produced by Marshall Lee. New York: Grove Press, (1968). 4to, 190pp, illus. & color plates. Orange cloth. Very good. $65. ¶ First Edition of what remains the only full length study of the subject.


MESMER, F.A. MEMOIRES ET APHORISMES DE MESMER, suivis des Procédés de d’Eslon. Nouvelle édition avec des Notes par J.-J.-A. Ricard. Paris: Germer Baillière, 1846. 8vo, xii, 228pp. Modern cloth, orig. wrappers rice-papered & bound in, a very good copy. $250. ¶ Revised edition. The Aphorismes were a compilation of "class notes’ taken down from lectures given by Mesmer to those he was training; although rejected by Mesmer the Aphorismes were very popular and went through many editions. D’Eslon was Mesmer’s first important associate in Paris; his explanation and defence of animal magnetism was directed to his medical colleagues. Ricard was editor of Journal de Magnétisme Animal and a prolific writer in support of mesmerism. Not in Crabtree or Tinterow.


(Mesmerism). [A COLLECTION]. $65,000. ¶ A remarkable collection of 175 books and pamphlets on mesmerism and hypnotism from 1779 (Mesmer’s Memoire sur le Decouverte du Magnetisme Animal) through the nineteenth century. A complete list may be viewed at


MICHELET, M.J. WOMAN (La Femme). From the French of…Translated from the last Paris Edition by J.W. Palmer, M.D. New York: Rudd & Carleton, 1860. 8vo, 283, (1as adv.), 6 as publ. catalogue pp. Publisher’s original brown pebbled cloth, bronze lettered, unusually tight and clean with only mild wear, very good+. $65. ¶ First Edition in English. Michelet wrote a number of books about women including Love (L’Amour) and Women of the French Revolution. Here, he argues for the necessity of marriage and woman’s natural place within civilized culture, and includes chapters discussing, "no life for women without men," a section on the education of woman, woman in the family and woman in society.  


MITCHELL, S[ilas] Weir. AN ANALYSIS OF 3000 CASES OF MELANCHOLIA. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, 1897. 8vo, 10pp, title-wrapper. Orig. wrappers, nearly fine. $85. ¶ A rare offprint. BAL 14180.


MITCHELL, S[ilas] Weir. SUSPENSION IN LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA. With a Summary of Twenty-Three Cases from the Clinical Service of Dr. Mitchell, Reported by Dr. Guy Hinsdale from the Tables of the Resident, Dr. Caspar W. Sharples. [Philadelphia]: Reprinted from the University Medical Magazine, 1890. 8vo, 5pp, title-wrapper. Orig. wrappers, chipped, otherwise very good. $60. ¶ Rare offprint. BAL 14142.


MOLL, Albert. HYPNOTISM: Including a Study of the Chief Points of Psycho-Therapeutics and Occultism… Translated from the Fourth Enlarged Edition by Arthur F. Hopkirk. London: Walter Scott, 1909. 8vo, xvi, 612, (24)pp. Orig. red cloth, front board lettered in gilt. Very good. $60. ¶ Early edition, enlarged, from the Contemporary Science Series, edited by Havelock Ellis. After expressing thanks to his co-workers, August Forel and Max Dessoir, in the preface, Moll describes history of hypnotism in Germany and France, examines methods of hypnotism, and credits the mesmerists as the discoverers of post-hypnotic suggestion. He also examines the possibility of simulating the hypnotic state and points out errors in experiments that have been cited as confirmation of the existence of a magnetic field. Albert Moll (b.1862) introduced hypnotic psychotherapy into Germany, wrote several works on hypnosis, and was this century’s chief advocate of scientific investigations of the occult. Crabtree 1240 (first Ger. ed.).


PERRAULT, Joseph. ESSAI SUR LA RESPONSABILITE PENALE en général et plus particulièrement dans ses rapports avec les passions et l’hypnotisme. Dijon: Imprimerie Barbier-Marilier, 1903. 8vo, (6), 251pp. Orig printed wrappers. Back wrapper & spine lacking sm. piece, 1st signature just starting, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Only Edition, inscribed by the author to "mon illustre maître, Monsieur le Docteur [Hippolyte] Bernheim," the leader of the Nancy school of neurology and the first to adopt hypnotism in the treatment of neuroses. The author addresses the role of conscience and consciousness in crime and discusses the role that hypnotism and suggestion (and auto-suggestion) may play in crime. In particular, the author compares for 100 pages the understanding of hypnotism proposed by the "materialist" Paris school (led by Charcot) and that of the "spiritualist" Nancy school (led by Bernheim). The author adheres to the Nancy school, which suggests that the soul of the hypnotist acts on the soul of the subject; whereas at Paris the belief is that one physiological state is mechanistically acting on another. The spiritualists believe that an idea, or rather a resolution is suggested to the subject, and that no coercion of the subject’s physiology is directly involved. Thus the subject is affected, but coercion of the conscience is insufficient to legally absolve the conscience and will of the hypnotized subject. Several lengthy encomiums of Bernheim’s work are sprinkled throughout the text. Not in Crabtree or Tinterow. No title by Perrault in NUC or BMC.


(Phrenological periodical). PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL AND SCIENCE OF HEALTH. New York: Fowler & Wells, 1881. 12 numbers, orig. wrappers. Light chipping to spines, wrappers slightly & evenly browned, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Complete run for the year, 1881, made up of the last six issues of Old Series vol. 72 (New Series vol. 23) and the first six issues of Old Series vol. 73 (New Series vol. 24). The journal ran as the American Phrenological Journal (1838-69) and later with the current title, until it folded in 1911. Cf. Davies pp.57-62 for the early history of the Journal.


(Phrenological periodical). THE ILLUSTRATED ANNUALS OF PHRENOLOGY AND HEALTH ALMANACS, New Series, from 1874 to 1883 Inclusive. Combined in One Volume. New York: Fowler & Wells, 1884. Sm. 4to, 64, 3-64, 3-64, 40, 40, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32, 6, 16 (ads)pp. Orig. green cloth. Light wear to extremities, otherwise very good. $150. ¶ Complete run from 1874-1883 inclusive nicely bound together in one volume by the famed publishers, the foremost exponents of phrenology and phrenological literature in the United States.


PORTEUS, S.D. PRIMITIVE INTELLIGENCE AND ENVIRONMENT. New York: Macmillan, 1937. 8vo, viii, 325pp. Red cloth gilt lettered, Dust jacket, light wear, dj price-clipped, otherwise very good. $30. ¶ First printing of a book containing unusual data on primitive mentality and contrasting races living in repressive environments. Skirts the line between legitimate scientific enquiry and overt racism with grace as the racial contrasts are limited to those amongst "primitives," and not between "primitives" and Europeans.


PRAAG, H.M. van PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS. A Guide for the Practitioner. New York: Brunner/ Mazel, 1978. 8vo, xxii, 466pp. Red cloth, black lettered, dust jacket, fine in very good dj. $50. ¶ First Edition in English.


PRICHARD, James Cowles. A TREATISE ON INSANITY and other Disorders Affecting the Mind. Philadelphia: Haswell, Barrington & Haswell, 1837. 8vo, 337pp. Recent red pebbled cloth, morocco label. Some browning as usual, owner’s stamp on title. Very good. $400. ¶ First American Edition (first British 1835) of one of the most famous works on mental illness, written by James Prichard (1786-1848), an authority in the fields of anthropology, natural history, medicine and mental diseases. He was the first English psychiatrist who separated from the omnibus "insanity" a new group of mental disorders which he called "moral insanity", and so added a new term to psychiatric nosography. He here presents this vastly influential concept for the first time, although he had described it briefly in an article in The Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine in 1833-35. This work remained the standard British psychiatric text until Bucknell and Tuke published their Manual in 1858. It was also the first extensive description of psychopathy. Modern descriptions vary little from Prichard’s, while his term "moral insanity" is more descriptive than its replacement "psychopathy". His work became the subject of controversy because of its novelty, yet at the same time Prichard followed the traditional classification of Heinroth, dividing mental diseases into three classes, according to the three divisions of mental faculties of philosophers - sentiment, understanding, & will - and each further into states of exaltation and depression. First British edition 1835; see: Garrison-Morton 4928. Hunter & MacAlpine p.836-42. Alexander & Selesnick, The History of Psychiatry, p.162.


PUYSEGUR, A[rmand] M[arie] J[acques de] Chastenet de. DU MAGNETISME ANIMAL, Considéré dans ses rapports avec diverses branches de la physique générale. Paris: J.G. Dentu, 1820. 8vo, (4), xix, 472pp, 1 diagram (a yin-yang like symbol) on p.379. Orig wrappers, label mostly preserved, light wear, very good. $375. ¶ Second Edition. Caillet 2272. Crabtree 228 (1807 edition). "Puységur’s most theoretically oriented work on animal magnetism…he discusses the ‘physics’ of animal magnetism, placing it in the context of the known phenomena of heat, fire, electricity, light, mineral magnetism, etc. He then outlines a brief history of animal magnetism in France, from Mesmer’s time in Paris through his (Puységur’s) foundation of the Society of Harmony in Strasbourg, appending a section on the magnetic systems of the "spiritualists" of Lyon. Puységur then describes how to magnetize and states his own views on the nature of magnetic action and somnambulism, including a discussion of clairvoyance and the role of imagination. The final section of the book is a collection of letters written to Puységur by various people on the subject of animal magnetism. Among them is a most interesting letter from the brother of the Marquis, Maxime, who describes procedures to be used when many magnetizers are operating at one time under the leadership of a chief magnetizer who sets the tone for the whole group. He also mentions the necessity for a magnetizer to keep control of individuals in magnetic crisis through the use of his will" (Crabtree). Crabtree 228. Cf. Crabtree 241.


RAINE, Kathleen. THE INNER JOURNEY OF THE POET. Edited by Brian Keeble. New York: George Braziller, 1982. 8vo, (xii), 208, 8 b&w plates. Black cloth, silver lettered, dust jacket, fine. $40. ¶ First Trade Edition.


RANDOLPH, Paschal Beverly. SEERSHIP! Guide to Soul Sight, A Practical Guide for Those Who Aspire to Develop the Vision of the Soul. The Magic Mirror and How to Use it. Introduction and Notes by r. Swinburne Clymer. Preface by Dr Allan F. Odell. Quakertown, Pa: Confederation of Initiates, (1930). 8vo, xvi, 157pp, frontis portrait of the author. Brick cloth, gilt dulled. Good $100.. ¶ A mysterious work by "an early American trance medium, showing psychic lights and shadowy forms in his dark seances. [He] visited England in 1857 and delivered at the Charing Cross Spiritual Circle trance addresses which were alleged to be inspired by the spirit of Sir Humphrey Davy" (Fodor p.321). Randolph (1825-74) was also a quack doctor and teacher of sex magic.


REGARDIE, Israel. THE MIDDLE PILLAR. A Co-Relation of the Principles of Analytical Psychology and the Elementary Techniques of Magic. Chicago: Aries Press, 1938. 8vo, 154pp. Green cloth, gilt lettered with publisher’s vignette, uncut, slipcase, mild spine fading, light spots on rear, moderate edgewear, rubbing to slipcase, otherwise text immaculate. Very good. $150. ¶ First Edition, limited subscription of 350 of which this is number 5, of Regardie’s discussion of psychoanalysis and spiritual development. Cf. Pritchard 2556.


REGNARD, Paul. SORCELLERIE MAGNETISME, MORPHINISME, Délire des Grandeurs. Paris: E. Plon, Nouurit, 1887. Lg 8vo, xii, 429pp, 120 plates. Contemp. cloth backed boards, light foxing to outer leaves, very good. $375. ¶ First Edition of this interesting and important work on collective madness, somnambulism, and hypontism as it is related to the use of morphine & ether, and to the practice of spiritualism. There are 12 plates in the chapter on drugs. Regnard (1850-1927) was a student of Charcot, to whom he dedicated this work; he had collaborated on the great Iconographie Photographique de Salpetriere, and later became an oceanographer. Crabtree 1185. Caillet 9225. Pagel p.1353-4. Phantastica 241. Waller 14696.


REICHENBACH, K.F. von. DER SENSITIVE MENSCH und Sein Verhalten zum Ode. Eine Reihe Experimentellen Untersuchungen über ihre gegenseitigen Kräfte und Eigenschaften mit Rücksicht auf die praktische Bedeutung, Welche sie für Physik, Shemie, Mineralogie, Botanik, Physiologie, Heilkunde, Gerichtliche Medizin, Rechtskunde, Kriegswesen, Erziehung, Psychologie, Theologie, Irrenwesen, Kunst, Gewerbe, Häusliche Zustände, Menschenkentniss und das Gesellschaftliche Leben im Weitesten Anfange Haben. [Bound with] WER IST SENSITIVE, WER NICHT? Oder Kurze Anleitung, Sensitive Manschen mit Leichtigkeit zu Finden. Vienna: N.p., 1856. Stuttgart: J.G. Cotta, 1854-55. 2 vols, lv, (1), 838; xxx, 758 + 70pp. Quarter brown calf, brown cloth boards, gilt lettered, autograph notes and signature, mild wear and rubbing to spine, some sunning to boards, mild-light foxing throughout, overall a very good, attactive set from the library of Robert Dale Owen, with his signature on both title-pages and annotations. $800. ¶ First Editions. Reichenbach (1788-1869) began his career as a chemist (he was the first to isolate kerosene, creosote, and paraffin), metalurgist, and expert on the chemical analysis of meteorites. In 1844, he believed that he had discovered that certain "sensitive" individuals, mostly women, could detect physical stimuli under conditions in which they would not be detectable to normal sense. A series of experiments confirmed to him the existence of a radiating universal force permeating all nature which he called "Od" after Odin, the Norse god. While he had many detrators, the great psychologist, Gustav Flechner, was not unsympathetic and though he was puzzled by some of Reichenbach’s demonstrations, he could detect no fraud. Often associated with Mesmer’s theories of animal magnetism, Reichenbach discouraged such and much of his work was seized upon by anti-spiritualists as providing a natuaral explanation for supernatural phenomena. The present work, which he spent ten years of his life researching, is a continuation and reworking, based upon further studies, of his earlier work, Physikalisch-physiologische Untersuchungen über die Dynamide des Magnetismus (1850), known in its English translation as Physico-Physiological Researches..., or Researches on Magnetism(1851). Who is Sensitive, Who is Not? deals in detail with the Odic force and those gifted thus. This set was previously owned by Robert Dale Owen, the minister, parapsychologist and spiritualist who has provided signed, hand-written notes. The present volumes, cornerstone works of psychical research, continue to be highly influential works in the field. The Sensitive Man is rare, Who Is Sensitive rarer still and has never been translated into English; it is fortunate that it is bound into this set. Crabtree 727, 770. DSB XI, p.360.


REIK, Theodor. THE UNKNOWN MURDERER. Translated from the German by Katherine Jones. London: Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press… and the Institute of Psycho-Analysis, 1936. 8vo, 260pp, Orig. cloth, spine gilt, nearly fine. $65. ¶ First Edition in English, one of 1100 copies. Grinstein 27139. Woolmer 392.


RIBOT, Th[éodule Armand]. HEREDITY: A Psychological Study of Its Phenomena, Laws, Causes, and Consequenses. From the French. London: Henry S. King, 1875. 8vo, x, 393pp. Green cloth, gilt lettered, gilt publisher’s vignette, black decoration, beveled edges, moderate wear to spine head/foot and corners, hinges starting, light foxing to fore edge not affecting text, occasional penciling in margins. Good. $75. ¶ First Edition in English. Ribot (1839-1916), "the elder statesman of French psychology" (Thompson, Pelican History of Psychology p.190), was a prolific writer whose many books went through many editions in many translations, established the first laboratory in France for experimental psychology under Binet, and was a champion of British associationism. In the present volume he examines heredity in all its aspects but with particular attention to psychological heredity, heredity and evolution, and the psychological, moral, and social consequences of heredity. From a pioneer of 19th century psychology, an uncommon book rare in first edition.


RICHARDS, I.A. MENCIUS ON THE MIND. Experiments in Multiple Definition. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1932. 8vo, xv, 131, 44, (7 pub. ads) pp. Teal cloth gilt lettered with publisher’s vignette, frontispiece. Fine. $35. ¶ First Edition. Richards explores the various modes of Chinese meaning and the difficulties in translating the great Chinese thinkers into English by discussing problems in translating, the types of utterance in Mencius, Mencius’ view of the mind, and techniques for comparative studies. With a 44pp appendix of passages of psychology from Mencius, in the original Chinese and in English.


RORSCHACH, Dr. Hermann. PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS. A Diagnostic Test Based on Perception Including Rorschach’s Paper The Application of the Form Interpretation Test (Published Postumously by Dr. Emil Oberholzer). Translation and English Edition by Paul Lemkau, M. D. and Bernard Kronenberg, M. D. Editor W. Morgenthaler. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. [With] PSYCHODIAGNOSTIK Tafeln. Vierte Auflage, Bern, Hans Huber, n.d. Berne - New York: Hans Huber - Grune & Stratton, 1942. 2 vols, 238, (2)pp as publisher adv.; Atlas of test cards (10 plates). Gold cloth, brown lettered, mild wear, lt. soiling, some spotting, owner’s signature, underlining to pp.15-29; yellow cloth, black lettered slipcase for cards, lt.-mod. soiling, neat tear with threading at upper rear hinge, small tears to paper panels, both volumes overall very good. $375. ¶ Third edition, first English Translation of the text. Originally published in 1921, Rorschach’s (1884-1922) famous inkblot test has been associated in the media and public mind with the imagination and psychotherapy but it is, in reality, a brilliantly simple perceptual test to diagnose psychosis. Rarely found together, here are the artfully beautiful test cards themselves and the accompanying volume to interpret the results. Scarce. Cf. Garrison & Morton 4988.1; cf. Boring, History of Experimental Psychology p.583.


ROUHIER, Alexandre. LE PEYOTL (Echinocactus Williamsii Lem.) Paris: Gaston Doin, 1927. Large 8vo, xii, 372pp, 44 text-figures (mostly photos of peyote buttons, habitats, Huichol Indians). Orig. wrappers, tape stains to spine ends, name on endpaper & extensive scholarly pencil marginalia, otherwise very good. $350. ¶ First Edition. Le Peyotl is one of the greatest works ever produced on the legendary sacred cactus of the Rio Grande Valley. Rouhier was the leading French investigator. His magnum opus deals with every aspect of interest, from the history, the legends, the religious use to the botany, chemistry and therapeutic use. There is a full bibliography.


RUESCH, Jurgen and Weldon Kees. NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. Notes on the Visual Perception of Human Relations. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1956. 4to, (9), 205pp, frontispiece, 78 b&w photo-illus. Teal cloth, cream lettering, atractively illustrated dust jacket with light edgewear, very good. $75. ¶ First Edition.


SANBORN, Kate. THE VANITY AND INSANITY OF GENIUS. New York: George J. Coombes, 1886. 8vo, xiv, 198pp. Publisher’s original cloth, gilt lettered, gilt publisher’s vignette, beveled edges, teg, sm chips at spine head and tail, some cornerwear, inlay offset, otherwise very good. $200. ¶ First Edition, with a rare ALs from the author to a Mrs Stedman. Sanborn (1839-1917) was a noted author, humorist, lecturer, and feminist who "mocked the idea that women need to be married to be happy" (Feminist Companion to Literature in English p.942). Teaching English Literature at Smith College, she interspersed her humorous writings with works on serious topics such as the volume under notice; even it, however, contains a wry preface. Here, Sanborn collects "a mosaic of quotations" (Preface) and commentary on the subject. Genius, its nature, and disphoric manifestations was beginning to receive much attention during the last quarter of the 19th century; Francis Galton, Darwin’s cousin, had written on genius and heredity in 1870, and laid-in to this volume is a contemporary newspaper article discussing the work of Grasset in France who was then investigating the nexus between genius and madness. A singular copy. Feminist Companion to Literature in English p.745. DAB XVI, p.327.


SEMELAIGNE, Rene. LES PIONNIERS DE LA PSYCHIATRIE FRANÇAISE avant et apres Pinel. Paris: Baillière, 1930-32. 2 vols, 8vo, 356, (4); 284, (4)pp. Printed wrappers, a very good uncut and unopened copy. $300. ¶ First Edition of this comprehensive history of psychiatry in France, with biographical notes on its most important contributors, among them Esquirol, Fernel, Bayle, Morel, etc. Semelaigne was Pinel's great-grandnephew & author of a study of the Pinels and the Tukes. Norman Library 1924.


SEWALL, Thomas. AN EXAMINATION OF PHRENOLOGY; In Two Lectures, Delivered to the Students of the Columbian College, District of Columbia, February, 1837. Washington: B. Homans, printer, published by Request, 1837. 8vo, 70pp, lithographic frontis. & 6 plates. Orig. cloth, paper label. Extremities worn, front joint lightly cracked, light foxing, otherwise very good. $300. ¶ First Edition, inscribed by the author. In this "most famous single attack upon the new doctrine", the author "set out to examine the subject scienfifically and temperately, one of the very few who did so. After an honest exposition of the principles and leading doctrines of the subject, he admitted that metaphysical arguments against it…had been evaded, and the lash of ridicule ‘has done but little in arresting its progress’" (Davies pp.25 & 141). Sewall’s critique rests on the lack of correlation between external characteristics of the skull and internal characteristics as revealed in autopies: indeed, a section of the brain can be destroyed without loss of the corresponding faculty. Several prominent phrenologists, including Charles Caldwell in his Phrenology Vindicated and Anti-Phrenology Unmasked, as well as George Combe, vituperously responded to Sewall’s attack. When Sewall subsequently refused to debate the the Phrenological Society of Washington in public, the Society embarassed him by publishing its correspondence with him and exposing in their eyes his bad faith. Thomas Sewall (1787-1845) was professor of anatomy at the Columbian College in Washington, D.C.; he was phrenology’s greateat American antagonist. Cf. Cooter 1016.


SHURTLEFF, G. A., president. ADDRESS DELIVERED BEFORE THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA at Its Annual Session, April, 1873. Sacramento: Springer, 1873. 8vo, 22, (2)pp. Orig. printed wrappers, library stamp on upper cover, very good. $30. ¶ A call for reform of the law concerning trials of criminal cases in which the mental condition of the accused was involved.


SPURZHEIM, G. A VIEW OF THE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATION, Founded on the Study of the Nature of Man. Boston: Marsh, Capen, and Lyon, 1836. 8vo, xii, 318, 5 (ads)pp. Orig. cloth, paper label. Light wear to spine ends, dampstaining to cloth, large bookseller’s label to front pastedown, rubber stamp to back free endpaper, corner clipped from p.5 of ads, very good. $150. ¶ Fifth American edition, first published in London, 1821. Spurzheim was best known as a phrenologist but his theories of education were very influential, especially in America. Cf. Cooter 1065.14.


SPURZHEIM, G. OUTLINES OF PHRENOLOGY; Being Also a Manual of Reference for the Marked Busts. London: Treuttel, Wurtz, and Richter, 1827. 8vo, x, 100pp, frontis. Orig. boards, paper label. Wear & slight dampstaining to boards, label chipped, foxing to frontis., otherwise very good. $350. ¶ First Edition. Cooter 1065.20.


SPURZHEIM, J. A VIEW OFTHE PHILOSOPHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PHRENOLOGY. London: Charles Knight, 1825. 8vo, viii, 216pp. Half smooth calf over marbled boards, red morocco label to spine, spine stamped in gilt. Slight rubbing to calf, slight occasional foxing, otherwise very good. $200. ¶ Third edition, enlarged and revised. Spurzheim was best known as a phrenologist but his theories of education were very influential, especially in America. Cooter 1065.9


SPURZHEIM, J[ohann] G[aspar]. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DERANGED MANIFESTATIONS OF THE MIND OR INSANITY. London: Baldwin, Craddock & Joy, 1817. 8vo, viii, 512pp, 4 engraved plates. Old calf, front board loose, corner torn from title just affecting imprint, otherwise very good. $200. ¶ First Edition. Spurzheim (1776-1832) completed his medical studies in Vienna in 1804 where he was formally awarded his medical degree in 1813, after his professional and personal break with Gall, with whom he had collaborated on neuroanatomical research for thirteen yars. He developed Gall’s theories into a complete system of phrenology and taught it widely and he prepared the way for the pathologico-anatomical theory in psychiatry, interpreting also mental disturbances as diseases of the brain. "In 1817 Spurzheim published Observations…, in which he elaborated on the application of phrenological principles to the understanding, classificiation, treatment and prevention of insanity. Thereafter a literally vast and not yet fully charted literature sprang up, to which Spurzheim himself added numerous articles and books" (Hunter & Macalpine pp.715-6). Cooter 1065.6. Heirs of Hippocrates 1316 (later ed.). See Davies chap. I. Not in the Norman Cat. Cooter 1065.6.


SPURZHEIM, Johann Christoph. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DERANGED MANIFESTATIONS OF THE MIND, OR INSANITY. London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1817. 8vo, viii, 312pp, 4 folding stipple-engraved plates. Cloth, spine lettered in gilt. Light wear, slight foxing, discrete library label, very good. $350. ¶ First Edition, published in French a year later. Spurzheim (1776-1832) completed his medical studies in Vienna in 1804 where he was formally awarded his medical degree in 1813, after his professional and personal break with Gall, with whom he had collaborated on neuroanatomical research for thirteen yars. He developed Gall’s theories into a complete system of phrenology and taught it widely and he prepared the way for the pathologico-anatomical theory in psychiatry, interpreting also mental disturbances as diseases of the brain. "In 1817 Spurzheim published Observations…, in which he elaborated on the application of phrenological principles to the understanding, classificiation, treatment and prevention of insanity. Thereafter a literally vast and not yet fully charted literature sprang up, to which Spurzheim himself added numerous articles and books" (Hunter & Macalpine pp.715-6). Cooter 1065.6. Heirs of Hippocrates 1316 (later ed.). See Davies chap. I. Not in the Norman Cat. Cooter 1065.6.


STARK, Karl Wilhelm. PATHOLOGISCHE FRAGMENTE. Weimar: Landes Industrie Comptoir, 1824-25. 2 vols, 8vo, xii, 402, (2, ads); xii, 340pp, 3 folding charts in vol. II. Orig. green boards, slightly worn, otherwise very good. $75. ¶ Only Edition. The author examines the process of sickness, the borderline between health and sickness in humans and in other life forms, the deviations from assumed normal states that constitute disease, and the structural and functional changes wrought by illness. The second volume deals with emotional or psychological illness. Stark also published a Latin text on obstetrics. NUC: 3 copies.


STEKEL, Wilhelm. AUTO-EROTISM. A Psychiatric Study of Onanism and Neurosis. With a Foreware by Emil A. Gutheil. With an Introduction by Fredric Wertham. Authorized Translation by James S. van Teslaar. New York: Liveright Publishing, 1950. 8vo, viii, 289pp. Orig. cloth, in very good dust jacket. $30. ¶ First Edition, a reworked and shortened translation of the author’s Onanie und Homosexualität (1917). This important study investigates whether masturbation causes neurosis, or whether neurosis leads one to masturbate. Stekel argues that occasional practice of onanism may be normal and that parents who place taboos on it may be kindling neurosis in their children. In this form the work was never published in German. Grinstein 31624.


STEKEL, Wilhelm. AUTO-EROTISM. A Psychiatric Study of Onanism and Neurosis. With a Foreware by Emil A. Gutheil. With an Introduction by Fredric Wertham. Authorized Translation by James S. van Teslaar. New York: Liveright Publishing, 1950. 8vo, viii, 289pp. Orig. cloth, in dust jacket with a few tiny chips to joint. Very good. $25. ¶ First Edition, a reworked and shortened translation of the author’s Onanie und Homosexualität (1917). This important study investigates whether masturbation causes neurosis, or whether neurosis leads one to masturbate. Stekel argues that occasional practice of onanism may be normal and that parents who place taboos on it may be kindling neurosis in their children. In this form the work was never published in German. Grinstein 31624.


STEKEL, Wilhelm. CONDITIONS OF NERVOUS ANXIETY AND THEIR TREATMENT. With an Introduction by Samuel Lowy MD. New York: Liveright, 1950. 8vo, xx, 435pp. Red cloth, dust jacket. Very good. $25. ¶ First Edition in English, translated by Rosalie Gabler. This work contains most of Stekel’s theories that led to the founding of his school of Active analysis and his break with Freud.


STEKEL, Wilhelm. THE BELOVED EGO, Foundations of the New Study of the Psyche. Authorized Translation by Rosalie Gabler. London: KPTT & NY: Moffat Yark, 1921. 8vo, xv, 237 (10pp. Cloth, gilt, signature on endpaper. Very good. $25. ¶ First Edition in English, with a new preface for the English edition, of Das Liebe Ich. Stekel’s theories, focused predominantly on sexual problems, were "irritating to Freud" although he credited them with "a good flair for the meaning of the hidden and unconscious" (Gay, Freud, A Life for Our Time, p.214).


STEKEL, Wilhem. BI-SEXUAL LOVE. The Homosexual Neurosis. Authorized Translation by James S. Van Teslaar. New York: Emerson Books, 1946. 8vo, 359pp. Orig. cloth, light external staining & rubbing, occasional underlining, otherwise very good. $25. ¶ Reprint in English of a large portion of Stekel’s Onanie und Homosexualität, itself the second volume of Störungen des Trieb- und Affektlebens. A general overview of bisexuality, the work exposes the author’s differences with Bloch, Moll, Krafft-Ebing, Ellis, and Hirschfeld. Cf. Grinstein 31723.


STEKEL, Wilhem. THE HOMOSEXUAL NEUROSIS. New York: Emerson Books, 1946 8vo, 317pp. Orig. cloth. Slightest external staining, underlining, otherwise very good. $25. ¶ Reprint in English of a large portion of Stekel’s Onanie und Homosexualität, itself the second volume of Störungen des Trieb- und Affektlebens. Stekel sympathetically addresses all aspects of homosexuality, including organic causes, and reveals his differences with Hirschfeld. Stekel also considers artists as neurotics and investigates the prevalence of homosexuality among artists. Grinstein 31723.


STEKEL, Wilhem. THE HOMOSEXUAL NEUROSIS. Boston: Richard G. Badger, (1922). 8vo, 322pp. Orig. cloth, spine lettered in gilt. Signature to endpaper, otherwise nearly fine, in lightly stained, otherwise very good dust jacket. $75. ¶ First Edition in English of a large portion of Stekel’s Onanie und Homosexualität, itself the second volume of Störungen des Trieb- und Affektlebens. Stekel sympathetically addresses all aspects of homosexuality, including organic causes, and reveals his differences with Hirschfeld. Stekel also considers artists as neurotics and investigates the prevalence of homosexuality among artists. Grinstein 31723.


STEKEL, Wilhem. THE HOMOSEXUAL NEUROSIS. New York: Emerson Books, 1946 8vo, 317pp. Orig. cloth, dust jacket. Backstrip of dj faded, but very good. $25. ¶ Reprint in English of a large portion of Stekel’s Onanie und Homosexualität, itself the second volume of Störungen des Trieb- und Affektlebens. Stekel sympathetically addresses all aspects of homosexuality, including organic causes, and reveals his differences with Hirschfeld. Stekel also considers artists as neurotics and investigates the prevalence of homosexuality among artists. Grinstein 31723.


STEWART, Omer C. & David F. Aberle. PEYOTISM IN THE WEST. With a Foreword by Richard Evans Schultes. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, Anthropological Papers, 1984. 4to, viii, 291pp. Wrappers. Very good. $75. ¶ A collected edition of the four key papers by the great peyote anthropologist: Ute Peyotism; Washo-Northern Paiute Peytoism; Friend to the Ute; The History of Peyotism in Nevada; and Navaho & Ute Peytoism (the last written with Aberle). In his introduction Schultes, Director of the Harvard Botanical Museum, writes that his early contacts with Omer Stewart were strongly influential in orienting his career into research on hallucinogenic plants.


STOLL, Otto. SUGGESTION UND HYPNOTISMUS IN DER VÖLKERPSYCHOLOGIE. Leipzig: Veit, 1904. Lg. 8vo, viii, 738pp. Orig. half leather over marbled boards, marbled endpapers. Spine rubbed, signature erased from title, a very good copy. $150. ¶ Second Edition. "A very important study in the social psychology of suggestion… extremely well-researched, a scholarly accomplishment of the first order" (Crabtree). Crabtree 1375 (1894 edition of 523 pages). Tinterow p.100.


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WASSON, R. Gordon; Albert Hofmann; & Carl A.P. Ruck. THE ROAD TO ELEUSIS, Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries. Los Angeles: William Dailey Rare Books Ltd, 1998. 8vo, 150pp, illustrated. Cloth. New, at publication price. ISBN 0-915148-20-X. Dealer enquiries welcomed. $50. ¶ New edition, with a preface by historian of religion Huston Smith, a chapter by Carl Ruck and an afterword by Albert Hofmann. In the spirit of Wasson’s previous books, this twentieth anniversary edition is printed at the Stamperia Valdonega in Verona, Italy. The first edition (1978) quickly sold out and has become virtually impossible to locate in the rare book market. The Road to Eleusis presents convincing evidence of the entheogenic inspiration behind our western civilization.

"[Gordon Wasson has] made the specialty of mycology something of universal importance and one of the pillars of anthropology and the history of religions." – Octavio Paz, Nobel Laureate, Literature.

"This interpretation seems to solve the Mystery at last… The solution here offered by Wasson, Hofmann and Ruck is simple and elegant, like all good solutions, and leads us to wonder why it hadn’t been hit upon sooner… Thanks to Wasson’s perspicacity, we have here yet another astonishing chapter in the history of ethnomycology which for the first time places the sacred mushroom in our own cultural past…" – Jonathan Ott, author of Pharmacotheon

"The ideas which the authors – the banker, the chemist, and the Classicist – brought forth have been largely unchallenged and ignored by specialists in the culture of ancient and classical Greece. The situation seems to fulfill the rule of thumb that when ideas are controversial they are discussed, when they are revolutionary, they are ignored." – Terence McKenna, author of Food of the Gods.


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